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I read the two stories about about "Fauerteventura Foot massage" and it reminded me about the massage my wife had on the nude beach while we were on holiday on Fauerteventura, which I just had to tell you about. Me and my wife are both in our 50's and like to go to nude beaches and pose a little and people watch, we were at the nude beach on fauerteventura during March this year and about half way through our holidays when we met a man called Pete, who passed us while we were sunbathing on the beach most days and he would nod and smile to and walk on further up the beach, this particular day was a little windy so we decided to sunbath behing a sand dune out of the wind, and I was standing up while my wife was led down. We are both clean shaven and Pete was also clean shaven, I seen Pete in the distance and he was walking towards us he stopped and said hellow and asked if we minded if he joined us for a while, we both said it was ok and nice to talk to someone. My wife sat up and Pete was right opposite her, and was every now and agin looking at her shaved fanny, which was obviously having an effect because his prick was semi hard and about 6 inches long, while we were having a chat Pete remarked on both of us being clean shaven and said he thought it was sexy, he then said he often used this beach to offer massages to women and were we interested in him giving my wife a meaassage, we both said we had never done this before but asked what he did and he said that he would massage my wifes shoulders, back and legs to relax her. We both thought I was a little nervious but my wife said that she did'nt mind as long as I was close by, pete said it was ok because most husbands foud it sexy anyway. My wife led down on our towels and pete started to rub oil in to her shoulders and back, which my wife said was very relaxing and felt nice out in the open air, I was getting a little excited myself and my prick started to rise, so i nelt down by the side of my wifes legs, Pete was by now fully errect and must have beed a full 8 to 9 inched long, he started to rub oil in to her legs and slightly parted her legs which she did not object to, he then started to rub the inside of her legs and was pushing her legs further apart which i found very exciting and was also fuuley errect although a little smaller than Pete (7 to 8") long. Pete was now on his knees behind my wife with her legs fairly wide apart and we both could see her shaved fanny which was open and wet, I asked my wife if she was ok and she relied that it was fantastic and tol Pete to carry on, he was now rubbing the inside of her upper thigh about 6 inches fron her fanny, while he was rubbing her thigh he looked at me and gestured if it was ok to go a little higher, to which I nodded and both his hands were now about an inch from my wifes wide oped wet fanny, she moved a little to get more comfortable and at the same time opened her legs wider, Pete started to brush her fanny lips and she did not stop him, at the same time he moved him self closer to her and sat down with his legs over hers which left his prick about 8 inches from her fanny, I was by now starting to wank and my wife said it was hace a stranger massage her and me so turned on that I was wanking, Pete was now rubbing her fanny in full view of me and my wife was loving every minute of it. Pete was nudging himself closer to her fanny all the time and I was so turned on that I didn't say any thing and my wife also realised his prick was getting closer to her fanny, but she was also enjoying the experience so much that she didn't say anything. Pete had nudgged him self so close to my wike that his prick had started to touch her fanny lips to which hw was still rubbing with his hand, he looked at me and smiled and i gestured to him to say it was ok, he then moved forward and his prick went up my wifes fanny about 3 inched and she moved back on to him which made his prick go deeper in to her fanny, on seeing this I spunked all over my wifes leg and she just laughed and carried on jerking on to his prick, he then said he was about to spunk him self and to my supprise my wife jerked fully back on to his prick which was now fully inside her and he spunked deep inside her. He withdrew his prick and finished my wife off with his hand and she had one of the best orgasums she has ever had. We found this experience very very exciting and saxy, and we repested it a further twice during the holiday, we are both keen to carry on with our venture of having sex when we go to nude besches. This is a true story and for anyone who is fantasising about doing it with strangers on nude beaches but hasn't plucked up the courage - go for it, it is the best turn on ever.