• Written by Gary 8 Feb 2010, 11:31
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For the last 3 years, in the summer, if the weather forecast is good Julie and me will make the 2 hour drive to the coast for alfresco sex. There are a couple of secluded spots we've found in the dunes where the first time we went, saw another couple fucking, being watched by 3 men and a woman. Julie was so turned on she was rubbing her pussy through her shorts with one hand and stroking my cock with the other. When they'd finished she took my arm, practically dragging me behind a dune, and told me to fuck her.
We'd been followed and the same 4 people, plus the couple watched as she sucked my prick then got on top and guided my cock into her cunt. I'd never felt her so wet, my cock sliding in easily as she basically fucked me for our audiance. Normally she takes a while to orgasm but this time she was gasping that she was coming almost as soon as I penetrated her, thrusting into her, feeling her fingers stroking and pulling on her clit until she built up again and came just before I shot my load. We spent the rest of the afternoon sunbathing then, when Julie saw we were being watched again, fucked before we left. Going home it was all we talked about and planned our next visit.

She gets so aroused by strangers watching her that she soon became a right exhibitionist. Julie is 38 and curvy, quite large 36d tits which are firm enough for her to go braless, and usually shaves her pussy. If she knows she is being watched Julie will put on a bit of a show, running her hands over her body, playing with her tits, fingering herself, holding her cunt wide open while I finger or fist her or use a half litre bottle to fuck her as she frigs to climax. Several times men had asked to join in but she always refused, although I'd said it was OK with me. She'd let some of them toss off over her tits and one bloke had wanted to lick her cunt clean after we'd fucked. She made him lie on the ground with his mouth open, then crouched about 6 inches above his mouth and let my spunk run out of her cunt for him to drink while he wanked. In between visits she fantasises that they join in and uses a vibrator as she sucks my prick or while I fuck her from behind I use a slim vibe in her arse.

Last summer, rather than drive back and fore we rented a cottage nearby for a week. We'd rarely been during the week, being just before the school holidays it was fairly quiet. On the Sunday she was delighted being watched by 4 or 5 men who she called over when she lay on her towel masturbating before I fucked her, but on the next 2 days saw no one.

Wednesday was hot and sunny, we got settled in our spot, Julie giving me a blow job until I came in her mouth. She rubbed sun oil on her body before laying back with her legs spread, slowly playing with her pussy. We'd been there about an hour when we heard someone, her cunt was already wet, gaping open and she asked me to fist her. She stroked my prick my fist in her cunt when the person came and stood by us with his cock in his hand wanking. Julie just gasped, saying "Oh my god", staring at his prick, which must have been 9 or 10 inches and almost as thick as my wrist. She sat up to watch, lifting herself off my hand, before reaching out to touch him, something she'd never done before. She took hold of him, unable to close her hand pulling him to her mouth. Holding him she opened her mouth wide, just about managing to take the first 2 or 3 inches sucking on him as he held her head. I reached between her legs stroking her cunt, sliding my fingers in to her soaking hole. His cock was fully erect, filling her mouth as she rocked on my fingers. My voice was hoarse as I said " Let him fuck you. Do you want to feel his cock in your cunt". Her eyes were full of lust as she pulled him from her mouth, telling him to undress and fuck her. She asked him to lie on the towel then crouched down over his massive prick. Taking it in her hand she lowered herself until the tip touched her pussy then rubbed it along her slit spreading juices on it before pushing down on it. I watched as her cunt slowly stretched open as she moved up and down, taking a little more each time until her cunt was impaled on his cock. Totally wet and slick he slid easily in and out of her with Julie pushing down hard against his pubic bone as he banged her. Julie was crying out loudly as she came and I noticed we were being watch by a couple. He pulled out and turned her onto to all fours, got on his knees and took her from behind, ramming her harder and harder. Getting in front of her I pushed my cock in her mouth, holding her head as more of my cock was forced in with each thrust from behind. By now she wanted him to cum in her and kept saying "Cum in me. Cum in me. Empty your balls in my cunt. I want to feel your big cock spraying spunk up me". Holding her bum he gave a few hard lengths and came in her as I sprayed her hair and face. Julie just collapsed on the towel, rolling on her back, legs spread, cunt still stretched and gaping with his spunk slowly running out, eyes closed looking well satisfied.

We found his name was Pat, he'd just left Uni, he was camping nearby, that he had been told that sometimes people fucked in the dunes and had come for a look. Later I fucked Julie while he watched then he had her again watched by 3 or 4 blokes who were attracted by the noise she made as he fucked her making her orgasm several times. During the rest of our holiday she couldn't get enough of Pats huge cock and he came to the cottage staying with us for the remaining nights both of us fucking her there and in the dunes.
During the remainder of the summer we returned several times and Julie allowed other, mostly younger, men to fuck her if they had large cocks and she liked the look of them.

Once the autumn arrived we decided that we would have to look for someone else to fuck her, preferably with a large cock to give her cunt a good work out. How we eventually found someone is another story.