• Written by Keith 6 Jul 2005, 12:52
  • Erotic

This story took place a couple of months ago but I have been enjoying John’s wife ever since. I met Gemma while I was freelancing at a company in London and we hit it off immediately. We spent a lot of time flirting and went out for a drink within the first couple of days of meeting.

Gemma was really sexy, about 35 years old and always dressed smart but sexy, short skirts, tight tops showing off her nice tits, stockings and high heels. I knew Gemma was married but this kind of added to the appeal and she seemed to love the attention.

The second time we went out after work we had quite a bit to drink and were flirting outrageously, lots of touching and talking about sex. After drinking in the bar we moved onto a club. Gemma was a really sexy dancer and the minute we started grinding our hips to the music I had an immediate hard on. Gemma noticed straight away and we moved over to a quiet place in the club where she began to rub my hard cock and kiss me deeply.

She then stopped and said, by the way, don’t worry about my husband he knows what’s going on. At this I asked her why he didn’t mind and she said it turned him on knowing his wife was out with another man. And how far will he let you go? I asked. Let’s just say, if you fucked me tonight and sent me home with your cum in my pussy he would like nothing more than to lick it out. He wants me to enjoy myself and be the dirty little slut I really am, she said.

At this I moved my hand up her skirt, and slipped a couple of fingers into her wet cunt, it was soaking wet. Right you dirty cheating slut of a wife, I am going to take you back to the office and fuck you like a whore. This seemed to really turn her on even more and she undid my flies and took my cock out and started to rub it, telling me to take her back to the office right now.

We got back to the office an headed straight for the boardroom, as soon as we got in she sunk to her knees and put my hard cock in her mouth. Halfway through sucking me off she got her phone out and asked me to take a picture of her sucking my cock while she looked up at the camera, I want my husband to know what his dirty slut is up to.

I obliged and then she sent the picture to her husband. Gemma continued to suck me off until I was ready to cum, she took my cock out and I sprayed my cum all over her face and hair, at which point I took another picture which she sent to her husband.

I then sat Gemma on the boardroom table with her legs spread wide and began to lick her wet cunt. She tasted fantastic and I could feel her wet juices all over my face. She grinded her hips, begging me to lick her faster until she let out a scream and came.

Gemma then turned away from me face down on the boardroom table with her arse sticking up in the air and asked me to take another picture, the site of her with her short skirt raised up, her arse sticking out with her G-string moved to the side and her stockings and high heels was almost enough to make me cum. I took a picture and wrote a message to accompany it, ‘Ur wife is a dirty slut who loves cock & I’m gonna fuck her arse right now’.

I sent the picture and text and then grabbed Gemma from behind telling her I was going to fuck her arse. You’re a cheating slag and I’m going to fuck you and leave your arse and cunt full of my cum.

I began to fuck Gemma hard in the arse, pulling her hair and pumping her really hard until she screamed and begged me to cum in her arse, I shot my cum in to the dirty slags arse, and then pulled out. At this she turned around got on her knees and made sure she sucked out the very last drop of cum from my cock.

With Gemma sucking me off it wasn’t long before I was ready to fuck her again. This time I took her to her desk and fucked her till we both came again. At this point we decided to leave and got a cab back to Gemma’s. As Gemma stepped out of the cab to go into her house her husband came to open the door. Gemma stumbled into her house, her hair all ruffled, with cum in it and her clothes all messed up. She looked like a dirty slut who had been out cheating on her husband.

The next day at work I got an email from Gemna telling me that her husband fully approved of me using her and treating her like the whore she is. And in fact was happy for it to go on. Hence I have been fucking Gemma on a regular basis since, with her husband keen for me to go over to their house and fuck her senseless in front of him.