• Written by Terry 25 Sep 2005, 15:20
  • Erotic

like most men, I had always had a fantasy about other men making love to my wife, but she told me that it didn't intrest her and it would always be a fantasy.
We took a weeks holiday in the south of France this summer and my wife, Cath, went topless, on the beach, for the first time ever. She was a bit shy at first, but soon got used to walking around the beach, wearing only her thong.
On the second night of our holiday, while we were making love, in bed, Cath asked me if I would really like her to have sex with someone else. I told her, it would be a real turn on. This seemed to get her fired up and she pleaded for me to fuck her hard and come in her. I was surprised,as she didn't usually get so hot in bed.
The next day, on the beach, I saw Cath talking to a man at the beach bar. She stood talking to him with her breasts on display and joked and laughed as, they talked.
When she rejoined me, she seemed nervous and I asked her, "Do you want to shag him". She nodded, yes, but said, "Only if you are really sure you wont mind"
I told her to, "Go for it". She used her mobile and arranged to meet him in half an hour. Cath said that I should wait for two hours, before returning to our hotel, and left.
I had a few drinks to pass the time, which passed very slowly. All the time, I was thinking about what they would be doing. Eventually, I made my way back to the hotel and opened the door to our room. Cath was sitting on the bed, naked and looking slightly unsure. "Did you go through with it", I asked. Cath said,"Yes".
She told me that they had stripped each other and she had sucked him off, letting him come in her mouth and after he recovered, that he had made love to her twice and he had shot his come inside her.
I was shocked, but never as turned on, so I got on the bed with her and treated her to another ride. As I shagged her, she bit me, she clawed my back with her nails and as I came, she shouted, "Fuck me harder, you bastard, over and over again.
Cath didn't have any more lovers that week, but she talked a lot about her experiance and said that she would like to try it again on our next holiday.