• Written by steve 25 Jun 2005, 14:55
  • Erotic

A friend of ours has just returned from Spain after separating from his wife. He came to stay with us for a few days while we were off work.

Over the first two days we had been out eating at a few resturants and drinking and the atmosphere had been jolly but I had detected a degree of flirting between Matt and my wife. (We are all in our late 30's and attractive).

On the 3rd night Matt and my wife were sat on the sofa (myself across the room on a chair)after a night out and we were half-dozed, half merry from the drinks we had been drinking.

My wife was wearing a fitted shirt and a wispy skirt, which had ridden a slight way up her thighs as she sat. I noticed that whenever my mate spoke to my wife he would rest his hand on the exposed part of her thigh, which turned me on and also intrigued me as to what my wife would do. Each time he moved his hand away, he would almost stroke her thigh and 'accidently' push her skirt a little further up, but my wife did not notice or decided not to stop him.

The more he did this the harder I became. Gradually her skirt rose higher and higher to the extent that I could see her panties, but I am not sure whether my wife was aware that so much was in view, nor whether Matt could see from where he was.

I wonder whether Matt had done this before because at this point he started turning the conversation towards sex and he eventually asked my wife what her fantasies were. She blushed and said she was not going to say, so Matt started listing various things and whether she liked them or not, some she said she did others not...e.g. oral, anal, w/s etc.

My wife, I could tell was getting a little aroused my the talk, her nipples were poking through her blouse, which I think Matt noticed. He then asked her whether she found the idea of having sex with two men at the same time a turn on. She replied that she had never really thought about it but it was not an unpleasant thought. He asked her what she thought she would like about it and she said the attention on her, hands all over her body, the naughtiness of it all. Matt at this point had rested his hand on her thigh but had slowly (i had not noticed and I am not sure she had) moved his hand up so it was on the inside of her thigh almost at the top, he was gradually starting to stroke with his thumb and knead a little with his fingers and she was letting him.

Matt asked me if he could kiss her, i said to ask my wife but she said no, she wanted to kiss me, so i went over and kissed her and she kissed me hard, forcing her tongue down my throat. Suddenly she moaned and i pulled away slightly to look down and see Matt's hand stroking her cunt through the material of her knickers. He was feeling her lips through the material. She seemed to be enjoying it, so I unbuttoned her blouse and let her breasts in her sexy bra be exposed and started fondly her left tit and then Matt started to squeeze the nipple of her right breast through the material whilst continuing to stroke her pussy with his other hand.

My wife then surprised me, as she reached down and undid Matt's jeans and eventually pulled out his upright cock. As she did this Matt, pulled her knickers aside and slipped his fingers into what was now a glistening wet fanny.

It turned me on because I could just imagine her wet pussy and it thrilled me to see somebody else enjoying her. As he did this, she started wanking his cock and kept pulling me in to kiss me.

Matt then got up and shifted in front of her and started to pull down her knickers. She lifted her bum, so he could get easier access to them and then, there she was, her full cunt beautifully exposed as he buried his face into her.

'give me your cock, love' she whispered to me, so I had to stride her while she took my cock in her mouth, while matt was licking her pussy.

Matt asked if he could go further. My wife nodded, so I moved aside as he positioned himself to enter her. It was quite a mixture of feelings watching another man's bulging cock, glide into my wife and watch as she moaned with pleasure with each storke and grind of my friend. There she was with her blouse undone, her bra still on but nipples exposed, her skirt pushed up around her waist. I moved to the side of my wife so that she could suck my cock again but could feel the whole sofa shake as Matt pounded my wife's cunt with his cock.

It did not take too long for Matt to come and my wife moaned appreciatively as he reached his climax. The thought of him pumping his spunk into her was almost enough to make me cum myself. My cock was bursting and I slid into my wife's cunt as soon as Matt came out and I have never felt her so wet.

I groaned and moaned for the few strokes it took me to empty my load into my wife as she bucked against me.

Almost imeediately afterwards we all went to our beds and in the morning my wife was very quiet and embarrassed. I think she wishes it had not happened but at the same time really enjoyed it. She is not the sort of woman who does this normally and I think she feels cheap. I too have strange feelings about it. It provides me with great memories to wank with but when I think my wife suddenly has had another person it seems hard to balance out. Not sure we will ever do it again but the memory is a very sexy one.

It did not take me long to come