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The recent flurry of train sex stories reminded me of our experiences. A few years ago we lived in the Highlands of Scotland and would regularly take the overnight train down to London. We were not a dedicated swinging couple but both of us had separate and then joint experiences that enhanced our marriage and sex life.

Normally these train journeys were a bore but on this occasion we had an experience. This particular evening prior to catching the train we were in the station buffet having a drink. I had gone to the left luggage office and upon my return I found my wife being chatted up by a tall guy. We all made our introductions and then we wandered down the platform to catch the train. Due to the booking system we found we were in the same sleeping coach as our new found friend (Mike)and agreed that we would meet him in the bar later. In our cabin I teased Tricia about being chatted up and she just blushed and said he's nice. Then she retorted that if the tables had been turned, would I ignore the chance of chatting up an attractive lady. I teased her again, saying he was just after some company for the long night ahead and she was his target. She grinned. As we had had a few bears/wines and it had loosend our inhibitions, I suggested that if she found him attractive maybe she could give him a treat, she just smiled and said let's see. As the train set off we made our way to the buffet car, on the way I got talking to our coach attendant whilst Tricia went ahead. Basically I was asking the attendant if the compartment adjoining ours was booked. He consulted his register and said no it was empty. On exchange of a tenner, he agreed that he would open up the door adjoining our compartment, giving us the luxury of a double compartment without any need to clamber up to a top bunk.
Entering the smokey buffet car I saw Tricia perched on a high bar stool being smoothly chatted up again by Mike. The drinks flowed and after leaving Aviemore station, Mike went to the loo. I said to Tricia, he really fancies you, I know she said, before you came and whilst you were at the bar, he's been trying all sorts of ways to get me on my own. I then told her about our new double compartment and suggested that I might retire early, sleep in the other compartment and let her see how the ground lays, of course I said if you do get lucky I'll be able to see as the door was unlocked, You dirty bugger she said, then she protested, "but you know what he wants," "yes" I said, "but he will only gets sweets if the sweet lady gives them out". Just then Mike re appeared, and we continued drinking, after a few more rounds of drinks I said that I was going to see the attendant and see if I could catch "cabbie" with the driver at the next station as I was into trains. I said to Tricia' I'll see you later, said goodnight to Mike and left. I made my way to our compartment, left a note on Tricia's bed saying that I was at the front of the train and then settled down in the adjoining comp. 30 minutes later I heard the both of them coming up the coach, Mike was bemoaning his luck that he had to share his compartment and he was stuck on the top bunk. However outside our door he asked for a goodnight kiss and then said, do you think John made it to the front of the train. Tricia opened the door read the note and said, he's talked his way onto the cab. Quick to seize his advantage Mike pushed tricia in and closing the door behind him. I peeked through the ajar door all I could see was the back of tricia as Mike kissed and hugged her. Then his hands started to wander onto her bum, she sighed and said "you are a bad boy" His hand quickly slipped into her knickers and soon Tricia was drowning out the noise of the train. Within seconds she was starkers, leaning against the bunk as he struggled out of his clothes. As he dropped his trousers, Tricia said "oh God is that real" and then bending down started to lick it. She was moaning so loudly as she took him in her mouth and then as he pushed her onto the bed I could see why she was excited. It was average length, but it was so thick, Tricia had to use both hands to hold it. Tricia just lay on the bed with legs asunder, Mike just eased down to her, nuzzled her lips and then with a huge thrust he was in her. Tricia seemed to take an enormouse breath and then just whimpered "oh yes, oh yes as he pumped into her. I had never seen her so excited, she opened up her body to get all of him, legs were wrapped round his back and nails were digging into him. Her body motions were frantic as he took her, the noises she made were animal like, she seemd possessed. Eventually she had the most intense orgasm I have ever seen anybody have and as Mike pour his sperm into her she kept writhing saying yes yes yes. How I did'nt fall through the door I'll never know, but I had an enormous ejaculation as tricia came. Afterwards Tricia was all over him kissing, sucking etc. Eventually he said he would have to leave, but gave her his tel No, (he worked in the local hospital). After he left I crept in, Tricia was like a cat that had all the cream, you bastard she said, embarrassed that I had seem her at her wildest. Turning her face down I slid into her, and within seconds I had come again.

The next morning we met Mike as we left the train, "did you enjoy your trip last night" he said, "yes" I said, "saw some amazing sights"..

We met Mike several times over the next couple of years and a number of superb sessions with him, once he brought a lady along and another time he brought a local fisherman. Tricia was so high she was still on the ceiling 3 weeks later. More later.