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Sue my wife is mid thirties, blonde at the moment, average height, smallish firm pert 32 inch tits, an arse which looks great in stretch jeans or tight skirts. She usually wears skirts or dresses 3 or 4 inches above the knee to work, knowing they will ride up and show a lot of leg when she sits at her desk. Wearing tight dresses, panty line is a problem so more often than not she will wear a string, rarely wears a bra and if it's warm wears nothing underneath her dress. Her boss doesn't complain, her short dresses give clients and other visitors something to look at while they wait. If she sees a bloke she fancies she will let her skirt ride higher, or bend over to get something from a low drawer of the filing cabinet, her dress stretching tight over her bum. Of course she is always getting chatted up and asked out for drinks or meals with the inference of more, but she has always refused. It has led to some good fucks though as we imagine what might have happened, Sue getting wet and excited as I describe some man she's met, fucking her as I watched and join in. That's as far as it had gone, just our imagination, but with the underlying suggestion that we both wanted to go further.

Earlier this year ago a new Rep called Paul started calling at her office. She described him as being gorgeous, aged about 25, around 6 foot tall, well built, blue eyes and fair hair. She always mentioned when he was due his monthly call, wearing a slightly shorter dress or low cut top. Each time she would tell me he'd called and if he had invited her out. It was earlier this summer, we were in bed and she was telling me about his latest visit. She started a bit nervously telling me that Paul was waiting to see her boss, flirting with her when she had to bend to reach something. She knew he would be looking, the dress tight over her bum and heard him stand. He was behind her when he said, “You're not wearing any panties are you?” “That's for me to know” then cheekily “And for you to find out” she replied as she stood. He took that as an invitation and she felt his hands on her bum, then on the hem of the dress. As his hands explored her bum she felt her pussy getting moist. Just in time the intercom went to show him in to her bosses office.

She sat down at her desk waiting for him to finish expecting he would stop and chat for a few minutes after the meeting. She continued, telling me that she had undone a couple of buttons just below her waist and had touched her pussy, lightly touching her clit, imagining it was his fingers. His was the last appointment of the morning and her boss had a lunch meeting so when they'd finished he left, leaving Paul chatting to her. He said that he still wasn't sure if she had any panties on looking at her behind her desk. The dress she had on had buttons down the front she had undone another one, got up from her desk, walked around the front and rested her bottom on the desk. The dress was tight and a gap opened, exposing her naked shaved pussy to Paul. “Does that answer your question?” My cock was rigid, as I took her hand placing it on my prick. I wanted to hear what happened. He went to the door and locked it, looked at her then got down and undid the few remaining buttons, pulling the dress completely open. “Did you let him fuck you? On your desk in the office. Please tell me you did”, I said. “He sucked my tits and kissed down to my pussy. He pushed me back on the desk and spread my legs and held my pussy open and licked along my gash and sucked my clitty. I came almost instantly. I wanted him to fuck me. But someone could have come back from lunch so I stopped him”. She told me that he had wanted her to go to his hotel that night and she had said No. She wanted him to have her but wanted me to be there, we'd talked about these things, but always in our fantasy I'd been present. She finished by asking if next time he called could she arrange for him to fuck her. We had a month to plan and decide, she wanted to suck his cock and for us both to fuck her and other things she had always wanted to try. In the end we decided the best and easiest way was to be up front with him, tell him she wanted him to fuck her, with me present and see what his reaction was.

The month seemed to drag waiting for his next visit, but finally the day arrived, a Thursday. Sue dressed sexily, a mini skirt and blouse, no bra or panties. She'd arranged his appointment for just before lunch again and while he waited had flashed her pussy, and told him she wanted to talk to him after. When he finished he took her to a nearby pub and she told him what we wanted to do if he was interested. They'd sat in a corner and after she'd asked him he but his hand on her thigh hidden under the table and pushed her skirt up, fingering her pussy and whispered in her ear that he didn't care if I wanted to watch as long as he could fuck her. They agreed that we would meet later for a meal, relax a little then back to his hotel room.

That evening it didn't take her long to decide what to wear, or more precisely what not to wear. No bra, no panties, lace topped stay ups, short 14 inch red kilt, a pair of fuck-me heels and a shear black top, which if you looked closely you could see her naked tits. Paul was waiting at the restaurant and Sue introduced us, we shook hands all very polite, almost formal considering that in an hour or so I would be watching him fuck my wife. We had drinks at the bar, Sue perched on a bar stool, just about managing not to flash her cunt at the whole bar, but the skirt rode up rode uncovering her stocking tops. All of us were more interested in fucking than eating so only ordered a main course, which we quickly ate. Paul gave us his room number and left we followed a couple of minutes later.

The room door was unlocked we entered locking it behind us. He was laid on the kingsized bed with a towel round his waist. Sue and I had decided what we would do. She stood at the end of the bed, me behind her,. I lifted her top over her head, cupping her pert little tits, teasing her nipples, moving one hand down over her stomach as she undid the two buckles holding skirt, dropping it to the floor. My hand continued down to her pussy, touching her clit, she gasped as I took her clitoris between finger and thumb gently pulling it. Paul had a noticeable bulge under the towel and Sue's cunt was juicing nicely as I slipped two fingers inside her. She had her head back against my shoulder as I fingered her, making little purring noises. She was wet and ready I moved my hand and said to her “Get on the bed with Paul”. She crawled up the bed opening the towel releasing his cock and took it in her hand drawing it to her mouth. His prick wasn't particularly long six inches or so but was thick and very hard, the veins sticking out as she sucked the helmet in to her mouth. She tried to close her hand but the girth was to much as she wanked his cock in to her mouth, slowly taking him. Her mouth stretched tightly round his cock until she'd taken all she could manage, about 4 inches, and started bobbing her head up and down his stiff pole. I had undressed and sat on the bed, running my hand up her thigh to her cunt. Her stocking tops were already soaking with juices running from her pussy. I gave three then four fingers pushing them in hard, my thumb pressed against, then entering her arse hole, finger fucking both holes, just as she likes and guaranteed to make her cum. I brought her close to orgasm then stopped telling her to fuck Paul, she slid off my hand and got on top of Paul guiding his cock to her pussy. His thick cock stretched her tight cunt as she lowered herself, giving a gasp,then sighing as she felt his prick sliding smoothly in to her well lubricated pussy. I got my mobile, taking photos to show her later, she'd love seeing pictures of her cunt stretching round Paul’s cock as he shafted her, then a video clip of her pussy being pounded hard. I sat back on a chair wanking my cock a great view of her cunt filled with his prick, listening to her getting more vocal as she got close to cumming, watching her thrust herself on his cock then crying out as she felt him spunk inside her and her own orgasm took over. She slumped on top of him, his cock still inside her and lay there until his softening cock slid out followed by a river of spunk. She was now ready for me I'd been looking forward to fucking her after she'd been fucked by another bloke, rolling her on to her back and mounting her. I wasn't disappointed as I slid my throbbing cock in to her sloppy, stretched, spunk filled cunt. Sue wrapping her legs round me, trying to pull me deeper as Pauls spunk was forced from her cunt by my thrusting cock. Sue enjoying taking a second cock, knowing that she would soon be getting another load of spunk mixing in her cunt, dug her nails in my back as she came again. Feeling her cunt spasm on my prick I gave her three or for hard thrusts, then with my cock buried right up her cunt shot my load. Three large spurts of sperm splashing and mixing with the remains of Pauls spunk. I rolled off her and she leapt off the bed, covering her pussy with a hand and rushed to the bathroom to wash her sodden pussy.

She was gone for five minutes returning and jumping on the bed, getting in the middle telling us she wanted us both hard again and wanted fucking before we went home. She had a cock in each hand wanking us slowly getting us stiff again, then wriggled down the bed, kneeling between us. She started to suck our cocks, first Paul then me, back and fore sucking and wanking our cocks, taking her time, patiently working on us, until we were fully erect again ready to fuck her. I knew what she wanted but she hadn't told Paul. She straddled him again taking his cock, this time with her back to him and started to fuck him, moving up and down his length, getting her pussy nice and wet, well lubricated. I took more pictures from in front getting a couple of good full frontal shots including her face, tits and cunt taking his cock. Moving closer I pushed her back on top of Paul until she was laid almost flat, still kneeling with his cock in her cunt, he reached round to play with her tits. I asked if she was comfortable and ready then said to Paul “Keep still a minute mate I'm going to fuck her too. Her cunt's wet enough to take us both”. He kept still as I positioned myself, although he tensed when he felt my prick touch his, resting against her cunt hole. I still had my mobile and took a photo. Using my other hand I held my prick, squeezing the end in to her pussy next to Pauls. I asked her to use her fingers to pull her cunt wide and then Paul and I slide our cocks right in to her pussy. We had to move a bit for deepest penetration then we both fucked her, grabbing a few more photos and a video sequence which Sue still watches now. Sue was in a fuck sandwich two hard cocks slamming her, writhing between us, a hand on her clitoris fingers a blur, frigging harder and faster, demanding to be taken hard, telling us to cum in her cunt, that she wanted our spunk. Her cunt was stretched tight as she took us both, saying that she'd never been fucked so hard before, to give her more, that her cunt could take more, until an orgasm coursed through her body like an electric charge. We both fucked her harder, until we came floodiing her pussy with sperm for the second time that evening. I moved from on top of her and she climbed off Paul, laid on the bed with her legs open our spunk running out between her legs and on to the sheets which was was worth a final few shots of her creampied pussy. She lay there for about 20 minutes, eyes close cunt slowly recovering, a pool of spunk under her before she went to shower before we left.

That was a couple of months back and we met him again for the third time last Thursday. She had another surprise for him when instead of DPing her cunt I took her up the arse while he fucked her pussy. Of course, now she's got the taste for taking two men together, once a month is not anywhere near frequent enough.