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  • andy m 28 May 2005 22:51
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I'm happily married now but a few years ago I shared a flat in London with a mate, Ricky, and had a girlfriend, Ute, who was from Munich. Ute was very sexually liberated and horny as fuck. The three of us had an experience one night that, whiolst never repeated, still brings a smile to my face (and a tingle to my cock) whenever I think of it. So, here goes.....

Ute & I went to a bar in the Kings Road one night - Ricky tagged along too as he had nothing better to do. All of us seemed to click really well, lots of laughs, plenty of drink etc. We ambled back to the flat and Ricky & I slumped on the sofa channel-surfing while Ute made some coffee. Finally we found a programme (can't remember whether it was a soft-porn film or one of those pseudo-sex education programmes) but it showed 2 girls getting it on in no uncertain terms. Suddenly our attention levels raisedand the ribald jokey comments started. Then Ute came back in with the coffee, and she too was transfixed - in fact a look of sheer lust slowly crept over her face, followed by a wicked grin. Demurely sitting down, she said "you English - you're so uptight and embarrassed about sex - that's why you make jokes to hide your embarrassment. In Germany we take our porn more seriously".

Ricky asked her what she meant. She replied: "by now we'd all be wanking - the girls and the guys too. It's kind of a custom where I come from"
I said " what - you all just go for it - by yourselves or with each other?"
"Sometimes each other - it depends. But I've certainly seen most of my girlfriends - and their guys - with their fingers on their clits, in their pussies, and watching their guys unload plenty of times. It's just part of growing up. I've done it too - more times than I can count - the unwritten rule was no fucking - just wanking and the occaisonal suck if we got really carried away. You should try it sometime" she added with a glint in her eye.
Ricky and I looked at each other & both burst out laughing as we envisaged the scenario. When we looked back, however, Ute had lowered herself down the chair and was tweaking her left nipple through her blouse - meanwhile her hand had crept up her skirt, and from the slight squelch we could hear, she was obviously rubbing her well-lubed pussy. With the booze, the action on the TV and now this, I know I was getting harder, and clearly so was Ricky, who began to rub his cock through his trousers.
"Andy - help me off with my clothes" she said - I moved across still a bit unsure where this was leading - up to this point, except for a couple of same-room foursomes with old friends, I'd never experienced sex with someone else present - let alone the guy I shared a flat with. Still, I helped her out of what little she was still wearing by now. She always wore expensive underwear and looked fantastic with her panties pulled aside masturbating as she avidly watched the action on screen. Her eyes flicked to Ricky on the sofa - it was all too much for him - with a moan he stood, wriggled out of his trousers and pants, and sat back sporting a fairly impressive cock, which he began to stroke vigourously, staring at Ute rather than the screen. With her sitting in front of me, standing, she undid my belt, dropped my trousers, and removed my (by now raging) cock from my pants. I moved as if she was going to suck me but she slapped my cock away saying "remember, English boy - wanking only! Now, take your shirts off, both of you, and sit next to each other on the sofa. There's nothing a good German girl likes more than to see two men wanking in front of her - it'll certainly get me off..."

Now fully naked, except for heels, she seemed so in control of the situation, and looked so fucking horny, we complied. Now, this was a very new experience for me - I'd never seen another guy wanking before (and certainly not over my girlfriend) - did we all do it the same way etc etc? I struggled to decide who to watch - Ute - by now kneeling on the floor and very close to coming as she flicked her bean - or Ricky furiously wanking as he watched her - (the programme having long been forgotten) - then - convulsing - she came with a groan and slumped forward on the floor with her arse in the air. Being my favourite way of fucking, I moved off the sofa. She sensed my intentions and panted: "no - remember the rules - no fucking". Then she said; "tell you what - we'll do a deal. I'll suck you both off, and you can come in my mouth, over my face, tits, anywhere, but only if you do something for me first....I want to see you wanking each other....I've always wanted to see two guys doing'll enjoy it, the feel of someone else, and you guys know what you like.....

She had a point there. Ricky and I looked at each other, both a bit doubtful, but somehow we were slaves to Ute's will. I tentative reached out, and encircled my right hand round the base of Ricky's cock. Suffice to say it didn't go flaccid - anything but - neither did mine as he fondled my balls gently whilst stroking my bell-end. Ute was right - this was good! She, of course, was back in her chair, going for it again with both hands.
Clearly I was doing something right as Ricky groaned he was going to come. Ute, remembering her part of the deal - sashayed over to us and knelt down in front of Ricky - taking him in her mouth while I stroked the base of his shaft and his balls - suddenly with a mightly shudder he exploded into her mouth - there was so much spunk she couldn't hold it all and, opening her mouth, she let it dribble down her chin and onto her tits - (Ricky later said he hadn't emptied his sac for at least 10 days which accounts, in part, for the amount - although I'd like to think my wanking technique played a part) - and all the while he was vigourously tossing me off - but for some reason I just couldn't come, much as I wanted to. He eventually said "Jesus mate - what am I doing wrong?"
I (jokingly) replied "Ah, mate, if I was being sucked like you were I'd spunk everywhere". I actually meant (I think!) being sucked by Ute, but Ricky, game guy that he was, shrugged, said "OK" and lowered his mouth onto my cock. Now, I'd never considered myself up to this point even remotely gay (I still don't) but this guy was turning me on with his mouth like you wouldn't believe - I don't think I've had a blowjob like it before or since.....
I'd have happily let him do it all night, but soon a recovered Ute was kneeling down beside him putting her arm around his shoulders, and, smiling up at me asking "whose mouth are you going to come in?" I started to groan "yours" but before I'd finished, the first jets of probably the biggest load I've ever shot were on their way down Ricky's throat. Between them they swapped mouths on my cock, draining me of every last drop....
Ute sat back, smiling, with spunk all over her face and body, and said "wow, you English - we've never gone as far as that in Germany......

To this day I don't know if her 'tradition' was a wind-up - perhaps someone out there can enlighten me. It was 7 years ago, and I can't remember why we didn't all retire to one bed and keep exploring all night, but we didn't. Ricky did later admit to me that he'd had a couple of 'experiences' a long time previously whilst at Uni, so he wasn't as green as me. Nothing like it ever happened again between the three of us, in fact is was barely mentioned. My only regrets are a)eventually losing touch with both of them, but also b)never having sucked him too. If there are any couples out there who like the story and think we might have something in common, why not get in touch? (PS I also like to watch and wank)