• Written by Roy 8 Jun 2005, 06:40
  • Erotic

My wife and I were both virgins when we got married, we had many years of super sex but as time went on we slowed down on having sex, we decided that we needed to spruce up our sex life, I asked her what she really wanted to try, she said that she wanted to try having sex with a well hung man. My cock is a good 6 inches long and big around but she said that her cousin had told her about a guy she had dated in high school who had a 10 inch rock hard cock, his name was Harry and he lived about 50 miles from where we live, Harry and my wifes cousin still was good friends so we talked her into seeing if Harry was interested, while this was going on my wife wanted to know what I would like to do, at first I didn't want to tell her for fear of hurting her feeling, but she convinced me that she would be ok with whatever I wanted, I had always wanted to fuck her cousin and also because she is a very large gal, really nice big tits and a well rounded butt, so when I told her what I wanted she agreed as long as Harry would do her. A few days passed before Kay got back to us about Harry, he said he would love to show Jan what he could do to her, since Kay was already at the house I put Jan up to questioning her if she wanted to join in on the fun, she said no as she was happly marryied and didn't want to mess it up. We went ahead and asked Harry over for dinner one night, after dinner we all had a few drinks and one thing led to another, I could tell that Jan was a little shy to do much with me around so I told them that I was going back to work for a hour or two, I left but really just went around the house and back in threw the side door, I peeked in on them, Harry must have been a pro at this, he was already rubbing on Jans big tits and she was rubbing on his big lump in his pants, he stood up and unbucked his pants and dropped them down, Jan reached over and pulled down his shorts, cousin Kay was right about Harrys cock, it was the biggest that I had ever seen, Jan was shocked at the size but she went right after it, licking and kissing on it until it was as hard as a rock, Harry then pulled all of Jans clothes of and went down to her hairy pussy and started eating her, I could hear her moan at he drove his tongue deep into her, when she couldn't stand any more he pushed her to the floor and started to rub his big dick head all over her pussy lips, he slowly started in her, it must have hurt a little at first as Jan cried out a little but he soon was had about half of his 10 inches in her, she started to push her hips up to him and soon he had all 10 inches in, I couldn't stand it any longer and I came in to watch them, as I came I dropped my pants and shorts and started whacking off, they were going at it now for all they were worth, he was banging her with every inch he had and she was banging him back, I knew that they were both near to cuming as Jan was now yelling for Harry to fuck her harder, I also knew that I was close to shooting so I went over and stood above her face so when I shot my load it would hit her in the face, Harry was going like a racehorse, all of a sudden Jan let out a scream and started coming like I had never seen her do, Harry at the last second pulled out his big meat and let fly with a huge load of cum all over Jans pussy, when I saw that I shot my load all over her face. After Harry left we jumped into the shower and cleaned up, I asked Jan what she thought of her first big cock, she grinned at me and said that 10 inches was good but she bet 12 would be better, I'm still waiting to try a big women like cousin Kay and I bet it will happen soon if I know my wife Jan.