• Written by Mutard 1 Dec 2010, 15:12
  • Fact

Just yesterday, my wife was driving to work in snow covered lanes, when there was a bang and the car juddered. She stopped, got out and realised that she had a flat after
presumably running into a hidden pothole (the lanes by us are full of them).

She was dressed for work, which in her case meant white long flowing coat, white blouse and bra, black pins tripe skirt and hold-up stockings, and unusually but very sexily knee high high heeled boots.

She called me to ask what she should do, and since I was 60 miles away, with my own problems on the M1, I suggested she called the Greenflag Rescue service. She did, and then called me back advising that they would be about 90 minutes due to weather problems and general business.

I told her to sit in the car, and keep the engine running to stay warm. As such she took her coat off. Sometime later the breakdown guy arrived, and she got out, forgetting to put her coat on, it was snowing at this stage, and within a minute or two she was surprisingly wet, with the result that her top was almost see through.

The rescue driver changed her wheel, and she thanked him effusively, and he said that if she really wanted to show him how grateful she was, she would let him touch her tits, as he had been looking at them for over half an hour. She was somewhat taken aback, but had noticed that he was only in his 20s and thus somewhat younger than either me or her, and being very grateful to him, she decided to comply.

He had a stroke, and she realised that it was making her very horny. She said that if he wanted any more she wanted to go into his cab, and he opened the door, saying they needed to sign some paperwork anyway. When she got in, she reached across and stroked his growing bulge, feeling it pulse in response to her touch, and suddenly she knew she was going to suck it.

This is your luck day she said to him, and lay across the triple front seat to rest her head above his lap, and undo his fly. Within a minute she was teasing his tip and watching his growing response. What she did next, I cannot believe, but she phoned me and said that her wheel had been changed and that she was now thanking the driver! I said did she really need to tell me that, to which she replied listen carefully, as she slowly slurped her way up his cock. I realised what she was doing, and my cock grew immediately erect. I told her I'd have to punish her later and she said that she'd make sure it was worth it then.

She carried on sucking and I could hear him groaning, then suddenly I got a picture message on my work phone, showing her with his cock in her mouth, and then another one, with her skirt round her ankles, and his hand on her clit. by now I was fully grown and about to go into a meeting with a potential new customer, tricky.

When I got home, she told me that she had sucked him until he came, and that in fact he was only 23, and was ready to perform again in a few minutes, when he turned her over and took her doggy style, without a condom, and filled her pussy with his cum. She then said goodbye, and completed her journey to work. As she walked in, she was greeted by her boss, and started talking to him, as she felt the mechanics semen trickle down between her legs. She tells me it was such a horny experience.

If you've read my previous story you'll realise that she's quitting her job soon, to work somewhere else, and we have plans to go to her office one evening and have sex there. There are cameras and security guards so maybe she'll end up having more than my dick in her, I'll let you know.