• Written by susan and martin 22 Nov 2003, 13:59
  • Erotic

Last night my wife Susan was on a night out with friends. I want to pick her up just before midnight. She was very drunk and as soon as we got in the car she started rubbing my cock. She said "I can't wait to get home and give you a good fucking" As it happens we have to pass a beach car park which I know is used for dogging at night on the way home so I suggested we drive in there and screw in the car. She happily agreed as she was not gagging on it.
When we drove into the car park I noticed two other cars parked there and my heart skipped a beat at the thought they were doggers. I put the interior light on and took Susans top off and undid her bra exposing her beautiful tits. By the time I had done this the two guys were out their cars and standing at the window watching so I took off her jeans and slowly pulled down her panties revealing her fanny. the two guys now had their cocks out and were slowly wanking. One indicated to me to open the window which I did and he leaned in and started playing with her tits while the other guy started fingering her wet fanny. The bloke playing with her fanny then said "can I fuck her mate?" I looked at my drunk wife and she just nodded so I said go ahead.
He opened the door and my wife got out and went and lay on the back seat. The guy got in and slid his cock up her cunt and started shagging her, the other guy went round the other side, opened the door and put his cock in her mouth. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, there I was leaning over the front seat watching my wife sucking a strangers cock while an other is fucking her. it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen and my cock was rock hard.
The guy fucking her then speeded up and shot his spunk deep into her fanny. He got up and the other guy came round and started to fuck her as well. It wasn't long before he shot his spunk up her as well.
They just said thanks mate and left, I spread her legs and licked all that lovely spunk out of her before shagging her myself.
This morning when she woke she asked me how she got home as she couldn't remember, I said I drove her and she said I'm glad of that because I vaguely remember getting fucked in a car. She is going on an xmas night out soon and I'm hoping even more guys are there this time.