• Written by Russ 26 Jun 2005, 07:01
  • Erotic

Never in a million years did I ever expect to be able to persuade my wife, Andrea to go to a swinging club! I’d hinted at it on numerous occasions, only to be told that she wasn’t interested in the slightest! That was a few months ago now!

I don’t know what changed her mind, but when I showed her the new web site of a club in Sheffield, recently, she agreed that the club looked classy and she might be prepared to go! That was like music to my ears! For the next few days, I was on a high, and before she had chance to change her mind, I’d booked the Travel Inn up the road from the club for the following Friday night! I’d noticed on the website that Fridays were mixed nights and I liked the thought of her flirting with a few guys, even if nothing else happened.

Come Friday, we drove over to Sheffield, both of us nervous, but excited! Andrea had excelled with her outfit and was wearing her shortest mini skirt, the tops of her hold-ups just showing, and a tight, tit hugging top! She looked as horny as hell!

We’d finished off a bottle of wine in the hotel and called for another drink at a pub across the road from the club, to give us a little courage! By the time we ventured over to the club Andrea was quite tipsy, her inhibitions long gone! We went through the joining up stuff with Marie, the owner and stood at the bar, having another drink.

The place was absolutely full of guys; it was unbelievable, probably a ratio of 10 men to a woman! I was worried that Andrea would feel intimidated, but I was wrong! Far from it, she seemed to be revelling in all the male attention she was beginning to attract!

It wasn’t long before two guys came over to chat, offering to show us around! Andrea, being pissed was more keen than I had expected, grabbing one guy by his arm, as he lead her upstairs to the play rooms! They showed us each room and then asked which one she preferred! There was a mirrored room that she said she liked, and they simply took hold of her hand and lead her in!

Just minutes later, she was lying down between the two men, their hands already all over her body! As one guy started to kiss her, his mate began to undress her! Soon she was naked, as were her two male admirers, and a small crowd of other men gathered to watch with me!

It was such a turn on to see her with these two guys. My cock was rock hard, just watching! I stood in total disbelief at how readily she’d joined in! I saw one of the guys gently ease a couple of fingers inside her tight little pussy while his mate knelt next to her face, wanking his cock over her cheeks! She opened her red painted lips and he slipped his shaft into my wife’s mouth! It was just amazing to watch!

I noticed two other guys strip off next to me and they went over and joined in! She now had four cocks to play with! She seemed to be lost in her own little fantasy! There were hands all over her now! She was the centre of attention, sucking cock after cock and having her gorgeous tits licked and sucked by all of the guys!

I watched as one guy rolled a condom on and climbed between my wife’s open legs! She almost screamed as he slipped inside her. By now, I was wanking furiously, as she took her first ever extra-marital cock! He fucked her hard as the others took turns with her mouth! When the first guy shot his load, he pulled out of her and another took his place! It was incredible!

I watched my innocent wife get fucked by four men as her initiation into the world of swinging! What a night!

We simply can’t wait to get back to the swinging club.