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My wife, Kelly and I, are both on our second marriage and have been
married for five years. Our sex life is great and we fuck frequently
enough to keep one another satisfied. We have often talked during sex
of her with another man, and usually this comes about when I am using one
of her favorite dildos or rubber cocks to stimulate her. It has always
been fantasy talk ^Ö until the recent visit of her first husband.

Kelly's first husband, Joe, had moved away to Texas shortly after their
divorce. They were married for about seven years, and I never really
understood why they got divorced. I think it basically was my wife was
cheating on him and he got sick of being made a fool of and decided
enough was enough.

Kelly used to joke that Joe was from Texas and that everything in Texas
is bigger. She used to tell me that his cock was big [8.25 inches and
thick], he shot big loads of cum, and he could get hard and stay hard.
Of course, I have a mere six inches of average cock which always seemed
to please my wife. But, hearing about the large member of the ex sort of
had a way of undermining my pride a bit.

I mention that Kelly is a very beautiful woman with green eyes and dark
blonde hair. At the age of 38 she looks like her early twenties and has
a beautiful body, incredible ass, and the most awesome tits that a man
could desire. She purchased them ^Ö yes they are implants ^Ö 36 full C -
after her divorce to replace the "pitifully less than A cups" that she
had most of her life. She also has the best pussy I have ever fucked.
It is very tight ^Ö even one finger feels snug ^Ö with full lips that
wrap around. She keeps is perfectly bald, just like I prefer, and is
highly orgasmic. She will easily cum multiple times during our
encounters and when she does her already tight pussy clamps down like a

Life was fairly routine until Kelly informed me that her ex, Joe, would
be in town for a few days to settle some probate issues stemming from his
father's recent passing. She offered to let him stay at our place ^Ö in
the guest room ^Ö if that was OK with me. At the time, it wasn't, but I
did not really have a say in the matter and it was settled in her favor.

Joe arrived on a Friday afternoon and I helped him settle into the guest
room. He was pleasant and rather attractive, with a decent build, short
brown hair and a handsome face. He was out most of the afternoon, and
returned that evening, where the three of us sat in the living room
drinking wine and bull shitting. As the booze flowed, the conversation
steered towards my wife's tits.

Joe had been staring at Kelly's tits all night and Kelly finally
playfully said "what, do they have eye balls on them or something?"

Joe laughed and shot back "doesn't seem fair that you were flat all
those years we were together" he laughed "and look at them now".

Kelly cupped the tits through her shirt and said "like them, huh?"

I was not sure what to make of the conversation, but the wine was flowing
and I was feeling bold. "Why don't you show him?" I blurted out.

Kelly was hardly modest and easily pulled off her shirt and undid her
bra, allowing her gorgeous tits to reveal themselves to Joe and I.

"Mmmm, very nice Kell" Joe said, leaning forward to get a better look.

"They even feel nice" I said as I reached over and began to massage the
breasts. Kelly smiled and moaned softly as my hands explored. Joe,
feeling emboldened, came over to sit with us on the couch. He sat on the
other side of Kelly, so she was between us. She grabbed his hand and put
it onto her breast. Joe took the hint and began to play.

"Hot" he said and he lowered his mouth to lick and suck on her left
nipple. I began to do the same to the right one and Kelly leaned back
and began to moan. Kelly moaned as we worked her tits and I began to
slowly massage her crotch with one hand. I then noticed that she had
reached over to Joe's thigh and was massaging his upper thigh and crotch
area. I noticed a sizeable bulge in his pants and realized that she
probably wasn't exaggerating his manhood.

"I haven't had a big one like this since we broke up" Kelly said as
she squeezed Joe's crotch.

"Let's go to the bedroom and take care of that then" I said as I stood

In seconds the three of us were in the bedroom peeling off our clothes.
I sat naked on the edge of the bed playing with my own cock as my wife
pulled her pants and underwear off, revealing her bald cunt. I then
watched as Joe pulled his boxers off and his large cock popped into
view. I am not normally into guy's cocks, but this was an awesome
dick! Not only was it as large and thick as she had described, but it
was perfectly straight with a large mushroom head. It just poked straight
out from his body, surrounded by dark pubic hairs and two large, full
balls below.

Joe and Kelly began kissing and Joe ended up on his back on the bed,
while Kelly eagerly went down on his cock and began sucking it. Kelly is
definitely an awesome cock sucker, and it was hot watching her work
another man's cock. Where she could easily take my entire length into
her mouth, with Joe, she could not. His large cock was simply too much
to take at once, but she did quite a job at it and managed most of it.
Joe had one hand on her head and was holding a tit in the other as Kelly
sucked his dick. She was moaning and working the shaft with one hand,
while using the other to slowly rub her own clit.
After a few minutes, she came off his dick and laid next to him and he
eagerly went down on her bald pussy. I watched as he grabbed her hips
and pulled her to him as he began to lick her clit. She moaned and
grabbed his head as she ground her pussy into his mouth. She loves being
eaten, and I could tell he was hitting the spots she loved. She was
moaning how good it felt and telling him not to stop. It wasn't long
before she moaned out his name and thrust her crotch upwards in orgasm.
She came hard and as she twitched, she pulled him up to her, their mouths
meeting in a long, deep kiss. She threw her arms around his hips and
pulled him against her. They began grinding and his cock head slid over
her wet pussy lips. Then in one coordinated move, Joe managed to move
his hips just right and guide the head of his cock against Kelly's eager
hole. He thrust slowly forward and the mushroom head spread her pussy
open and the length of his cock slowly disappeared into her pussy.

"Oh my God, Joe" Kelly moaned as his cock bottomed out and his balls
came to rest against her ass. "I forgot how fucking big that cock is."

"I forgot how tight your pussy is. Damn" Joe muttered as he began to
slowly fuck my wife.

I was in amazement and had adjusted my position to get the best view of
the action. I was blown away by the site of my wife ^Ö laying there,
legs spread, with another man on top of her ^Ö and how her pussy looked.
It was stretched wide and her lips were wrapped around the shaft as his
cock slid along the pussy. He was taking long deep strokes, almost
pulling out all of the way before driving it back in. Each stroke was
making my wife moan. They picked up the pace and I could see my wife
fucking back against him with her crotch. He pumped harder and I only
imagined how many hundreds of times they had done this in the past.

My wife came at least twice missionary before Joe rolled over and put her
on top. She eagerly rode his dick, and I was again given a great view of
her spread pussy lips. I also got to view her hot little pucker hole and
wanted so bad to slide my cock in. But this was their moment.

They were lost to my presence by now and I was happy to sit and pull on
my cock as my wife fucked her ex in front of me. After another orgasm,
Kelly got off and onto her hands and knees and Joe reentered her from
behind. Kelly screamed loudly as Joe began a fast, steady fucking pace,
and it wasn't long before she was hitting another orgasm. Joe then
pulled his large cock out of her, directed her back onto her back, and
reinserted himself. They grinded together and their pace and kissing
quickened. Suddenly Joe let out a long moan and buried his cock to the
base in one thrust as he began to unload his cum into my wife. He bucked
wildly and Kelly moaned "give it to me baby, Oh God, yes" as Joe
emptied wad after wad of sperm into her cunt. His orgasm lasted for what
seemed like minutes and when he was done, they shared a soft kiss, then
he rolled off her and lay next to her on the bed.

Kelly's pussy was wide open and her lips were red and swollen. Her clit
was larger than I had ever seen and there was a long, steady trail of
thick cum oozing from he pussy and down her asshole onto the bed. I
could not take any more and moved over on to of Kelly, began kissing her,
and slipped my cock into her well fucked pussy.

"You liked that" she giggled as I fucked her. Her pussy felt
different. It was wetter, wider and stretched out. It was hot and I
could feel the large quantity of cum that Joe had just emptied into her.
It was only a matter of a few minutes before I shuttered and added my own
contribution of cum to her pussy.

After we all collapsed onto the bed, tired from fucking and drinking.
Kelly was in the middle with Joe and I on either side.

The three of us dozed off and I awoke slowly to moaning. I was on my
side facing Kelly and as I awoke from my sleepy daze, I noticed that
Kelly was on her side facing me as well, and that she was getting
fucked. Joe was behind her in a spooning position, his arms around her,
and his cock buried balls deep in her pussy. She had her head turned to
the side and they were kissing softly as the fucked one another. It was
a slow, sensual fuck. He was grinding his dick into her pussy while she
ground back against him with her hot ass. His hands were cupping her
tits and she was holding her hands on his. They were oblivious to me
even being awake. Kelly was moaning how good Joe's cock felt in her
pussy, and how big and thick and hard it was. Joe was telling her how
hot she was and how tight her pussy felt, and how good his cock felt
inside her.

I must have caught the tail end of this session because she began to cum
and clamp her pussy down onto Joe's cock. He suddenly let out a moan
and began giving her another load of cum into her hungry pussy. After a
few minutes, they came back down from their orgasms and noticed me laying
there. I was hard again and was playing with my dick. Kelly just smiled
and said something about not wanting to wake me. She then climbed on to
me and slid my dick into her sloppy pussy. It was loose and wet and warm
from Joe's fresh load. I lasted only minutes before shooting inside of
her. We kissed for a bit and the three of us fell off to sleep for the

The next morning we took turns showering . After some coffee, Joe
suggested we all hit the sack one more time before he had t head out for
the day. My wife was all too eager, as I was.

Once in the bedroom Kelly and Joe began kissing and groping. I joined in
and began fondling Kelly, making it clear that this time would be
different. Joe lay back on the bed, his hard cock sticking straight up
as Kelly began to suck him. I was working one of her tits with my mouth,
and slowly kissed my way to her shoulders and neck. I held her head as
she sucked Joes cock. It was an awesome sight. Suddenly, Kelly took
Joe's cock in her hand, grabbed my head, and guided me to it. I did not
know how to react other than to open my mouth and accept his cock. Joe
laughed that his ex wife and her husband were sharing his cock. I began
to slowly suck his dick, tasting his salty precum. We took turns until
Kelly pulled off him to work my own cock with her mouth.

Kelly then made it clear she wanted to get fucked and eagerly hopped onto
Joe's cock, squatting over it for a hot riding session. As she rode, I
licked her clit and his shaft as best I could. After she had come, she
got up and told me to lay back. I though it was my turn, but soon
realized there was other plans in store for me. Joe kneeled between my
legs and lifted them up onto his shoulders.

"You may as well feel what your wife feels" he said as he held his
cock, slowly stroking it. Kelly moved over to place a large amount of
spit onto the head.

I was motionless and Joe guided his cock head to my asshole. He pushed
and it popped in. It hurt like hell and he held it there for a minute or
so. Suddenly the pain was gone and it felt good ^Ö dirty but good. I
told him to go ahead and he slowly gave me the rest of his meat until I
felt his balls on my ass.

"Hot baby, you like talking that big dick" Kelly moaned as she watched
her ex begin to slowly fuck me up the ass.

"Yeah" I moaned as I gave up my anal virginity and manhood to my
wife's former husband.

Joe was clearly like this and enjoying the tight sensations from my
hole. After a few minutes of steady fucking he picked up the pace.
"Gonna breed that asshole like I do Kelly's pussy" Joe said as he
steadily plugged my asshole.

"Oh God, cum inside me Joe" I moaned as I grabbed his hips. He took
one long thrust, buried his cock as far as he could, and let out a long
moan as he began to cum. I felt a burst of heat inside of me as the
first waves of load began filling my rectum. He came ion seven or eight
steady loads of cum before allowing his cock to slowly deflate and slide
from my gaping hole. I felt the cum ooze from my ass, just like it had
from Kelly's pussy the night before.

Kelly reached over and jerked my cock and sucked it into her mouth,
blowing me for a good three or four minutes before I pumped my load into
her mouth. She came up and smiled saying "we have all weekend"

Life had certainly taken an unexpected turn. Watching my wife getting
fucked by her ex-husband was one thing. She and I had fantasized about
her with another man. But me getting fucked in the ass by another man --
let alone her ex -- that was just something I never expected. I mean, I
am straight...well I suppose I was until that moment.

After our morning fuck session my wife showered and left for some
listings -- she is a realtor. Joe also showered and left, telling me
that he would probably be back sooner than expected. I just remained on
the bed...kind of in a fog...taking in the fact that I had just taken my
wife's ex-husband's cock into my ass. Not just his cock, but his
sperm! My wife and I now shared the same lover: his cock and his cum.
Part of me was revolted, but a bigger part of me was excited by this.

As I lay in the bed I reached down and felt my stretched out asshole. It
was still partially opened, wet and oozing cum. Kelly was right. -- big
things do come from Texas . Every load that Joe had shot with Kelly and
I had been substantial. I thought to myself how amazing it was that he
could cum so often and still manage to pop off large wads of thick cum.

That afternoon I had finally showered and was enjoying the day off.
Kelly had phoned to tell me that she was going to be showing a few more
homes and then meeting with a seller to sign a contract for sale. Joe
came home shortly after and sat on the couch next to me. I was a bit
taken back, not sure how to act around him. I had, after all, gotten
fucked earlier in the day by him. He and I had some small talk then
confessed that part of he and Kelly's divorce had been infidelity on
both their parts. She was sleeping with whomever she could -- she had
been quite the whore in her day -- and he had been sleeping with a male
friend from childhood. She walked in on them in mid-action and it was
divorce city shortly after. He confided that she was embarrassed to
admit her husband was cheating with a guy and kept it quiet.

Joe leaned over and began to kiss me and having no time to react, kissed
him back. It was different than kissing a woman...but still enjoyable.
Soon the kissing became comfortable and we were groping at the other's
crotch. We headed off to the bedroom where we stripped naked. Joe lay
back on the bed, his large cock sticking up, just as he had the night
before for my wife. I grabbed the base and lowered my mouth onto it
and began sucking. I was a novice, but he moaned in appreciation and
slowly moved his hips around in a grinding manner. He held the back of
my head and guided it up and down on his shaft. He commented that I
could take more than Kelly and I found that to be a compliment.

After a few minutes of sucking Joe moved me towards him and guided my
pucker to his waiting cock. I squatted over the large head and guided it
to my pucker. I slowly lowered and felt his head enter my hole. It was
more comfortable this time and I slowly continued to slide down his shaft
unit I bottomed out on his pubes. He moaned and I let out this deep moan
that showed how much I enjoyed his cock. I began to ride and Joe met my
movements with deliberate thrusts -- driving his cock the full eight plus
inches into my rectum. His hands held my hips and seemed to guide me as
we fucked. I put my hands onto Joe's chest and held tight, telling him
how his big cock felt so good up my ass.

"You like that, don't you?" Joe moaned as he buried his member deep
inside me.

"Oh, God, yes. I know why Kelly moaned so loud with you" I replied
back, grinding my ass onto him.

"She never could take it up the ass though" Joe said, again paying me a
compliment that I was in some ways better at some things in bed.

After ten minutes of riding, Joe ordered me onto my hands and knees. I
complied and got into a doggy position. I felt like a slut. I was on my
hands and knees and my ass was offered to my wife's ex. I could feel my
hole wide open -- waiting to be penetrated again. Joe did not disappoint
and slid his dick back up my ass. He grabbed my hips and began to fuck
me. He was determined in his actions and he took long, deep fast
strokes. His cock had swollen to maximum thickness and my asshole was
stretched full and wide, taking his drilling.

I started telling Joe to fuck me, that I needed to feel his cock deep up
my hole. Joe just kept moaning, calling me his slut. I fantasized about
Kelly on her hands and knees taking Joe's massive meat into her pussy.
Now I was just like her. Joe suddenly started pumping in a quick manner
and I knew he was about to breed me. He took one last pump then drove
his cock balls deep as he began to pump his cum into me. I felt the heat
of his wads as his seed was emptied over eight inches deep inside of my
rectum. He came in six or seven strong spurts before he seemed to come
down from his orgasm. He left his cock in and took slow strokes as he
emptied the last drops of sperm into me. After a few minutes, his
softening cock plopped out. I rolled onto my back as a stream of load
oozed from my gaping hole. I grabbed my dick and pulled it to a quick,
powerful orgasm. Joe just smiled and went off to shower.

I must have dozed off -- I was exhausted after such a hot fuck. A good
45 minutes or so had gone by and I heard the shower running. I also
noticed the trail of clothes -- a thong, shirt -- and others leading to
the bathroom. Kelly must have come in, I thought. I got up and worked
my way to the bathroom. As I got closer to the door I heard moans and
Kelly's orgasmic sounds. I opened the door to find Kelly and Joe in the
shower. Kelly was standing and bending over while Joe was fucking her.
He had his hands on her tits and was pumping his dick in and out of her
pussy. I watched for a few seconds when they realized I was there.
Kelly just smiled and said that she needed a big cock in her. Joe kinda
laughed and said that my ass was nice, `but pussy is still pussy'.

I watched for several minutes as Joe continued to assault Kelly's pussy
with his massive cock. Kelly came several times before Joe pulled his
cock out and Kelly dropped to her knees. She took his dick into her
mouth, grabbed the shaft with her right hand, and jerked and sucked
Joe's cock. He grabbed the back of her head and yelled "cumin...".
Kelly moaned as she took Joe's load into her mouth. I could see her
swallowing Joe's creamy load. A good minute passed as Joe unloaded the
last drops of sperm into Kelly's hungry mouth. She licked his dick and
sucked on his piss slit.

By now I had found myself jerking on my own cock. Kelly smiled and
beckoned me over. She began to suck my cock while Joe reached around to
feel my wet asshole.

"Still got a lot of my load in you" Joe moaned.

I was hard, horny and turned on by the fucking action that I had seen and
popped my own load off into Kelly's mouth. She swallowed my cum and
licked my cock clean. Kelly smiled and said she never realized how much
fun two husbands could be.