• walter2000uk 16 Oct 2010, 23:51
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When I met my wife she was still a virgin, church going, and naive, even though she had plenty of boyfriends before I met her.
With difficulty I managed to seduce her when we became engaged to be married, and fucked her tight cunt on a few occassions before we were married, but basically she made me wait till she had that wedding ring on her finger, her promising me I could fuck her as often as I wished once we were married.
I had managed to get my hand up her skirt and past her stocking tops while we were still courting and engaged, and feel her cunt through her knickers, but she would not let me remove her knickers or let me remove my trousers, so I used to 'dry fuck' her over her knickers and cum in my trousers, while kissing her a lot and sometimes feeling her small but firm tits, having lifted her skirt up to her waist and out the way and undone her blouse and bra. A couple of times I managed to pull down my trouser zipper and get my hard cock out and push her knickers to one side and force my cock right up her, but she cried and struggled so much I had to pull out and spunked all over her knickers, and she made me promise to wait till we were married, but I had broken her virginity and she had felt a really tight fuck.
As soon as we were married, I fucked her a lot, whenever I could, but we could not use condoms because she is Catholic, which meant we had to use the 'Rhythm Method', which meant I was not supposed to fuck her the days when she was most fertile, which are the days of course when she was at her most willing to 'make love', so I ended up making her pregnant within the first ten months, then again within the first three years. We started using condoms then, and later she went on the pill.
After 15 years I persuaded her to sell her panties to guy who advertised for 'used panties' and she got so excited when he removed the panties from her, that when he offered her extra money to fuck her, my wife agreed. and so only the second man to ever fuck my wife used her as his paid whore and she loved it, and had me take her back to him for a fucking week after week, for the money and for the excitement.
(My wife wrote an account of 'How I became a paid whore', if you are interested in reading it?)
When our sons grew up and moved away, my wife stopped letting me fuck her, a couple of years ago, by which time she had two big cocked boyfriends, one fucks her all night Wednesdays, the other fucks her all night Fridays, both bareback, plus she goes out whoring seeking kerb crawling car drivers who pay to fuck her in cars and Hotel Bar businessmen who pay to fuck her in Hotel bedrooms, so her being a prostitute some evenings (using condoms) , plus a few 'regular clients' who individually take us out wining and dining then back to our place for 'a long erotic session'and they let me watch as they 'use an abuse' my wife, her wearing only her stockings and garter-belt and very high heels, and very red lipstick by now, on our marital bed using her as their personal submissive whore, fucking her face, slapping her, spanking her, calling her 'whore' 'slut' 'cock-sucker' 'arse-licker' etc. etc. then fucking her HARD, some trusted regulars using her bareback, ordering her to do ANYTHING they wish for as long and as often as they wish. My wife LOVES it ALL, The Whore.