• Written by Rob A. 15 Jun 2005, 18:23
  • Erotic

Marcia and I have always discussed that one night I would dress her like a slut and take her out in public. That night came about a week ago and she is still talking about it. Just a little background about her, she is 48 years old, about 5'2" tall and weighs about 110 lbs. She loves wearing high heels and knows that she has great legs and tits. We went to a local club on Saturday night about 10pm and I went in first. About 5 minutes later she walked in wearing 5 inch black heels, black seamed stockings, and a low cut black satin tuxedo jacket with revealing a black lace push up bra. She walked to the bar and sat down next to a well dressed man about 50 years old. He immediately took notice and started talking. First he said he like her necklace (I just happened to be hung down between her tits!)
As he was talking she crossed her legs to show the garters that were holding up her sheer stockings. He looked down and smiled and she just looked at him and said "thank you". During the entire time, she had her cell phone on and I could hear everything from across the room. I had a small camcorder and was video taping the whole thing. He asked her if he could buy her a drink and she ordered a white wine. He moved closer and started talking about what she was wearing. Earlier, I had told her that I wanted her to get the guy she was talking to to say how "hot" she looked. So when he did say it, she just turned around and winked at me and smiled. He continued to talk when she picked up the phone and said to me "are you ready to get your dick sucked yet? I told her to rub her tits over her jacket, say good-by to the gentleman, and walk away. She did just that, got up, and said to the man, "I have to go over to my husband now. He looked over with a shocked look but said nothing. With that she walked over to me, grabbed me by the tie, and said "follow me!". She lifted her skirt to show her pussy and walked out the door. I met her at the car, she sat on the passenger side and unbuttoned my pants. She lifted her skirt, began sucking dick and fingering her pussy. She them commanded "cum on my face". I pulled out my dick, rubbed it on her face and cummed all over her eyes. I zipped up my pants, walked over to the drivers side of the car, and looked over to see Marcia with cum dripping down her face. We left, drove home and she didn't wipe her face off the entire time. The cum was dripping down into her mouth when we got home. I was then that she looked over to me in the car and said "now your going to fuck my ass!" What a night!!!