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  • jonnycumate 24 Jun 2010 05:51
  • Fiction

I’d been walking our dog on the same route for several years and you soon got know the regulars and have met many local women over that time, I always found it a great way of chatting up women in a easy way they felt at ease to flirt knowing there would be no local gossip as all we were doing was walking the dogs It was common to get some great down blouse views when who ever I was walking with was patting dogs etc fantastic plenty of material for the wank bank My wife was not interested in our sex life anymore and was happy for me to entertain myself as long as I paid the mortgage One bleak January Saturday morning I got chatting to a couple of women who I had not met before both in their late 30’s one natural blonde and the other brunette. I would like to say they were fit but to be honest we were all wrapped up against the wet weather difficult to tell they were both chatty and we made small talk about being mad going out in all weathers. Annie had long blonde hair she had stunning blue eyes and full horny glossy lips, she had just moved in to the area and Sam was her friend helping her with the move Annie had separated and was taking some time out . Annie said she needed a good local kennel as she was away for a night on business next week, I said I would text her with the one I use, I texted her later that day with the number she replied later signing it “thks Sam XXX”. Now for a guy in his mid 40’s in a loveless marriage that text sent my imagination running. I saw her couple of days later it was a crisp January morning unusually warm Sam looked glorious she had been for a 5 mile run and was now taking her dog for a quick walk she was in tight Lycra running shorts and a Hoody she had a great athletic body no one should look that good at 8.30 am. Anyway the months and the weather got better and so did Annie it was the slowest striptease ever but over the months I got to know her body better and better her long tanned legs even in wellies looked great her small tattoo on her right shoulder her tight little arse that the long gold necklace that dropped into her cleavage and (how I longed to see that necklace swing back and forth when I shagged her doggy style) It was a Saturday and Annie text me to saying she was setting off with the dog. We met about 11 am I told the wife I was going to be out most of day. Annie looked stunning as she walked down the track to meet me she was dressed in sandals pink shorts and vest top and a open cheesecloth shirt which billowed open in the breeze we walked into the countryside about a mile and we stopped for a drink sure is warm today as she took her shirt off and tied it round her waist she looked fantastic the vest top was tight showed her breasts off they were looked larger than I imagined with nipples straining the vest tight across her she then smiled and undid her shorts dropped them in the rug sack to reveal the tightest pair of Lycra shorts with a wonderful camel toe she knew exactly what she was doing she smiled again and gave me long lingering kiss, I think its time don’t you ? with a wide smile I was all over the place my cock was throbbing she took my hand and said lets find somewhere out of the way , she walked ahead what a view ! her wonderful arse moving from slowly side to side we found a field of soft wild grass mixed with wild flowers the sun was beating down we found a secluded area and I kissed her full on the mouth she pulled my T shirt off and kissed my neck then both my nipples her hands were all over me she took a deep breath taking in my scent lifting her head she looked me in the eye and said I want your cock ……… as her hand moved to my belt within seconds she was in my shorts I was commando and her hand was on my cock well you don’t disappoint do you nice and thick and all shaved and smooth what a gentleman. She pulled down her shorts to reveal a beautiful shaved fanny she had perfect moist fanny lips so inviting she pulled off her vest top and she was magnificent pert breasts with the biggest nipples her ribs just showed through with a smooth toned stomach with shiny stud on show she was a picture I kissed her neck and then licked and sucked her breasts and nipples her gold necklace glistened in the sun I moved on to her fanny we fell to the ground and she whispered lick my fanny I want you to make me come this was wonderful like out of body experience I licked her fanny lips taking each lip in turn kissing and licking it in turn flashed my tongue in deep and she was wet I could drink her juices she was writhing around in ecstasy I lifted her legs up and slipped the rug sack under her lower back and lifted her fanny up so I could really push my tongue fingers even my nose into her she was moaning deeper deeper go deeper I had four fingers in and was closed to getting my fist in she was so hot, I lowered her legs down and she smiled and mouthed now its your turn, I got on my knees with my cock erect she smiled and took hold of my member and rolled back my foreskin and took my helmet between her perfect teeth rubbing my bell end between her teeth with a smile as wide as you like her blue eyes shining then her lips moved down my shaft about half way and she pulled back oh I am going to enjoy blowing your mind you made my come now its my turn she got comfy on her knees and then spat on my cock she took me whole all the way down to my balls, she cupped my balls with gentle care and sucked me senseless all the time the blue eyes looking at me straight in the eye she was in total control and loving it, ok how you doing babe she asked I am doing fine as she took me deep again then drawing her lips slowly up the shaft to my bell end, turning her head side ways she lifted my cock up and took both balls in her mouth I was on fire all those months of getting to know Annie and now she had my balls in her sweet mouth, ok babe I want you to come in my mouth I can take all your cum don’t hold back I want it all she took my shaft again in her mouth I unloaded into her mouth she took it all she was swallowing and I was still off loading when I slowed she sucked and licked my cock pulled back as my cum seeped from her mouth down her chin and on to her tits she scooped up some cum in her fingers and pushed it in my mouth. We crashed onto the ground and lay in the sun for a while Annie said she not had sex for 6 months but she not had sex like that for years, well it’s the best blow job I have ever had she smiled it was my pleasure, we walked down to the river and took a skinny dip we freshened up Annie looked stunning with the water splashing over her breasts her fantastic nipples standing proud we made it back to our clothes she kissed me again now fuck me , she took some oil from her bag and dropped it on my cock and her hands started to toss me off easing life into my cock she had magical hands twisting and pulling my cock to attention I was back to full size but with that slightly dulled sensation to my cock having recently cum, I like that feeling I know I can shag hard with out coming Annie asked for me to take her doggy style as I pushed my bell end up to her fanny lips I eased my cock to the door of heaven just moving my bell end back and forth around Annie’s fanny lips she positioned her self on her knees and fore arms and I got deeper and deeper into her moist wet fanny Annie pushed back onto me and we soon found a great rhythm she was grabbing the ground and quietly saying fuck me fuck me keep fucking me I love your cock in me, she wanted to take control and pulled away and got me on my back she got on top squatting on top of my cock she rubbed my cock around her fanny lips and then around her arse with a big smile that’s for another day she then pushed my cock into her fanny and then eased herself up and down my shaft her gold necklace I had seen so many months ago bounced around her breasts catching on her nipples at times it was a beautiful site I was in heaven she was in control her bright blue eyes shining with satisfaction as she eased up my shaft she had inserted two fingers up her arse she was flying in another universe in control enjoying sex to the full I felt her cum and I she felt me getting close to coming she pulled my shaft out and I came over tits which started to lick and swallow my deposit smearing any left overs before smiling mouthing thanks for letting me fuck you…