• Written by Lee 28 Jun 2005, 20:00
  • Erotic

This storey has given me many a wank over the years, as she doesn't talk to much about it (she was ashamed about it). Well it happened about 5 years ago in North West Ireland, a friend of my wife, who was a big time slut (often heard about her fucking people at parties, while the party went on around her), met a married guy in a chat room and invited him up for the weekend....He knew what he was in for with her.
Anyway, in the bar I caught him looking at my wife's ass (she had on a short black skirt, black knee high boots and a tight white top), my wife's tits are her best asset (38c) and I caught him checking them out also.
When the night was over, myself and my wife headed off in the taxi ourselves, I told her he was looking at her and she was all excited by it (the dirty slut), I said lets go up to her friends house and see what happens. We called up in the taxi and my wife went and I waited, she came out with him saying that he would drop us home. We paid the taxi man and said goodbye (I still think he knows what we where up to).
The other guy had had a argument with my wife's friend (the other slut), so as he drove us home and a little worse for drink he was too. I sat in the back and my wife in the front, I told him it was OK to feel my wife's tits, he first look shocked and didn't want too, but when my wife said it was OK and he looked at me and gave a nod, he drove with one hand on the wheel and one hand grasped around my wifes tit.
I told him he could put his hand up her short skirt, he wasted no time in doing so, to this day I still don't know what he felt, her knickers, her leg or her pussy (I never asked her bor did she tell me....had plenty wanks about that).
When we got home he was horned up as much as me, we went into the sitting room and my wife went and got changed, she came down to two men naked and waiting for her (she loved it), she had her dirty black stocking and suspenders on and a tight pink tank top. We all went up stairs, we made some rules that he was not to fuck her only finger and suck. I lay on one side and he was on the other, sucking her tits and fingering her wet pussy, I was kinda left out so I tried t mount her, on seeing this the dirty fucker also tried to mount her (my slut and this man wasn't playing by the rules). I got anoyed and left the room......
I went to the other room to sleep and told her to do what she wanted...a little angry.....
When I went to the toliet I could see in that they where both in the bed still and he was fucking her (no rubber either). I wanked myself off (knowing that I couldnt be seen). He had a rather large cock too - 12 inchs, compared to my 6 inchs, she was fucking loving it....
I heard him moan, trying to muffle it as not to let me know that he was fucking my wife, she also started to moan, he kissed her as she came, he fucking came inside her too (suppose I would also with a strangers wife if I had the chance). He rolled of her both exhausted, i went back to the room and finished my wank.
I think they fucked a couple more times as I heard the bed rocking in there room, he must of fucked my wife 5 times at least when I woke up in the morning and went into there room, he was alone, my wife was sleeping downstairs.....as if they done nothing, he made his excuses and left.....probably to fuck that other slut before heading home to fuck his own wifr (3 women in one day, fair play to you mate - who ever you where).
My wife has never talked much about it - certainly not saying that he jizzed up her 5 times......
Though 5 years later I still get a great wank out of it and don't feel quilty if I fuck some old 50 yo bird :)

Would love to hear from orther men that have a slut wife in Northern Ireland or the North West