• Written by Jay Jay 23 Jan 2010, 21:05
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Help me out swingers – I don’t know if I’m kidding myself!

My wife and I have enjoyed a decent sex life over the years, however and more recently things haven’t been so good, she doesn’t seem that interested these days, maybe the job, the kids, the family – who ’s just not as regular.

I began to wonder why this was, and I got to the stage whereby I couldn’t really be bothered either, I was fed up with trying. The I noticed that she was coming home form work later, being more discreet with her mobile and this unusual for her.

Anyway, I started looking through her mobile phone in order to satisfy my suspicions, and to my surprise I can across her sent items and there right in front of my eyes was the evidence.

She has been texting her ex-boyfriend who was 10 years older than us, thing appeared to have ‘got hotter’ over the period of time that they had been in touch. The conversations were initially polite and turning into more tactile stuff.

He referred to her as ‘La La’s’ – this making reference to her 36” GG tits and she referred to him as ‘Big Boy’ – which probably suggested he had a big cock! – the one text actually said. ‘hey Big Boy, what you up to? Fancy a knee trembler’? I decided to just sit back and see what was happening, trying to make sense of the situation as clearly something was happening but I could be sure what and if she was getting fucked by this guy – the text were something but was she actually fucking him or teasing him? – This went on for a couple of weeks.

A couple of week later she called me to stay that she was suck on the M4 in heavy traffic and was running late which meant that she wouldn’t get home some 2 ½ hours later! Clearly I became suspicious about this because of the previous texts being sent and received. I stuck by her story and said – yes no worries see you when you get home.

When she actually arrived home she had that guilty look about her eyes – you know the look I mean? Anyway, she went straight up stairs and had a shower and I went straight to the laundry basket and looked through her knickers. I got the knickers she was wearing that day and to my surprise they were soaked with pussy juice, unusually soaked and they smelt like her orgasm! So it did suggest that she had an orgasm that day at some point.

After she got out of the shower, and to my surprise she lay on our bed, opened her legs and said come her ‘Big Boy’, I could resist, we stared kissing before I began to suck and play with her big brown nipples, then I moved down to her pussy and began sucking her clitoris, she was getting really wet by now, I prised her pussy lips open with my fingers so that I could slide my tongue into her pussy, as I did, there was a string of white cum seeping from her pussy, coming from deep inside her pussy, it looked almost like a sticky string of cum and it was stretched down towards her arse hole almost covering the length of her pussy, I’ve never seen it before and I wasn’t sure if it was because she was so turned on or if it was actually someone else’s cum? And it clearly wasn’t mine as we hadn’t fucked for almost a month!

I was really turned by this, as it was either her own pussy juices or I was about to taste another guys (her ex’s) creampie!!! I could resist but to put my 8” cut cock straight into my wife’s pussy and as I did she shuddered with glory and cum like a fucker on my thick cock as plunged in as deep as I could, I could feel her cervix shudder around my mushroom shaped helmet, her pussy was swimming with cum, I couldn’t help think that she had two loads of spunk up her guts that day – but I’m still not totally sure.

What do you recon guys? I would really appreciate your considered advice?