• Written by Tom K 26 Jun 2010, 08:59
  • Fiction

I work with Anna, who is a gorgeous and very sexy woman. She has become a friend and as such we often go out to company events together. One night last week she was dropped off at my house and she waved goodbye to her husband. She looked stunning in a tight vest top, black leggings and high heels.  My cock twitched the moment I saw her. I closed the door and she led the way upstairs into the living room. I walked behind, admiring her taught arse and the faint outline of the smallest thong. 

Anna was mine.. We both had urges that our partners could not satisfy. We both needed sexual adventure and we had found each other.  As she sat I poured wine and we talked and flirted. Her nipples becoming erect and very obvious through her top. At this point I began to issue instructions. She moved onto the table in front of me. On all fours with her bum upwards me. She was on display and enjoyed the power her body had over me. I pulled down her leggings so her pussy was exposed. As we had little time before we were due at the event I slipped my Tongue into her from behind. I love Tongue fucking anna from behind, tasting her pussy and then rimming her.  She responded by pushing back and spreading her bum cheek with one hand. As I licked I ranked my cock until erect and then stood and pushed roughly into her pussy. She looked over her shoulder at me.. Both our eyes knowing that we so loved fucking each other whenever we felt the need. It's was uncomplicated just pure pleasure. 

.. As we fucked I explained tonights plan..