• jodie 12 Mar 2010, 16:58
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Hi i'm Jodie, and i'd like to tell you all about me and my husbands latest horny experience.

Im 28, 5ft 4 and i have dark straight shoulder length hair with blonde highlights. I'm a size 10 with 34B boobs. My husband Alan is 40 and is an ex rugby player with a 44 in chest and a 34 in waist and is still fit and hunky and we have a fantastic relationship in and out of the bedroom.

We have always been busy in the bedroom and we have always told each other our naughty fantasies whilst having sex. Alan's revolved around watching me with another girl and i used to tease him about while he was fucking me and it always ended in great sex.

One day whilst in bed, he brought up his fantasy again and i said i would do it for him if he did the same for me. We talked about this and he said 'so if you bring another girl into our bedroom for sex' i have to bring another guy in for you?' yes i said.

Well we chatted about this for some time and one day when he was screwing me i said i'd like to do it. Al was really excited and didnt believe me at first but i convinced him i was serious. I told him that i would have sex with her while he watched, and then i said he could fuck us both....and i told him that i'd love to watch him fuck a sexy girl.

Well, after chatting about it for a few weeks we decided to call an escort agency to make our fantasy come true....we browsed through the girls that they had on their books and when we called them we had 3 names on our list.

The receptionist said that whilst she respected our choice she could recommend a girl to us who she thought would be ideal. So we looked at her photo and we booked her. Carla was a gorgeous blonde, size 12/14 with a really pretty face and big boobs with a really curvy figure....we were so excited.

The evening came and we met Carla at a local hotel and we had a couple of drinks. I was wearing a short black dress with black heels and just a thong underneath and when Carla arrived she blew me away...wow she was sexy. She was wearing a black tight skirt and a red blouse, perfect make up and had a gorgeous smile....i wanted her there and then.

We chatted for a bit and went up to the room, Alan was stunned at Carla and we got on great. When we got into the room Carla took over and came straight over to me and kissed me...my god it sent electric shocks to my nipples and pussy.

She pushed her tongue gently into my mouth and we kissed passionately. I looked over at Alan and he was sat on the bed watching us and i could see the huge bulge in his pants. carla started to undress me and my dress fell to the floor leaving me in heels and a thong. Carla kissed my nipples and then sucked them and she slipped her hand down the front of my thong sliding her finger along my now soaking pussy.

I reached up and squeezed Carla's boobs, they were much bigger than mine and i slid my hand inside her blouse and then unbuttoned it. I slipped it off her shoulders and reached around her to unclip her bra. I squeezed her boobs and she did the same to me before she slid out of her skirt, thong and kicked off her shoes. She then slid off my thong and i kicked off my shoes and we were both naked.

Carla slid her finger along my pussy lips again and then slid it into me. She then slid her wet finger over my clit and i screamed at her to fuck me. She pushed me down on the bed and kissed me and she pushed my hand on to her pussy. She was also soaking wet and i slid my finger into her. Alan was now naked also, sat on a chair stroking his hard cock.

Carla slid between my legs and licked my aching pussy and almost made me come before she got up and walked over to Al. She kissed him and then got onto her knees and took his cock into her mouth as she looked at me. She never broke eye contact as she sucked and wanked his hard cock in front of me...it turned me on immensely. Carla then stood up in front of him and spread her legs and he slid his finger up her and finger fucked her while i watched.

I begged them to come over and fuck me, Alan stood up and came and pushed his cock into my mouth and Carla licked me again before they changed over and Al slammed his hard cock into me and Carla swung her leg over my head and sat on my face. I licked her pussy and flicked her clit with my tongue while Al fucked me. Carla started to flick my clit with her finger while he fucked my until i came to a mind blowing orgasm that made me scream out loud.

Carla told Al to pull out before he came and she then sucked his cock clean of my juices, she then slid a condom on him using her mouth (very impressive) and got onto her back. She pulled him on to her and wrapped her legs around his back and i watched as he sunk his cock into her sexy pussy. She was talking dirty to him begging him to fuck her, demanding he fuck her harder it really turned me on.

Carla told me to lie next to me and as al said he was coming she made him pull out, she pulled his condom off and told him to come up me. Al slammed into me and his cock exploded up my pussy and he filled me with his cream.

When he pulled out Carla dived between my legs and slid her finger up me and scooped out an finger full of sperm, dropped it onto her nipple and then lowered her nipple in to my mouth for me to suck clean.

We all lay on the bed for a while and then carla went and showered and me and Al fucked again. Carla got dressed and it was time for her to leave....we thanked her and said we would see her again sometime and she said she'd love to....i cant wait !

I was intending to post both stories on here but i think it would have been a bit long winded...i can tell you all again sometime.

Jodie xx