• Written by vfrrider 15 Dec 2010, 14:23
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I wasn't sure how long she'd been ther but I had been cuaght watching porn on the telly in my sister in law's spare bedroom. I was stopping with her while I was working in the area and she'd offered to put me up. She a widow in her 60's short fair hair with a nice figure.
She was standing in the doorway, i must have been engrossed in the dvd and didn't hear her come in despite the sound being low. 'Are you wanking' she asked in a not too pleased tone. I nodded. 'Show me' she demanded
'You heard, show me now!'
I pulled back the duvet exposing my cock. 'carry on' she demanded. I started stroking again and she sat on a small chair at the end of the bed and watched. 'Turn the sound up' she pointed to the TV and I increased the volume so that the noise of the couples fucking was audible.
I was wanking my now rock hard cock and could see her nipples sticking out through her dressing gown, she was obviously naked underneath.
'My sister said you were a randy bastard' she was looking at my cock her legs spreding slightly. 'I won't tell her if you wank off for me, but no touching each other OK?'
I nodded my agreement and she stood and removed her gown. 'Just do as I say, I like being in charge, agreed?'
Her nipples were erect topping off her still firm tits and nice figure. She sat again but this time her legs were open and she started to finger her clit.
'Come and kneel on the bed infront of me I want a closer look' I did as I was told and was rewarded with a better view of her shaved pussy.
'Like what you see?'
'God yes you have a lovelly cunt'I told her breathing heavilly.
'I bet you wish your cock was in it don't you?'
How I wished it was but she was obviously not going to let me and was enjoying teasing me.
'I'm so fucking wet look at my fingers' I could see her juice coating them 'Open the bedside drawer' she pointed to her cabinet. Inside was a dildo, black and about 8 inches long. ' This will do instead,watch me fuck myself you dirty bastard'
She moved over and laid on the bed her knees up and apart. Exposing her pussy she slid the dildo inside her. 'Stand infront of me and wank' she motioned me around in front of her so that I was standing at the end of the bed betwen her legs.
I was wanking really hard now and she was pounnding the dildo in and out all the time rubbing her clit.
'Don't cum' she half maoned and half orderd me 'watch me but don't cum' I was close to the point of no return and could sense she was right on the edge. 'Oooooohh fuck yes' she scramed 'I'm cumming, fuck, fuck, fuck'
I was pumping my cock as she writhed with her orgasm 'cum now you randy bastard shoot it now' I need no more telling and pumped my first shot of cum which hit her pussy and hand followed by three or four more heavy spurts which covered the bed infront of her.
'Fuck me that was good' she purred when her orgasm subsided 'and you did as you were told so perhaps we can do it again'.
Over the next two weeks we did it several times and in different ways but she was allways in charge but always liked to 'catch' me wanking.