• Written by julie 13 Aug 2005, 06:01
  • Erotic

my name is julie i'm 19 years old . i'm a tall slim blonde and am told i'm very attractive. last winter my family took a two week holiday to india. i was very excited and couldn't wait to go. i wanted to see the tajmahal and all the other fasinating stuff that india had to offer. however, i ended seeing much more then the tajmahal and what i saw i will never forget. it was here that i had my first taste of indian cock. it was late, around 11:00 pm and my parents and i were down in the hotel lobby.i was bored and was reading a magazine while my parents were chatting with some friends. i was getting tired and told my mum i wanted to go to bed. distracted she nodded and gave me the hotel key. i had a seperate room from my parents. i took the elevator upstairs and walked through hallway to my room. i stopped when i saw a young indian lad around my age. he was very sexy and from what i could see very horny.
the minute he saw me he was checking me out. i was wearing tight and quite short shorts that showed off my arse nicely and a tight tank top that showed off my tits. he was smiling and looking at me like a piece of meat. i could tell right then and there he wanted to fuck me. which was a good thing because that's exactly what i wanted him to do. i had always fantasized about being fucked by an indian guy.
he walked over said hello and said his name was ramu. i introduced myself and asked him if he wanted to come in. he nodded and came in. i knew my parents would be well occupied they could talk for hours. he complimented me on my looks and my body. i myself feeling very horny at this point, put my hand on his cock and started runbbing his cock through his trousers. he was moaning and then he pushed me againest the wall and kissed me, first on the lips then on my neck and near my tits. "i want to fuck you very hard." he said grabbing my tits. i undid his trousers and pulled down his shorts and there before me was a huge brown cock. it had to be at least 9 inches. I got down on my knees and started to suck his huge hard cock. slow at first then faster and faster. he moaned loudly and then shot his indian spunk in my mouth. i swallowed it and he told me he was going to fuck my pussy next. i layed flat on my back on the bed, pulled off my shorts and damp knickers and spread my legs apart. he got on top of me and ripped my shirt and bra off. he sucked my tits and pulled hard on them. ramu then pushed my legs further apart and rammed his cock inside me. he pumped in and out of me slow at first then fast, hard and rough. this was like nothing i had ever felt before. i screamed with pleasure as i felt his big indian cock slide into me and his balls slam againest my arse. he fucked me hard and called me a dirty little english whore and spanked my arse. he then spunked inside me, kissed me, got dressed and went back to his room with a massive smile on his face. he told me he had enjoyed fucking an english slut me. I got dressed and went to bed exausted as ramu had totally worn me out. since then all i want is indian cock and i love feeling so used after coming home from a gangbang. i know my parents would just die if they their good little julie is an indian cock slut. that is what i am and love being it as i now have it tatooed on my arse.