• Written by dog2222 16 Aug 2010, 16:12
  • Fact

I have always had a fancy for my brother-in-law. My sister, the lucky bitch, has been married to Mike for 12 years and it’s obvious why she married him. One he is wealthy and two he has plenty of money. Oh and did I say he was worth a bob or two. He’s made his money in the building trade and when they first got married he was really fit. But like most blokes in their late 30’s he has got a bit of a belly on him now.

None the less, I have wanted to fuck him for since sis first met him but I have never had the chance and he is too straight to go behind her back. I don’t want to go behind my sister back either but I’m pretty fixated on him these days and when as glimmer of an opportunity came up I took it.

I was invited to a school friend’s 2nd wedding and sis and Mike were on the guest list too. It was all taking place in a hotel in the country, no church involved and loads of old mates were there and we were all drinking. I had brought my boyfriend with me and we were really enjoying ourselves.

It was getting late on, the bride and groom had left and I needed a pee. The ladies’ was busy but I had noticed earlier that all the cloaks and coats had been put in a guest bedroom on the ground floor. I thought I could nip into the bathroom there and jump the queue, so to speak. So off I trotted.

However, just as I turned into the corridor I noticed Mike going into the room. I innocently followed, opened the door and went in. Mike hadn’t switched the light on and I didn’t either. Mike had obviously had the same idea as me as I could hear him tinkling into the loo. He stopped, I heard his zip being pulled up and he came into the room and went towards the door.

As he put his hand on the door, I whispered loudly, Shhhhh. And then said, in a disguised voice, ‘Don’t turn around’ He stood stock still and said nothing. I walked up behind him and put my arms around him. He was still facing the door. Shhhh, I said again. I let my right hand drop to his crotch and I felt what I could through his trousers. There was a big bulge and I wanted to make it bigger.

I put my left hand through his hair and breathed heavily into his neck. I could smell his aftershave. My hands now both began to get in on the action in his pants. Undoing his belt, my fingers loosened off his waistband and dipped into his boxers beneath. His cock was responding well and I could feel it getting harder. I love the feeling of a big cock getting harder in my hands.

The bigger he got the harder he got too. I could feel the skin getting tighter and thinner between my fingers and the bulbous head of his cock began to poke out of his foreskin. I let his trousers and pants fall to the floor. I was standing behind him now with both hands on his cock and it was rigid. I pulled his skin back and his whole helmet was bare. Squeezing firmly I pushed the skin forward again and then rhythmically started a long firm wanking action. My left hand massaged his balls and my right hand was doing all the work on his cock. Still Mike stood there and said nothing.

I knew he was getting worked up as his breathing got louder and heavier. His cock too was getting hotter and so hard. I could feel the ripple of his veins below my fingers and his own pre cum was making my hand action very smooth.

I used my left hand to feel his bum. His cheeks were covered in soft downy hair and as I wanked him more and more he clenched his cheeks together. His firm bum and hard cock were just what this girl really likes. As I continued I sensed he was hear to coming and I returned my left hand to his balls. They seemed to be pulled up inside his ball sack and suddenly I could feel him coming. I shortened my hand movement so I only just reached his helmet with my fingers and three long spurts of cum left his cock and hit the door in front of him. A fourth spurt only managed to dribble down my hand and that was it. He cock started to subside. It got softer and I felt I had to let go.

Mike pulled up his boxers and trousers and straightened himself up, all without turning around. Shhhh, I said again. He opened the door and left. I put my hand up to my mouth and licked up the spunk that was on my hand. It tasted smooth and savoury with a hint of saltiness. It stuck to the inside of my mouth which I kind of like.

So there I was, having wanked off my Brother-in-law and I’m pretty sure he didn’t even know it was me. He didn’t even want to know as he could easily have turned any point. But I had had his cock in my hand and it hasn’t stopped me wanting a bit more. Now I know how big he is I now desperately want him in my pussy. How am I going to do that without my sister finding out?