• Written by joe 17 Nov 2003, 01:57
  • Erotic

Sue my girlfriend is one horny slut who likes to take cock anywhere,we have had several gangbangs where she takes cock one after another getting her cunt filled with cum,One such evening we were making up in a quiet car park in the cotswolds when we noticed movement outside the car,so we turned the light on to give a good show,sue had my cock in her mouth while i had her top down and tits out,i told her to open her legs and pull her skirt up and put them on the dash and wank.she was loving it as the first guy outside the car got close to the window and wanked and shot a load down the window,i said to sue thats a waste so she opened the door and got out of the car tits still on show and no knickers she leant against the car and started to lick the spunk off the window!It was then that i realised that there were several other guys watching so i asked if they would like a go! I made Sue go to the back of the car and lean against it she hitched up her skirt to show her bare ass, She said ok who wants to go first?the first guy moved in and took his cock out and with one thrust went in balls deep she groaned and said give me your spunk i am such a slut! within a few minuets he shot his load and pulled out then the next guy went in and shot his load.by now there was quite a group of guys about 14 in all so i said lay her on the back seat which they did and all took a turn with her,a couple of guys had her twice because like me they love the feel of spunk up a used cunt when they fuck. My back seat was covered in cum and Sue had it running down her thighs.She looked like the proverbial spunk slut.As it was going a bit quiet and the guys started to drift off a van pulled up next to our car and the driver came over to see what was going on,Sue still with her tits out and skirt hitched up was on the seat.He said could he and his mates have a go,sure i said so sue climbed into the back of the van where there were 5 other guys and they took turns fucking her one guy had a really big cock and took an age to spunk up her but finally did.Sue was like a bitch on heat and begged to be anally fucked and the driver took her ass for the first time this night.I was watching and wanking and when they had finished and she was laid in the back of the van i went down on her swollen cunt and licked around her pussy she was so wet and used that i shot my load before i got into her cunt.tasting the spunk and calling her names only spurred her on.The driver of the van said you have a right whore there i agreed he said why dont we take her to the RLD and get her working! Um Sue said yes let me give it a go,so we got in the van all together and drove to the Rld in Bristol,we parked up me the driver and his mates and watched as sue worked a corner!It was not long before she was picked up by a guy in a smart car,she was gone about twenty mins he dropped her back where she was picked up and i could not believe it as she got out another car pulled up behind and she walked to the window and leant into the car after a short chat she got in and off she went again i was so turned on to think where this night had taken us and to think my girlfriend was now working as a fully paid prostitute! About 25mins later she was back,she came back to the van smiling and said said shall i carry on? all the guys in the van said yes do another punter then we want you again.A few mins later and Sue was picked up again but this time it was by two black guys,they took her to a car park and spitroasted her bareback each in turn spunking in her cunt and mouth.She came back to the van feeling quite sore and well fucked full with black cum,as the driver took us back to our car his mates took turns fucking her again in the back as he drove,when we got back to the car the driver fucked her against the side of the van.Sue had been fucked an incrediable 31 times this night and spunk was everywhere up her ass up her cunt over her face in her hair she was covered and to see it visibly run down her thighs was so horny.This was our biggest gangfuck to date and Sue is very keen to continue dogging and work sometimes as a prostitute as she knows it turns me on.When i got her home we went straight to bed and as i fucked her she told me about her first night on the game! such a turn on as she had only been fucked once all night with a condom. So i will give you an update soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!