• Written by trainman 17 Feb 2010, 11:46
  • Gay

A couple of years ago I used to visit some woods just off the main Chester road where guys used to go cruising for sex...it was about 20 mins drive away. One evening in the summer I got home from the gym about 6, and feeling particularly horny after my workout, I decided to go. I put on a white cotton jock strap, a metal cock ring, some yellow lace up workboots, shorts and a white cotton shirt.

All the way there i was playing with my cock tugging on it up the leg of the shorts...then when I was on the motorway i pulled the shorts leg up and pulled my cock and balls out so as I drove I was wanking in the car...anyone in a truck could look down n see me. 20 mins later I pulled onto the lane down to the woods and could see four empty cars already parked. I tucked my cock back into the jock strap, locked the car and set off down one of the paths. Within a few yards I met a young guy coming out of the bushes...he was early twenties, stocky, t shirt n denim jeans. We made eye contact and after passing I stepped into the bushes and saw him looking back. As I walked on I saw three other guys thru the trees, stood in a circle wanking. I stepped into some bushes, pulled my cock down the shorts leg, spread my feet and started wanking. I heard the young guy come into the bushes so pretended I was peeing until he showed....sure enuf he stood in front of me a cpl of feet away, unzipped and pulled out a nice looking semi hard cock....he'd obviously been wanking before i got there. Without a blink he got down on his knees and leaning forwards offered me his mouth. I stepped forward and still wanking, put my hard cock between his lips. He sucked eagerly as he wanked himself, reaching up with one hand to find my nipples. I unbuttoned my shirt and leaned back, my hands on my hips as he gobbled me and squeezed my tits. I pumped his mouth, holding onto his head, filling him as he gagged. He seemed nervous and when we heard someone coming he jumped up and walked away.

An older guy came past, looking at us he slowed down, touching his crotch...then walked on. Once he'd gone the young guy came back, squatted before me, got his beautiful cock out and opened his mouth. I undid my shorts, let them fall to the ground and opened my shirt so I felt naked....just the jock strap cutting into my waist as my rock hard cock jutted out. He grabbed my cock firmly and steering it into his mouth began slowly sucking it, licking the swollen end before taking the full length deep into his wet mouth...all the time caressing my balls. He kept tucking it back into the jock strap so the bulge was huge, then stroking it so it responded to his touch and grew even more.. all the time leaning back a little, wanking as he admired his handiwork. It was wonderful, the warm evening sun on my naked chest, his soft lips round my cock and his firm hands moving from my tits to my balls and back. I felt like I was going to cum so pulled my cock from his eager mouth...he stood up and we kissed , deep and long... and as I felt his hard cock press against my stomach his tongue slipped between my lips.

When I opened my eyes I saw the older guy stood in the trees watching us. I told the young guy and we both looked at him wanking. I pulled my shorts up and walked into a clearing beyond some trees...but the younger guy seemed spooked and walked away. In the clearing I looked around and in the distance could see the three guys wanking. I stepped out of my shorts, took off my shirt and let it fall to the grass so I was standing there naked. I pulled my cock out the side of the jock and was wanking slowly when I heard someone walking on the path, looked across and saw the old guy...he'd stopped and was watching me....naked and muscular, wanking in the woods, wearing just my jock strap and workboots. He came over and standing at the side of me gently caressed my balls and shaft, hardly touching me as one hand softly stroked my naked arse....I thought I'd explode...then he took my belt from my shorts and stepping behind me tied my hands behind me. Pulling me to him, he put his arms round me feeling my totally naked, exposed body and as I felt for his cock he reached for my cock and balls and started to wank me fast and hard. I put my head back and he kissed my neck and told me I was a dirty fucker, hanging round naked in the woods looking for cock. That he was going to wank me, then leave me tied and naked in the woods for the other guys to find and use. That they'd spunk all over me and make me suck their spunky cocks. His hands were all over me, pulling my balls, slapping my cock and twisting my nipples and the more he told me I was a filthy cock slut the nearer and nearer I got to cumming. I didn't want to shoot so had to slow him down. As he wanked me we saw the young guy watching so I nodded for him to come over. He already had his cock out as he stood next to me, the older guy reaching round to feel him. He kissed me again softly feeling my naked arse and sucking my tits.. then knelt in front of me...the older guy grabbing my cock and guiding it between the younger guys lips. I started to thrust my cock into his mouth and he felt my balls, holding my shaft as he licked and sucked on them before spitting onto my wet cock and slipping it back between his lips. As I squeezed his cock the older guy behind me was egging him on, calling him a dirty cock sucker as he tortured my tits and slapped my naked arse....all the time telling me to fuck the young guys mouth.

By now he was stood at my side, wanking himself, his other hand gliding over my smooth naked flesh, from my tits to my stomach..telling me he'd tie me to a tree, invite the other guys over and they'd all spunk all over me as they wanked me... then he began wanking me into the young guys mouth really fast. He was on his knees, cock out wanking furiously before suddenly shooting a stream of cum all over the grass...I couldn't hold on any longer and the older guy tossed my cock so hard that I shot all over the young guys face as the older guy shot his cum all over my leg. He leant forwards, licked the cum off my balls and the spunk of the young guys cock as the young guy stood up and kissed me....I could taste my own spunk on his lips. He untied my belt, I cleaned the cum off my leg, got dressed and walked back to the cars with them.

We agreed to meet again but as so often happens we never did. That was a shame, it's not often you find like minded people but I had some great times in those woods during the summers.

If u enjoyed this and it made you hard n wet let me know...I have loads of other adventures to tell and they're all 100% true.