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The Persuasion

One night me and Paula were fooling about with our sexual fantasies when I said I would love to watch her being fucked by another man and watching is cock open her pussy lips right wide. The thought of this just made me hard. After a little persuasion she started to come around to the idea of having another mans cock inside her.
I said do you know anyone she said no.. I suppose I would have been astonished if she actually had said yes. After fooling around saying we could go to a swingers club or just meet someone in a pub. It was at this point I suggested my brother, she wouldn't entertain the idea at first but I could tell she was interested, he has meant to have a huge cock.. this was mentioned by my Auntie at a family get together. She had to help him go the toilet when he was totally paralytic. At first Paula said no but I new this was making her horny I took full advantage and we started to fuck. Imagine a bigger cock my brothers I kept whispering in her ear I want you to fuck him I want him to fuck you while I watch I said. Afterwords I said the same again just so she new if wasnt a heat of the moment thing.

My Brother was having an hard time at home his wife was a cow and had gone with other blokes their marriage was on the rocks. I would ask him round for a few drinks and a brotherly chat. Carl got on really well with Paula and she enjoyed his company. I knew I could trust them both they would never go behind my back and betray my trust. The only time I had ever any doubts was one night we all had been drinking and I didn't feel right cracky so I went to bed early. I woke a good few hours later around 3pm to find Paula had not joined me. I could hear laughing and giggling downstairs so I slowly went down the stairs. Stopping near the bottom so I could listen to what was going on this turned me on. I could hear Paula flirting with my brother, the more wine she had the more flirtatious she became. What a turn on in a weird way, in one sense I wanted them to fuck, and on the other I didn't weird. I listened for a while longer I could tell by the tone they were both enjoying each others company. I entered the kitchen, to find Paula sat on the work top whilst my brother was standing close to her. Whats going on I said do you know what time it is. I could see in there eyes they both realised how close they had come to touching each other. Nothing they both replied. Just a little bit of a friendly chat and a drink with your brother that's all. Or OK I said you coming to bed? yeah I suppose its late, Paula replied. Whilst Paula and me headed upstairs Carl slept on the couch. Once I got Paula into bed she couldn't believe how turned on I was and I was not surprised how wet she was. We had great sex that night making enough noise so my brother could here Paula's moans.

For a few nights after I couldn't get to sleep thinking of if I hadn't gone down the stairs when I did what might have been! In the morning Paula was a little sheepish. "It was a late one last night how you feeling love" I said.. "not good" she replied. "Well you will stay up flirting with my brother, god knows what would have happened if I hadn't have come down when I did. I thought you were going to get it on with my brother". "Don't be stupid he's your brother she protested"!. With this in mind I knew under the right circumstances and a few glasses of wine she would let Carl fuck her.

I kept mentioning about wanting to see her being fucked by an other man and mentioned by brother again. Paula said no time and again. That night I rang my brother to see if he wanted to come up for a few drinks. Further into the evening Paula went to the toilet I went upstairs and thought right lets get this party started. "Why not you know its what we both want"! I said. Look just tease him get him hard your gorgeous I bet you can turn him on straight away. just sit across from him and every now and again open your legs but don't let him know its on purpose be discreet relax and play with his mind show a little cleavage turn him on get him hard but not too much or he might rumble us. Look I will stay upstairs for 10 mins whilst you tease him a little that's all I ask a little bit of harmless fun. You get to turn both brothers on. Paula had now been persuaded and we were both turned on at the prospect. I let Paula go downstairs first and then I went down 10 mins after by this time Paula was sat across from my brother with her legs slightly ajar and one of her nightie straps showing her bare shoulder. She looked so fuckable so gorgeous. I looked at my brother who pretended he hadn't noticed. As the night went on Paula relaxed and became more forward occasionally flashing her white thong. "More beer I asked my brother, top up Paula! as I winked at her.. With me out of the way Paula now had the opportunity to tease him some more with her gorgeous body. I came back into the room she was sat on the couch leaning forward legs almost open, Carl had moved to sit on the floor looking straight up her nightie and getting the best view in the house. By this time we were all getting really horny. Paula continued showing flashes of her breasts and panties but doing it in a way not to alert suspicion all the time she was talking to him she kept giving him flashes and carried on as if nothing was going on. Later on I thought it was about time to up the ante. The next time Paula went to the toilet I followed her and said hes well turned on do you think he suspects anything? No why would he who in there right mind would think that there brother want to fuck his wife. She had a point. OK go downstairs and sit next to him tease him use your body I don't know just relax. I followed her downstairs and she went to sit next to my brother brushing up against him I saw his eyes look down at Paula's cleavage which was now in full view. I could see he was hard and I knew Paula knew this. I kept talking to him to draw his attention away from my wife's advances. I said just going to the toilet. and went up about 3 stairs. I could hear kissing and Paula saying don't worry. what about my brother he said I heard the kissing some more. Don't worry Darren wants you to fuck me it was at this time I came back into the room and started to talk about my fantasy. My brother didn't bite straight away as he thought we were joking. He just couldn't believe I wanted him to fuck Paula who by this time was well up for it! I said look Carl I want to see you fuck my wife. You fucking her is better than a stranger fucking her what do you think? Paula just gave a flirtatious smile aimed at my brother. That was the sign now he believed us finally. You get to fuck Paula my wife, and I get to see Paula being fucked and pleasured with another mans cock deep inside her gorgeous wet pussy. I kept saying go on Carl we both want you to do it, don't we Paula. yes she replied. Another drink anyone?. Right then we will go to the garage, get some fags that will give me and you time to chat and time for Paula to slip into something a little more to my liking.

I cant believe you want me to fuck Paula shes your wife man my sister in law. I've discussed this and as you can tell she is well up for it. Fuck her with your big cock brother she wants it. Look I would rather her fuck you than a stranger. What's up don't you think she is attractive just look at that arse imagine fucking her from behind ramming your cock into her nice warm inviting pussy. Your my big brother and I want you to fuck her. I want you to kiss her fondle her breasts finger her do what you want I ask is that you pleasure her.

When we got back Paula was wearing a skimpy black camisole with a rose pattern my fucking favorite it had black lace around the breast area so sexy. God I was so hard. Lets put some music on I said knowing Paula's favorite 'Cher I believe' regular she would dance tease and then strip for me, but this time it would be in the company of my brother. They started off slowly smoothing near the fireplace. Carl started with her neck kissing then slowly caressing her naked skin, then he started to move his hand slowly down up her camisole working his hand up caressing her thighs I could see this was turning Paula on. The whole kinkyness was turning us all on. I could only imagine his fingers working slowly into her thong and working into Paula,s by now dripping wet pussy. The look on her face nearly made me come there and then she was enjoying being fingered by my brother and I was enjoying her being pleasured. I just sat there watching them getting it on. They were now well and truly fondling each other Carl was caressing and sucking Paula's small naked breasts and playing with her pert nipples. Paula's nipples were hard she had lovely mature nipples. Paula was now facing the Mirror on the room wall her back to me. I got a flash of Paula's naked arse cheeks and could see Carl's fingers stroking an caressing her hairy pussy. Paula's hand was rubbing up and down on his trousers then she firmly put her hands down is pants stroking his big hard cock. She just smiled at me in the Mirror and whispered is this what you want? I just looked at her and said yes! She undid his zip releasing his stiff hard cock. She looked down then looked at my brother and me wickedly. "See I told you he had a big cock sweetheart". She just gave me a dirty smile and said its so big she then took his cock and lovingly began to stroke his cock and then started to lick and caress his balls then she started to suck on his cock. To see her with my brothers cock in her mouth and to see her holding it so lovingly just blew me a way!My brother was looking towards the ceiling or maybe looking to the gods. It was at this point I started to question what we were doing but it was too late I was just so much in the zone. After around 5 mins Paula stopped working his cock wiping her mouth so provocatively. They continued to fondle and caress each other. "Why not fuck her from behind on the kitchen table I suggested she likes that. Paula went into the kitchen and bent over ready for the fucking she craved for. God she was presenting herself her naked arse and hairy pussy in full view. He slowly rubbed up against her as she bent over giving herself to him he then started to rub is rock hard cock up and down her pussy lips finally pushing them aside. Carl commented on the size of Paula's pussy cor your tight, Paula let out a moan as he finally entered my wife pussy. I got down low by the table so I could see his cock fucking her pussy. The view of his cock thrusting inside Paula's dripping wet pussy just sent me into orbit, her moans of being pleasured sent me into a state of ecstasy. His hands were firmly on her thighs giving him leverage to give her a good fucking she turned around and kissed him and looked at him with an helpless smile she was so enjoying is cock. The power my brother was putting into his thrusts made the kitchen table bang against the wall he was giving her a good hard fuck and she was loving it. I started to kiss her and play with her hard nipples I whispered to her let him fuck you in the arse she looked at me, by now she wanted it all.
Carl slowed down still caressing and fondling Paula's breasts. He hadn't come and he looked knacked. Whats up brother you having difficulty. I need a rest. I couldn't believe my ears. He had is brother wife on the end of his now flaccid cock and he wanted a rest/fag. Paula pulled her camisole back over her arse and took her knickers from around her ankles. Carl went in the room to have a fag. I said to Paula get him hard again you want it up the arse don't you? She said he his rather big. Don't worry a little lube you'll love it. I don't know. OK I'll leave it up to you. We went in the room had a drink and then Paula started to such him off again. Yes here we go again.

Carl fuck her up the arse she loves it. Paula then asked Carl to fuck her arse but be gentle. Paula was again bent over the table so that meant Carl had to get on a chair so he could fuck her up the arse. He started to put is cock near her arsehole gently pushing and applying pressure, Paula let out a groan it's too big she said he will never get it in! I couldn't believe what I was witnessing my brothers big cock entering her arse and his balls resting on her naked butt cheeks after all this was my fantasy. Carl had slowly entered her arse and proceeded to move is hips forward and back. It's too big Paula said Carl gave a final push and Paula let out a moan. That was it her arse was too tight for his big cock.

We went back into the room I think at this point we started to sober up and take stock of what had just happened Carl fucking Paula, Paula fucking Carl and I fucking enjoying all. I sat on the couch beside Paula opposite Carl. She still had her sexy nightie on I was still turned on by the whole affair. I started to play with her gorgeous breasts and opening her legs it was our Carl's turn to watch I started to finger her, opening her pussy lips extra wide so my brother could see. I turned to Carl and said never mind there is always next time. That night Carl went home whilst me and Paula had the best sex. I just couldn't stop thinking about what had happened, I don't think Paula could either. Over the days Paula tried to block out what had happened feeling guilty I reassured her it was what I wanted and we were consenting adults. Its your brother I cant believe it she said I will never look him in the eye again. Look it was what we both wanted anyway he didn't fuck you he couldn't come. I rang my brother he seemed a bit sheepish and couldn't believe what had happened I said the same thing to him.

Chapter 2:

The Video

A few weeks passed until my brother came around again it was during the day he wanted to talk about his missus. We went upstairs and I showed him a couple of games I just bought he kept going on about his missus. I just said forget her you know shes trouble. I was flicking through the computer when I accidentally pressed on my pictures a few photos of Paula in her glory. Then I quickly went on to what I was originally going to show him. Paula was down stairs and I wanted to see her and his reaction to my surprise we all got on as if nothing had happened. A few days passed until Carl came around for a few drinks. Paula said to me she did not want any thing to happen again I said OK what ever you want. The beer and Wine was going down well and the conversation was in full swing. We were all pretending nothing had happened, deep down I wanted him to fuck her. Later on Paula started to relax again to my surprise she said not a late one tonight I need my sleep. Me and Carl were just talking when Paula entered the room wearing her white nightie with the sexy camisole underneath. This put me off my stride. Drink anyone she asked whist stood in the doorway. yeah go on then she turned around and out of my brothers view pulled her tits out and looked at me with those fuck me eyes... game on. Every time she got up to get a drink she would show me some more without my brother knowing. She was turning me on as well as turning herself on. Carl went to the toilet oblivious to what she was doing she was in control of the situation. She lay down by the fire watching tele her nightie has lifted some what to reveal the back of her lower thighs. I sat in the chair behind so I could straight up her nightie When Carl went out of the room I would lift her nightie and give her a quick fingering god her pussy was so warm and wet she wanted his cock. I went upstairs to get the camcorder I wasnt going to miss my wife being fucked by my older brother. I managed to get it past my brother who had his eyes firmly on Paula's arse. The next time he went out of the room I gave her a good hard feel, she was now ready for his cock. Carl came into the room. Well aren't you going to fuck her then. I thought we weren't going to do this again. Does that not like she wants you. Paula sat up and looked at him proactively he went over and they started to kiss I started to video. You shouldn't be videoing this Paula said just get on with it I said. He started to kiss her neck and worked is way to her now erect nipples, she was bent over near is cock he fumbling with her breasts they both knelt down and started to kiss and caress Carl's had worked its way up Paula's thighs and into her already wet thong. She pulled out his cock and started to suck and lick all the way down his shaft caressing his balls, my brother looking towards the gods again.
My hands were trembling with excitement she stopped sucking is dick and I said "what do you like about is dick""it's so big she said sucking on it some more. They stopped Paula was knelt down and glanced over to the camera with a look of wanting. She looked at him and started to pull off her knickers and through them on the couch. He gently laid her down on the rug she opened her legs as wide as she could knowing that she was going to be fucked by the biggest cock she had ever had. He was now on top of her kissing her his body next to hers his cock was just touching her wet lips teasing her. I could see everything her pussy lips were open his arse, tight balls and his throbbing cock entering my wife's pussy I started to zoom in on what was a sight to behold. At first slowly moving is boney arse and then gradually once he was all the way in he started to pick up momentum. he leaned forwards grabbing her tits getting closer getting deeper she put her hand on his arse pushing him into her this made Paula moan in ecstasy like I've never heard her before, she kept saying ho my god.. oh my god fuck me fuck me this turned Carl on even more, thrusting harder and deeper into my wife. I could here how wet her pussy was every time is cock entered her. Oh my god! Jesus!! she let out it was at this time I new Carl was about to come inside my wife I concentrated the camera towards Paula's face I wanted to capture her orgasm she looked at the camera.. god she looked so beautiful. Finally Carl let out a moan, Paula juddered I could see in her face she had come and I knew for certain my brother had! he let out another ooh Paula was lying on the floor her tits in full view her nipples were so pert I zoomed in on her face knowing she had been pleasured my brothers warm come oozing from her hairy pussy. She continued to slowly kiss him feeling his body next to hers, rubbing her hands up and down his naked arse. He slowly started to pull away from her lovingly body and turning to her and saying thanks sis!. M y wife replying that was nice. I looked at Paula and said, was that good. She said it's your turn sat there knees up pussy full of my brothers come. I passed the camcorder to my brother Paula wasted no time in sucking on my cock. It took me a little while to get hard as I think I had come in my pants may times before. Once my cock was hard I pushed it inside her pussy which was still full of my brothers come I didn't care I was loving it her pussy was so warm and moist. You loved it when he fucked you I said yes.. yes she replied with this I shot my load, my whole body tremberling. I just looked at her she just looked like the cat that had got the cream, such a dirty look.

After this night which should have been the last. We had may more nights fullfilling my fantasy. Carl would come around and Paula would dance and strip for us both, making sure she got plenty of cock. I remember one night we had friends around and after they had gone to bed Paula had passed out on the couch and my brother was licking her pussy.. now this was a sight to behold. We all knew this had to stop at some time it was going behond the fantasy we had to stop it and stop it did, well for a few months anyway!

The final time was one night, we were all a little worse for ware. Me and Paula was in bed and Carl crashed on the Couch. I dont know what it was but I just wanted him to fuck her one last time. As we sat in bed I just looked at Paula and said he will be asleep by now go downstairs and fuck him. She went down stairs naked by the time I had got down stairs she was on top of him all I could see was Paula's gorgeous arse and Carls fingers in her pussy. It didnt take them long to start fucking. Carl lifted Paula of the couch and layed her on the floor by this tome I was sat on the couch looking down at both of them. Paula looked up at me I knew she didnt want to, but she couldn't help herself I just said enjoy it Paula knowing this would be the last time. She then got hold of my cock and started to want me off. She kept looking at me and smiling. I suppose the fantasy had run its course.

I still to this day get a feeling in my pants when that record comes on... I believe by Cher!