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My name is sarah and i'd like to tell you all about my recent adventure. I am 32 and am married To Alan, quite happily actually although we have been together for a few years and i had been longing for a while for an affair or a one night stand with a hunky guy for some exciting sex.

I am a 5 ft 5 size 10 ish bottle blonde with should length straight hair and a nice trim figure with nice legs and nice if a little small 34 B boobs and i can be really horny and naughty when the occasion arises.

During the recent bad weather, my car had not moved for several days and when i went to it again it wouldnt start....so i call the breakdown service. Out they came in their big yellow truck out out leapt a young good looking guy of about 25...he was at least 6ft tall and was really hunky with a gorgeous smile.....wow i thought !!

Well Jamie as i found out later checked my car over and connected some leads to it and within 5 minutes it was running....great. It was really cold and so i invited the guy in to warm up a little. I was dressed for work in a knee length black skirt with a white blouse, stockings and black patent high heels and i could see him looking at me so i started flirting.

I made him a drink and when he took his jacket off i could see his broad firm chest....i wanted him right now! I asked him if he worked out and he said yes so i said i could tell with his lovely chest, and i told hime that i did a lot at the gym too...and he complimented me back, that was it....enough said !

I could see him looking occasionall at my boobs and so i walked over and ran my hand down the front of his chest and said thank you for sorting my car....he looked at me and smiled and then with my hand still on his chest he reached out and squeezed my boobs.

I kissed him and that was it, he started to unbutton my blouse and his hand slid inside my bra and he was rolling and pinching my nipples....always a turn on ! My blouse came of and he unclipped my bra and then began to suck my nipples and his hand slid up my skirt stroking the inside of my thighs. At that point my phone rang and it was my husband asking if i had got the car going and i said that the guy was working on it now and he should have me sorted soon !! by this time his finger was inside my sopping pussy.

I ended the call and pulled off his shirt and then loosened his belt and pants freeing his impressive cock....already hard. I dropped to my knees and sucked it and after a while he pulled me up and lifted me off the ground with me legs wrapped around his back and said Where ?? i told him to go in to our bedroom.

He carried me up the stairs in his strong arms and lay me on the bed, i wriggled out of my skirt and kicked of my shoes and he pulled off my knickers revealed my totally shaved pussy....he kicked off his jeans and we were both naked. I pushed him on to his back and sucked his cock and swivelled my legs over his head and we had a fantastis 69 before he pushed me off and sild his rock hard cock into me.

He fucked me brutally for a good 15 minutes before i begged him to come up me and so he did....i flicked my clit and we both came together as he filled me with his cream. We relaxed for a few minutes and we both had to go, so we re-dressed and off he went...giving me a lovely kiss.

I went to work with a big smile on my face and i could could feel his sperm inside me an soaking in to my knickers all day.

I was not on the pill when we screwed and i am now pregnant....it is most definately his baby. My husband obviously does not know but is thrilled at the thought of becoming a dad....and i hope that my baby s fathers good looks.

Hope you enjoyed my story

Sarah xx