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I recall the first time my wife had another man bareback and I had my first taste of sloppy seconds - yes, I know we all want safe sex but in the ideal world, we all love the feel of a naked cock sliding in and out of a delicious wet warm pussy. In addition, when it comes to sharing a horny woman in an MFM scenario I will never forget that wonderful feeling of sliding into my wife's exquisite, hot and slippery hole just after another man has fucked her hard and pumped his cum deep inside her! I know too how much she loves feeling the warmth flooding her depths.

After fifteen plus years of faithful marriage and the kids, growing up we decided to have a little fun. We met a few couples, had some laughs and actually had some limited play but it was always condoms. We wanted some new freedom in our own sex life and really did not want any little mistakes from condom failure with another man so my wife and both went on the waiting list for the snip.

By the time, the ops came round we had given up on couples, as, despite the fun, somehow they never seemed to work out or last. So now, we were on the track for an MFM threesome, which seemed far less complicated and my wife was rather looking forward to being the centre of attention! No problems with guys getting jealous about me fucking his wife (even though he was fucking mine!) and I have to say I found I really liked watching my wife enjoying herself so was looking forward to that without the need to attend to another woman, much as I had enjoyed that too!

Therefore, we both had the op and we were looking forward for the next two months to be out of the way to ensure that we were safe to enjoy some condom free sex ourselves! That just happened to be at the time we working up to our first MFM meeting and in fact the night we had arranged we had agreed it might have to be drinks only due to the timing. The way the emails and texts had been going over the previous weeks we all knew it was going to happen and were more than ready for it but it might just have to wait. Patricia had said if she was clear and things went well she might find it rather frustrating not to have some fun so we arranged to meet with a very young man in a pub and booked a hotel room nearby just in case.

Anyway, my parents looked after our children after we invented a good excuse to spend a night away together, We checked into the hotel in the afternoon feeling very nervous but excited and horny, and thankfully, Patricia was all clear and so up for some fun! Therefore, before getting ready to meet the man we had our first bit of bareback in ages since I had felt the soft wet warmth of her pussy walls against my naked cock and we loved that feeling once more, now without any risk of pregnancy. How strange as we lay there, madly in love, in an intimate embrace, me thinking and getting hard again thinking that in just few hours my wife would be right there in the arms of another man with me next to her, as she gets well and truly laid!

The question now arose would she fuck our new friend bareback too. I knew she wanted that after years of using condoms and having just gone through an op she wanted to make the most of it now and she said that she felt right about it when we actually met him She would love to feel the warmth of his spunk filling her as he came and I so wanted to see his bare manhood sliding into her!

I felt so horny thinking about my demure, respectable but very sexy wife opening her legs for a young guy she hadn't even met yet and letting him pump his warm cum deep inside her pussy.

As we headed out of the room to the pub to meet him I pondered how I would more than likely returning shortly to witness for the first time my wife being filled by another man! Being rather unconfident by nature she had her doubts as he was fifteen years younger than her, would he really want her - I knew he would as she may have be in her 40's but to me she was a stunning and sexy woman.

As we sat in the pub after meeting "him" I could tell he liked her and by the way she flirted with him I had no doubt now this fit young man was going to be fucking my sexy wife very soon! Yes, this was the lucky young man who would get to cum in her hungry pussy; little did I know quite how many times he would empty his load into her that night.

A light meal in the pub was despatched quickly and soon we all headed back to the hotel bursting with excitement and anticipation of what we all knew was now about to follow. Once in the room, after a brief reassuring discussion regarding no condoms he set to work undressing my wife and I could see the look of delight on his face as bit by bit her gorgeous body was revealed to him. Soon she was naked and moaning on the bed as his hands and tongue expertly explored her most intimate parts. I joined in for a bit as we took turns, one sucking her breasts and the other tasting her succulent pussy - I don't think I have ever know her so wet, she was so turned on. Nothing would stop her having him now.

As we two men shed our clothes, too I saw, for the first time, his young cock standing up rock hard and ready to pleasure my wife. Which in just a few minutes, would be buried deep inside her? I felt strangely complimented to see how much he wanted her and I was so excited that I was about to see her being penetrated by another naked cock for the first time. From the look on her face I do not think she could believe this young man really wanted her and she looked pleased too as she eagerly grabbed hold of him and took him into her mouth!

mmmm what a picture, Patricia's kind gentle feminine hands wrapped firmly round his hard pink shaft, her soft lips sliding along his length as her tongue that normally spoke so eloquently and refined expertly rolling around his sensitive tip. From the look on his face and his sighs of pleasure I guess he knew he had hit the jackpot, here was one attractive, sophisticated, intelligent but oh so horny lady who did not give herself to anyone but was about to give him a night to remember!

Finally they were both ready to fuck and she was there lying on the bed, legs spread so wide as he positioned himself between them. Patricia's and my eyes were focused on his swollen cock now as he hovered just inches away her and she murmured "oh yes" as his bare tip, shining with his pre cum, gently nuzzled her entrance , teasing her and coating himself with her juices. Her hips were bucking uncontrollably as if she was desperate to feel him inside her and I watched in wonder as slowly his hard naked young cock slid effortlessly between her pink excited pussy lips until he was buried deep inside her.

She gasped as he pressed it home then he pulled out, his shaft all wet and shiny now, what an erotic sight. I saw the look of bliss on her face as she grabbed his bum pulling him back in and heard his satisfied sigh as if he felt her soft warm wet walls wrapped around his manhood.

I laid back on the bed next to them watching as the fucked each other with such passion and desire and almost oblivious to my presence as they changed positions a number of times each one affording me another glorious view of my wife's willing hole being probed, flesh against flesh, by this young guy's swollen and continuously hard rampant cock.

She turned onto all fours taking it hard and fast from behind, clearly in absolute ecstasy when she looked up at me and grinned. Then she reached out for my aching cock as I positioned myself to place it into her open mouth she sucked furiously on me as she got her first spit roast! Now I was in bliss and I did not last long, exploding like never before in her mouth, she hungrily swallowed down every drop whilst still moaning from the incessant shafting she was getting at the same time! That had to be THE most intense blowjob ever she had ever given me.

I lay back gasping as he just kept pumping his cock in and out in and out of my gorgeous wife's wet pusey, which was making wet noises as he hammered into her like a machine.

Patricia was loving every bit of it, rocking back and forth to meet his thrusting and screaming out in her pleasure. I have never heard her cum so loudly as I gazed on this erotic picture of beauty, the look of pure ecstasy etched into her face as he just kept fucking her, extending her pleasure. He had such stamina and was giving her the most amazing time and still he had not released his load into my horny wife!

He flipped her over, pushed her legs right up over his shoulders and penetrated her so deep she cried in her bliss, muttering "Oh my god" Over and over again. He plundered her with such firmness, the full weight of his body slamming into her well-lubricated sensitive hole she was in heaven and was loving it!

He was clearly enjoying it too and I could sense the urgency in his breathing, as he was now ready to pump his seed into Patricia's eager pussy! His buttocks clenched, his eyes shut tight as he shuddered and groaned and I witnessed for the first time my wife's most intimate place being filled with another guy's warm cum. I gasped as I imagined each spurt of cum gushed from his twitching cock bathing and flooding her depths with his warmth. I lost count of how many times his cock must have jerked inside her welcoming hole but she was getting well and truly filled and then suddenly he stopped with a big sigh and final massive thrust as he held deep inside of her his arse cheeks twitching

Patricia was moaning and whimpering all through his orgasm and I guessed she had just had another massive orgasm then they both collapsed breathless on the bed next to me. I watched as his cock slipped from her swollen pussy it glistened with their mingled juices, his cum oozing from his tip they were briefly joined by a thin thread of spunk. Then I saw more of it starting to seep from between her gaping pussy lips followed by a great blob that gushed out onto the sheets as she just lay there carefree and uninhibited, legs still spread, languishing in her post-orgasmic bliss.

I had just watched another guy enjoying my wife's gorgeous body and ejaculate in her tunnel of passion for the first time and I was so randy He had given such a good fucking too there was no doubting how much she had enjoyed it having this young guy giving it to her with such virile energy. She curled up and smiled in a euphoric way as we both gently stroked her body and I whispered in her ear

"Was that good darling?" "Fucking amazing," she mouthed at me as she kissed me tenderly.

"Good orgasm?" I enquired "God yes, my legs are like jelly" she replied. "how many?" I continued. "Two or may be more she said".

My hand reached down touch the inside of her thighs, which were soaking wet and slippery with his cum, and my fingers glided easily inside her sensitive tunnel. She gasped quietly and as she rolled onto her back again pulling me on top of her. She gazed into my eyes and demanded, "come on then fuck me darling" but I was already inside her. My rigid cock found her open hole so easily and slid effortlessly all the way in.

What a truly amazing feeling I will never forget, like nothing I had felt before, she was so hot and slippery inside, her walls felt like soft warm velvet, and as I plunged in deep with a loud squelch I could feel his spunk squeezing out of her around the base of my shaft and running down my balls. I fucked her slowly and sensually to start, enjoying this exquisite new sensation of being inside her wonderfully used pussy, freshly filled with anther mans warm cum. She was, even after two massive orgasms, so hungry for more, thrusting her hips up towards me as I started to screw her harder and faster.

Then we rolled and she was on top of me riding me like fury, grinding back and forth on my swollen tool, her smooth shaven mound, so wonderfully lubricated with his cum, and sliding against me. Her head was thrown back tossing from side to side and her eyes shut tight as she moaned and sighed with pleasure, I knew she would cum again soon and could also feel the tension rising again deep in my balls!

I noticed our new friend was aroused again too, ready to fuck my very available wife once more. He knelt behind her between my legs and kissed the back of her neck, reaching round to fondle her swaying breasts. That was it, she just let out an almighty scream as she came, her pussy contracting uncontrollable around my shaft and I pushed up deep inside her treasure and empty my load inside her at the same time.

Even after I had finished spurting into her depths, she was still coming and as she lent forward on to me kissing me passionately I could feel her walls twitching but as I went soft and slipped out of her, she sensed our friend behind her, thrusting her bum upwards inviting him to have her once more. He wasted no time grabbing her hips firmly, eager to take my wife again, he plunged his young hard tool into her hungry hole with one massive lunge.

"Oh yes please . . . FUCK!" she gasped in my ear, adding "fuck me hard, please fuck me hard!" He did just that and in no time, she was climaxing again . . . . and again . . . . . and again

And so it continued, on and off all night, dozing then sucking, caressing and more fucking until seven in the morning when it was time for our friend to leave - we were all knackered!

Never before, had my wife ever been fucked so much and she just kept wanting more, was she insatiable, like a new woman released. Added to which of course, after years of a spunk-deprived pussy, she had been filled and drenched inside with so much cum for between the two of us we had pumped just about every drop we had into her! She swallowed down a couple of loads and must have taken six or seven deep in her delicious hot pussy! Our Journey of twenty years ago had just began.