• Written by Jimmy 7 Jun 2005, 10:42
  • Erotic

Last Saturday was really warm, so June and I decided to go out for our first open air session of the year. Even though it was warm I insisted that she wear her usual outfit of black stockings, high heels (4" court shoes) suspender belt, and matching lacy black bra and pants. Over that she wore a white blouse, black jacket and skirt. She looked just as though she was going to church - well apart from the heels! We decided to go to the truck stop by the M62 at Brighouse. There is a place where you can park off the road, and then walk along the riverbank. I should mention that I had chosen to wear shorts and a sports top, as it was easier to remove them!

I had another reason for going there however. I hadn't told June, but I had made contact with a guy on Swinging Heaven. I had asked for someone to help me with a 'reluctant wife'. It took a long time to wade through the replies, which all sounded interesting, but in the end I decided on one bloke. I had met him the previous Saturday and he seemed ok. I had asked for someone 'just to watch' and he said he was happy with that, although I was hoping that things might go a bit further.

It was about 1pm and the parking areas on the road were quite busy, with people stopping for the flower stall and the tea bar. We drove off the main road and into the car park (watch out for the overhang!).There were a couple of cars parked in there but they were empty. We had brought along a bag with a blanket in and something to drink, just like we were having a picnic, and set off out of the car park. June walked in front of me - I like to see a woman in high heels walking in the countryside - it looks so sexy, as though she shouldn't be there. We turned left by some trees (the main path goes straight on) and came out on the riverbank. There are normally one or two fisherman here, but I knew a secluded spot off to the left, not far from the parking area, but well hidden, and we stopped there and put the blanket down.

As usual I was feeling as horny as hell by now, and I knelt down in front of her and told her to lift up her skirt. She lifted it up until she was showing her stocking tops and pants and I got my cock out and started to slowly wank it as I watched her. I then lent forward and pulled her pants to one side and pushed two fingers into her cunt, and then standing up, I pushed my stiff cock into her, just for a few seconds and pulled it out again.

"Bastard," she swore. I laughed and walked away, back through the trees to the riverbank. I still had my cock out and I was wanking as I walked round. I looked back to the trees just to check that no one could see us from the pathway. I didn't want anyone other than Frank to stumble upon us. When I got back to our little clearing, June had sat down on the blanket and she looked superb with her skirt up and her stockings and suspenders on show. As I stood there watching, pulling at my stiffening cock, she opened the bag we had brought and pulled out a vibrator and one of our many porn mags. She then laid back and with the mag open in her left hand she started to push the pink vibrator between her cunt lips. I watched for a couple of minutes, glancing round, and thinking how exciting it would be if some voyeur was also watching. I couldn't wait any longer and told her to turn over and get on her knees. She duly obliged and I lifted her skirt up onto her back. I pulled out the vibrator and replaced it with my cock, whilst I picked up the porn mag and opened it and rested it on June's back. I then started to fuck her really slowly, while I was turning the pages of the mag, pushing in nice and gentle right up to my balls and then slowly pulling my cock right out. June was squirming about and calling out loudly, when suddenly I heard a car pulling in to the car park, at the other side of the bushes where we were. I looked at my watch. I had told Frank (not his real name) to be here at one o clock. I had told him to pretend that he didn't know me. He was just a passer by, out walking by the river. It was five minutes to one, so I hoped that it was him. I was quite nervous as I wasn't sure how June would react, but the thought of him standing next to us watching us fuck nearly made me come there and then.

"June, there's a car turned up," I told her. I had put the porn mag down and was pushing into her a little faster as I said this.

"Well, they're not going to see us hiding in here, you dirty sod," she said, as she tightened her grip around my cock." Why don't we have a walk round?"

"You don't mind do you?" I whispered to her. I was near to coming, and had to stop. I pulled out of her gently and looked down at her cunt, which was winking at me. I love to see that, the cunt walls opening and contracting. She swore at me again, and turned over to sit on the blanket.

"I don't mind if it gives you an extra inch darling, you know that. And we both like to see another stiff cock don't we?" As she said this she slipped the vibrator back into her cunt and switched it on. She then leaned forward and started to wank me slowly, and then pulled me towards her and, opening her mouth, sucked and licked at the end of my cock.

"This would be a nice sight for anyone watching, wouldn't it? Me sucking your cock, with my vibrator buzzing away? What would you do then Jimmy, would you want him to watch, or to come and join us?" She pushed the vibrator deeper as she said this, and her head fell backwards letting my cock slip out. I could tell she was close to coming and I wanted to keep it going till we saw Frank.

"Come on June, not yet. Let's have a walk and get some fresh air to that hot pussy."

June slowly pulled the vibrator from her fanny, pretending to be disappointed, but I knew she was in the mood for anything. She put on her jacket, and picked up her handbag. I said it would be ok to leave the blanket and stuff, as we weren't going far.

We pushed through the overhanging trees and stepped onto the pathway and stood gazing out at the river. I looked up the path, and saw my Swinging Heaven friend walking down towards us. I whispered to June that there was someone approaching and she quickly looked to her right.

"Mm, he looks nice. Come on let's get him interested." June turned her face towards mine and started to kiss me. I responded, pulling her to me with my left hand whilst my right hand reached up to feel her breast under her jacket. As Frank walked past us I caught his eye briefly.

"He's stopped down there, watching us," said June.

"Let me have a look," I said and slowly turned June around so that her back was towards him. "What do you think?"

" I think I want a good fucking actually. Isn't that why we're here?"

I looked towards Frank, who had moved a few steps nearer, and then kissed June again. This time my hands went down to her bottom and I pulled her close to me, so she could feel my erection pressing against her. As I was kissing her I slowly lifted the hem of her skirt, so that Frank could see her stockings.

"What's he doing," whispered June. I could feel her heart beating quickly now.

"He's walking back this way now. Let's look at the view again." We parted from our embrace and turned once more to face the river.

Frank walked past us on the pathway, a few yards away, and said good morning. He walked on a bit further and then turned round and walked back again.

"Nice day for a walk," he said, staring across at June. Frank was dressed for the weather, like me, with a t-shirt and shorts. "But it's going to be hot later, you could do with getting in the shade. You don't look as though you're dressed for walking though."

"Yes," June replied. "I am a little overdressed for the sun. I'll take off my jacket to start with." She slowly removed her jacket and passed it to me. She looked stunning in the thin white blouse, her black lace bra clearly visible underneath, and her breasts straining against the fabric. I glanced at Frank and saw his right hand was in his pocket clearly stroking his cock.

"That's better," June said as she made a show of straightening her skirt. As she flattened down the material at the front, the clasp of her suspender belt was clearly outlined. "I always wear stockings in the summer, anyway, they're so much more comfortable. And my husband prefers them, don’t you darling?"

"And the shoes? You won't be able to walk far in those heels will you?"

June laughed." No they're not for walking, but they're fine for lying down in. We're having a picnic, in a little secluded spot further down. Come on, Jimmy, lets leave this young man to his walk, and we can have our picnic."

Frank took the cue and said goodbye, walking off upstream. June and I turned and walked back to our picnic spot. I looked at June whose face was flushed.

"You sexy cow. All that business with the stockings and the heels. I wanted to do you there and then. Quick, kiss me again, while he's in sight." I turned to face back up the river as I pulled June towards me. Sure enough Frank was watching, but he must have been fifty yards away. I hoped that he had brought his binoculars with him, as again I felt for June's skirt and lifted it up to display her underwear. We kissed greedily, as June reached down to massage my stiff cock.

"Is he watching?" she said.

"Yes, he's looking at us through his binoculars."

"Come on Jimmy, fuck me now." June stood up and led me through to our picnic spot and we sat down on the blanket. The sun was shining down, and June lay back, her hands dropping again to play with her fanny. I turned to one side to watch her, as her middle finger parted her lips and pushed in and out past the thin line of her lace pants.

"He was quite sweet, wasn't he? Did you see him touching himself?" June had two fingers in now, her pants pushed to one side, frigging herself steadily.

I pulled down my shorts and shuffled up so that I could put my cock in June's mouth. She sucked greedily on it and I could sense she was near to having her first orgasm.
As I turned to get a better look at her wanking, my cock stiffened further as I saw Frank standing in the bushes, just a few feet away.

"Yes, he must have been really turned on to see up your skirt. Do you think he's got a big cock, June?"

June had lifted her knees up now and was really going for it. I leaned across and pulled her skirt up so that Frank could get a better view.

"Would you like to see his cock? Would you like to feel it, hot and sticky with his cum? You can see it if you want. He's here now, watching you."

At this, June cried out and with a long moan gave in to her first orgasm. Her hot juices flowed out onto the blanket.

June lay back staring up at me. Her face was flushed and she was breathing heavily.

"Is he really watching?" she asked.

"Yes June. He was watching you all the time. He's just behind you in the trees."

Her knees were still drawn up, and she slowly opened her legs wide. She reached down and pulled her lacy knickers high up into her cunt so that the narrow strip of material disappeared between her cunt lips, which were now standing out thick and puffy.

"Why don't you have a closer look?" June called out, "Whatever your name is."

June had now dropped one hand to her cunt and was fingering herself, pushing the lacy fabric further in.

Frank stepped out from the bushes and came forward, dropping down to his knees. His hard on was straining against his shorts as he slowly rubbed himself while staring intently at my wife fingering herself only inches away.

"My names Frank, "he said slowly. I told him what our names were.

June's voice had dropped even lower now and, almost breathless, she whispered to me.

"Jimmy, get rid of these wet panties."

June then lifted her legs off the ground and put her feet together.

"OK, Jimmy, now you can take off my pants, but don't touch my pussy, yet."

Frank looked down in fascination as I used both hands to grasp the edges of June's knickers and roll them slowly up, past her suspender belt and stockings towards her shoes. They stuck for just a few seconds where the gusset was buried deep in her cunt. I pulled them carefully over the spiky heels of her shoes and they fell onto the blanket.

"Now, both of you, I want you just to watch me. Frank, do you want to watch me finger myself?" As she said this, she lowered her legs, and I knelt down next to Frank, with June's cunt open in front of us.

She reached down and started to frig herself, first with one finger and then with all four fingers. June was moaning softly to herself now, her heavy breathing punctuated by the slopping of her hand into her wet cunt.

"Now, Frank, get your cock out."

Frank pulled down his shorts and his stiff cock sprang out. It was quite long and as June saw it she let out a long moan and her fingers rammed into her cunt as she pushed herself to her second orgasm and again her hot juices rushed out.

"Let me see it Frank. Come closer."

June had lain back on the blanket, and Frank shuffled forward so that his cock was close to her face.

"Do it for me. I love to see a man wanking. And so does Jimmy. Don't you, you dirty little bugger?"

I did, but I didn't tell her that I'd seen him wanking before, and seen him cum. I was watching intently as Frank pulled at his impressive cock, it must have been a good eight inches long. I wondered just how far June would let things go.

I couldn't wait any longer and moved forward between June's legs. Her knees were still up and my cock slipped easily into her wet fanny.

Frank then moved back so that he could watch more closely. I like to fuck her really slowly, to feel, and watch, the length sliding in and out.

"Come and have a close-up look Frank," I told him, and drew slowly out so that her cunt was wide open. "Look how big her cunt lips are." I pulled gently at her flaps opening up her hole to show Frank, who was close enough to lick her. I then lifted her legs right up so that they were over her shoulders and we could both see her cunt and arse. I looked down at both of our cocks and wondered what it would be like to see Frank push his big prick into my wife's waiting cunt.

June was getting frustrated now and I knew she was ready for some serious fucking.

"Shall we play a little game, June? Shall we do 'let's pretend', or perhaps 'in the dark'?"

June swore at me again. And again.

"OK darling," I said gently lowering her legs. "Why don't you get on all fours and we'll play 'let's pretend'."

June turned over, her arse now facing Frank and me.

"Let's pretend that Frank is fucking you."

I lifted up her skirt and pushed my cock deep into her.

"How does he feel darling? How do you like another man fucking you? Tell me."

"Oh God, yes Frank. Fuck me. Fill me with your hot cock." June was really getting into it now.

I slammed into her again and again and then suddenly stopped and pulled out quickly.


I moved away from her and motioned Frank to kneel behind her. He was wanking hard on his cock, and was only inches away from my sexy wife's pulsating cunt. I pulled her head back to look at me.

"Who do you want next darling. Do you want Frank again? He's ready for you. Look".

I motioned him forward and he waved his huge cock in June's face.

"Just feel how heavy and hot it is."

I lifted June's hand up and placed it around his prick.

"Oh my God. It's enormous. Jesus Christ." June tugged at him gently, pulling back his foreskin so that the head stood out proud.

Frank moved back and I could see the lust in June's eyes. I bent forward and kissed her and then moved back to join him.

This was it. I was going to see my sweet little slut of a wife entered from behind by someone I hardly knew. We were both wanking ourselves silly.

"OK June, now we're ready. Who do you want inside you next? Do you want Frank to fuck you again? Tell me."

"Oh God, oh God, put it in me now", June shouted. " Please. Fuck me. Fill me with your spunk. Do it now, Frank."

Frank looked at me and I nodded back to him. He pushed forward, his right hand guiding the bell end into my wife's waiting slit, his left hand clutching at her suspender belt.

"Oh shit,"' he said. "There's some people coming."

Frank and I both stood up and forced our stiff cocks back into our pants. It was only just in time, as a couple were coming off the river path, and were walking towards us through the bushes. They stopped just a few yards away and were talking. The woman was slim and had on a short top, showing her midriff, and a short white flared skirt. The chap looked older and was wearing a shirt and shorts. At first I had thought it was a courting couple, and felt a further twitch in my groin at the possibilities that might provide, but Frank said that he thought they were father and daughter as he had seen them before.

"They were here last Saturday, just walking round. The girl is quite pretty, but knows it. You know, at that age. All round-eyed and innocent."

June laughed. "But a nice wet fanny underneath that short skirt, eh Frank?"

We both looked down at June and saw she was fingering herself again. I quickly pulled her skirt down over her legs, and just had time to put June's pants, the mag and vibrator into our bag before the couple actually walked into the opening where we were. The chap said hello and apologised for disturbing us. He explained that they had been to this spot before and were hoping to do some sunbathing. The chap must have been in his early sixties but looked quite fit. The girl was very pretty but looked young. She had a short pink cotton top on, with thin straps, and, in common with current fashion, underneath that a barely concealed bra, with contrasting blue straps.

Despite finding the girl very appealing, I wanted them to go so that we could get on with our session. I didn't want June to go off the boil, but it was June that seemed determined to keep talking.

"Well why don't you join us. It's probably the best spot on the bank and there's room for us all here."

June stood up, and rearranged the blanket so that there was space for the girl to sit next to her. Us three men had to sit on the grass, but it was nice and dry. The old chap introduced himself as Alan and the girl was called Kayleigh (or Kay for short). She was the daughter of one of Alan's nieces, or so he said. It was Kay's eighteenth birthday and 'Uncle Alan' was taking her out for the day. We all commented that she looked a lot younger (I would have said 14) but Kay said that her uncle liked her to dress to look younger. June poured a couple of drinks - there were only two glasses- and we all got on famously, particularly Kay and June. She seemed fascinated with June's outfit, particularly her high heels.

By now it was mid afternoon and the sun was very hot. Kay wanted to do a bit of sunbathing and asked if she could take off her top and skirt. Alan asked us if we minded. I must admit that by his time I was getting very turned on by the whole business. Alan was obviously interested in June, as she kept flashing him, and the rest of us, a glimpse of her undies. From where I was sat I could see straight up Kay's skirt and so I looked forward to seeing her strip off. It was June that spoke first.

"Yes of course Kay, we're all friends. There's no need to be ashamed. I'm sure Jimmy and Frank won’t mind. I mean bra and pants are just like a bikini aren't they boys?"

"Oh I'm not ashamed June," she replied. "At your house we often walk around naked, don't we Uncle? With that, she got up and stood in front of us all, with her hands on her hips.

Why don’t you help me uncle, this top is very tight."

She walked over to where Alan was sitting. He stood up, and slowly peeled off her top to reveal a blue bra, which barely covered her firm breasts. Then he sat down again and as she stood next to him, he unzipped the short white skirt and helped her to pull it down. Underneath she was wearing a brief blue thong, which matched her bra. All of our eyes were fixed on her as she paraded round and finished with a twirl to sit down next to June. I looked across at her Uncle and was not surprised to see his erection poking through his shorts. I caught June's eye and she smiled back.

"Oh Auntie June, why don’t you join me. We can both sunbathe. You must be very warm in all those clothes."

"Yes that would be a good idea," I said. "I'm sure Alan and Frank won't mind, will you boys?" I could hardly speak. My throat was dry in anticipation of what might happen next.

They both mumbled words of agreement, both staring at June waiting for the next move.

"Well it's ok for you Kay, but I have all this fancy underwear on. I'd feel silly. What would your Uncle Alan think.?"

"Oh I'm sure he won't mind," replied Kay. After all you do have a nice figure. I'll bet you look really cool in your bra and pants.

" OK, well if nobody minds…" June stepped into the middle of the group and we all gazed up at her. She looked across at me and I could tell she was getting turned on herself.

"OK guys, blouse first I think." June reached up and undid the buttons on her white blouse, one by one, and then pulled the blouse out from her skirt. She slipped the blouse off her shoulders and it fell to the floor.

"Nice tits, Auntie June" said Kay." Doesn't she look good Uncle Alan?"

She did look good, and Uncle Alan and Uncle Frank were mesmerised, their hands buried deep in their pockets. Next came the skirt, which June unzipped and let fall to reveal the full set of suspenders, pants and stockings. Junes' face was flushed and she slowly turned round so that we could all see her. She stopped, facing Kay and smiled at her. Kay smiled back. I could see that the girl had her hand down the front of her thong and was playing with herself. June responded, her hand dropping down to her own fanny, pressing it through her black lace pants. The sexual tension was unbearable.

June had shuffled forward and hooked her thumbs under the side of her pants, and then slowly pulled them down until her cunt lips were showing. She used both hands to open her flaps so that Kay could see her clit.

"There you are Kay. You can see my rosebud. That's it. Touch it. Yes, oh yes that's it. Now kiss me down there."

Kay had leant forward, her fingers exploring the pink tip of June's clitoris and then buried her face in June's cunt, licking and nibbling at her clit. June was shaking uncontrolleably. Frank and I had our cocks out now and were openly wanking. Alan stood up and undid his shorts and let them fall the floor, his short stubby erection jutting out. Frank and I did the same, and now all three of us were naked. We gathered around June wanting to get a closer look, our cocks nudging against her as we gazed down at Kay's tongue flicking at my wife's wet fanny. Frank and I looked on, wanking steadily, as Alan bent down and removed June's pants completely. He then went behind his niece and undid her bra top, letting it fall to the ground as he bent down and grasped her firm young tits from behind, squeezing them hard. Suddenly he had taken charge of the situation, and I was certain he had done this before with his niece. He then pulled her up from the floor so that her and June were facing each other. Spontaneously, they reached out to hold each other and June bent forward to kiss Kay on the lips. It was the sexiest thing I have ever seen. Their tongues probing each other's mouths. Alan, still standing behind Kay, then bobbed down and quickly slipped off her blue thong, pausing as he stood up to press his right hand between her legs.

Frank and I moved round to watch him as his fingers pushed in and out, his movements lifting Kay off the floor. He pulled his hand away and showed us both the wetness on his fingers.

"Just look how wet the randy little cow is. Go on boys, have a feel."

Frank was in there first, his left hand slipping down between Kay's legs and his fingers probing until he found her tight wetness.

"Doesn't she feel good Frank? I've loosened her up a bit but she's still a nice tight fit."

Frank grunted a reply as he continued to push into Kay's fanny. As he was doing this, Alan had gone behind June and had unclipped her bra. I watched as his hands came forward to reach out and cup both of her bare breasts, squeezing and kneading them, rubbing her large nipples between his finger and thumb. Kay and June had left off kissing and Kay dropped her head to suck at June's nipples as Alan offered each breast to her in turn.

"Kay was right, Jimmy, your wife's tits are fantastic. What suckable nipples." He turned to Frank - "come on Frank, let Jimmy have a feel now."

Reluctantly Frank slipped his fingers out of Kay's fanny and I moved in behind her. I looked at June for approval, and she looked back and nodded.

"Yes it's your turn darling, but I want to watch. Please."

"Yes let's all watch," said Alan. "Kay, lie down on the blanket, there's a good girl."

Reluctantly Kay and my wife pulled apart, but June still held her and gently helped down onto the blanket. It was only now that I could see what an amazing body she had. Her skin was tanned and covered in the lightest of downy hair. Her breasts were perfect. Tight and firm with little nipples that went in slightly. Her pubic hair had been shaved and her pink moist slit beckoned. Her legs were stretched out in front of her so I moved around to her right and bent down beside her. June was now knelt opposite me.

I traced a circle on her stomach with the fingers of my right hand and felt her body react to my touch. She looked at me intensely, her eyes staring into mine. She was biting her bottom lip.

"Go on Jimmy," said Alan." Look at her face. She's ready for it now, aren't you sweetie?"

My hand dropped and I pushed my middle finger between her cunt lips. They parted easily, her wetness allowing me to slip two then three fingers into her. I looked briefly across at June, who smiled back in encouragement. To my right Alan had now dropped to his knees and was wanking steadily as he watched me finger fucking his niece. As I pushed deeper into her cunt I started to massage her clit with my thumb, my eyes now fixed firmly on Kay's writhing body. I felt a hand reach under me to grab my cock and start to wank me. I looked up and saw June still there gazing at me, her face flushed with sex, as she watched Frank's hand slowly pulling at my cock. I could feel his own knob end behind me, pressing between my arse cheeks. June leaned across and kissed me. The sensation of being kissed by my wife while being wanked by a man was just amazing.

June than moved round by Kay's head, her legs parted, and inched forward leaning over Kay in a sixty nine position, so that her face was just by my hand. She then gently lowered her fanny down onto Kay's face and Kay greedily accepted the invitation to lick and suck at June's dripping wetness. I felt a sudden movement behind me as Frank let go of my cock and moved to the left so he could watch June's cunt sliding across Kay's face. I continued to frig Kay, but now June was helping me and licking at Kay's clit. She was getting very noisy now, but her screams were muffled by June's cunt smothering her face. I felt her tense as June sucked harder on her clit and then her body arched off the ground as her climax went through her.

"Now she's wet enough," said Alan, and he bent forward to lift up her legs, shuffling forward to kneel between them, his hand pushing forward to finger his niece's wet cunt. He pulled his fingers out, covered in her sticky cum, and pushed them into June's mouth. She sucked at them and then I watched as Alan removed his fingers, leaned forward, and pushed his cock into my wife's mouth. He pushed it right in and then held June by her hair so that she was forced to gag on it. I reached down for my cock and started to wank furiously at this amazing site. He then pulled back, but still holding her by the hair started to fuck her, pulling her head onto his cock. June suddenly grunted and moved forward and her eyes turned to look at me.

I looked to my left and saw Frank with his hands gripping my wife's arse. He had pulled her arse cheeks wide open and was staring at her exposed cunt. Alan saw this and released June's head, his cock slipping out of her mouth.

"Come, on Jimmy," he said to me "let's watch this."

We both got up and went to where Frank was kneeling.

"Right Frank, hold her cunt lips open." Frank did so, and Alan and I stood there watching her cunt opening and closing while we pumped away at our cocks. She was still wearing her stockings, suspender belt and shoes and looked great. Alan bent down and started to finger her while Frank was holding her open.

"I think your wife's just about ready. What do you think Frank?" I looked on, still wanking, as Frank held her lips apart with his left hand and then pushed four fingers of his right hand deep into her fanny.

"Let's fuck her now. Do you want fucking June? Are you ready for all three of us?"

June turned round to look at us and looked down at our stiff cocks. She looked at me and nodded.

Without a word, Alan moved in behind her and slipped his cock straight up her fanny. He stopped, holding it in her, and leaned forward to grab onto her tits.

"She feels nice. Nice and juicy." He leant forward and whispered to June. "You have got a big cunt June, I think we'd better see if Frank can fill you up next"

June shouted out as Alan proceeded to fuck her, hanging onto her tits as his balls banged into her. It was like watching two dogs fucking as with each thrust he tried to get deeper into her. They were both shouting out and I was surprised how long he kept at it, his sweat dripping down onto her back.

Suddenly he lurched forward and we could see his arse contracting as he came. June was shouting out and collapsed on top of Kay as her own orgasm came with a rush and her hot juices flowed out and dripped down onto Kay's face.

Alan slowly withdrew his softening prick from my wife's cunt. Frank and I watched intently as his spunk dribbled out of her. June then rolled off Kay and lay back on the blanket.

Alan called to Kay "Suck it clean for me now, lick of all Auntie June's sticky juice. Make it hard again while Uncle Frank stretches her wide for us."

Alan had knelt down at the side of June, and Kay joined them, dropping her head down to his cock as he ran his left hand up and down June's leg, feeling the smoothness of her stockings.

Are you ready for another fucking June, he said as he dropped his left hand to her cunt and started to finger her.

"Oh yes Alan. Come here." I watched in amazement as she pulled him towards her and kissed him on the lips.

"You were fantastic. I want you to fuck me again" As they kissed Alan was finger fucking her again, and I watched as Alan's prick grew hard again.

I bet you would like it up there wouldn’t you?" Alan had moved his hand underneath her to reach her arse and we could see his finger probing at her hole

June was near to coming again as she pushed herself back onto this finger..

"Now, Frank, finish her off for me."

Frank needed no further encouragement. As we looked on, he dropped to his knees in front of June, his large cock jutting out over her belly. I kneeled down with him and watched as he pulled back and then lowered his knob end to her waiting cunt. He held his cock in his right hand and nudged it up against her. I went to the right of her in order to get a better view, and watched as he used his cock to tease her. Rubbing the tip of it up and down her slit and then pushing it in just a little. She was whimpering now like a dog. Alan still had his own hand down there and he had pushed his middle finger up into her arse and was holding it there.

"Go on Frank, let me feel it going up her," Alan encouraged him.

Frank slowly pushed forward. His bell end disappearing into June's cunt. He stopped for a moment and then pushed further, inch by inch till he was completely inside her, his large balls hanging down and resting on Alan's hand. Her stockinged legs were now up over his shoulders. Her face was contorted in lust, her eyes closed, and when Frank slowly pulled out she screamed out "Fuck me, you bastard".

Frank then pushed back in again harder and June caught her breath as he gradually drew out again and back in again, building up a steady rhythm. Alan now started to push further into Junes arse with his finger as Frank's movements were opening her up more and more. He leaned over again and pulled June towards him, forcing his tongue into her mouth. Again she responded, and I thought it the sexiest thing ever. My wife was being fucked by one man while kissing another one. The sight of this sent Frank over the edge and I saw him tense up. Alan saw this too and shouted out.

"Frank, pull out and let's see you shoot all over her".

Frank gave a loud groan and sat back, pulling his cock out of my wife's fanny. His cock twitched and a thick stream of cum shot out and hit June under the chin, followed by two more strong bursts. Frank's cock was still hard, the end dribbling spunk, and I watched as he leant forward and lifted June from the ground until she was standing between us. She was leaning on Alan and me for support and Kay was stood behind her. Frank took a firm hold of his cock, and bending his legs slightly pushed it into her cunt again. They were both the same height, but June's heels made it easy for him to enter her while she was standing up.

Frank started to fuck her again and this time we could feel every movement. Our hands were all over her, touching her tits, reaching down to feel her cunt as Frank's stiff cock slipped easily in and out, her fanny lubricated with two lots of cum.
I felt Kay's hand touch my cock and then Alan's joined hers.

"It's a nice sight isn’t it Jimmy, watching your wife being fucked? She's very good, a natural." As he spoke I responded to both of their hands. Alan now moving round to finger my arse as Kay wanked me faster and faster.

"Why don't you come back to my house, Jimmy? I've a couple of friends who would like to meet your wife. We can tie her to the bed with her stockings, and blindfold her with her lacy pants. Then we can take turns to fuck her." As he said this he pulled June towards him and kissed her.

June cried out as she came again, and Frank stumbled forward into me as his prick jerked once more and filled my wife with another stream of thick sperm. My own load followed seconds later and shot up to spray across Kay's tits. It had been an afternoon to remember and the evening was still to come.