• Written by Poker 23 Dec 2010, 15:27
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My wife, Michelle, is 39, truly gorgeous, size 10, small but firm tits and 5ft 3in tall with long blonde hair and lips to die for. She is the sort of woman men really get a hard on for and I know it! She is also one of those women you just know will never ever play around. They just look the part, loyal and never ever a thought of sex outside of marriage or with more than one bloke in their lives. The sort of woman you could'nt even talk about playing around to.

A few months ago Inland Revenue investigated me and found out I had eluded paying tax in quite a big way. I got all sorts of letters and threats from them, but I never told Michelle about it. One day Michelle was at home on her own and a man from Inland Revenue called to chat to me about the problem. Michelle told me all about it afterwards and this is what she claims happened.

She let him into the lounge and sat him on the settee next to her and he started to explain everything that had been going on. He was younger than her, about 25 but very tall and good looking. His build was also very athletic, something that always seemed to turn Michelle on. As he explained the problem that had arisen Michelle started to get very upset and at one point started to cry a little. This bloke, Judd, put his arm around her to comfort her and this seemed to have given him a turn on because he started to say things like "Well, I'll have to report all of this to my superiors and I'm afraid your husbad is going to end up in jail. I'm very sorry, but I have to report what I find. There's no other way". Michelle then said to him "Do you really have to report everything? Can't you make it sound better so that he dosen't end up in jail". "I can report what I like" said Judd. "Whatever I report they will accept" "Well why don't you just do that then?" said Michelle. Judd went on to explain that he could'nt do that and he would have to tell everything and this really made Michelle cry hard. So Judd put his arm around her again, but this time he pulled her closer to him and said to her "Look, your'e a lovely woman and a very, very pretty one to boot. I don't want to upset you but I have to do my job, even though I don't want to. Tell you what" he said "Why don't you and I talk about how we can find a way of keeping your husband out of jail and me not saying all I need to". He was still holding her to him and he must have had a hard on to die for too. "Well how can we do that" said Michelle and without any hesitation at all he simply said to her "Let me have full sex with you and I will say everything is OK here and your husband won't hear another word from us".

At that she pulled herself away from him and stood very quickly up from the settee. "That's absolutely out of the question" she said. "Sorry mate, you've picked the wrong one here, I will never ever come down to doing that" She seemed to be very upset at the thought of having sex with a complete stranger or indeed another man. "Very well" Judd said, "I'll report back what I know, but I'm sorry for your husband. He's likely to get quite a long sentance and you could have helped him and you didn't." He slowly started to put his things away and Michelle stepped back and watched him in complete silence. He must have known she was thinking the unbearable and he said nothing. When he was nearly finished she said to him in a quiet voice "Is there nothing you can do other than what you have suggested?" "Nothing" said Judd. "Well, lets just talk about it a bit" said Michelle still in a quiet voice and sitting down again on the settee. He stopped what he was doing and stared into her beutiful big blue eyes. She satred back both of them not saying a word. So he slowly started to move towards her. At that point she said to him "Look, I'll do something, but not full sex. I just couldn't do it, you must understand" He said to her "I'll tell you what, let's do a deal. Why don't we start off with a little kiss and maybe a small fumble and see what happens. If you don't want to go any further then we'll stop and see what can be done then. Fair enough?" In a very quiet voice with her eyes looking down at the settee she said "Alright then, but not too far, you sure?" "Of course I am" he said.

He then leaned over to her, put his hand on her chin, pulled her face up and gently kissed her on the lips. They kissed gently for some time with him doing nothing, but after awhile he put his tonge on her lips and ran it along them back and forth and slowly she opened her mouth and he inserted his tonge inside her. He then moved much closer to her and pushed his tonge in and out of her mouth and she started to beath much more heavily. He then put both his arms around her and pulled her tightly onto him, getting his left leg over the top of her legs and pulling her onto him. She started to get really worked up and seemed to forget all of her inhibitions. She flung her arms around him and ran her arms up and down his back breathing very heavily with the odd snort as well. She had got really worked up and so he dropped his left arm down onto her bare legs and started to run it up and down then going higher every time until he bumped against her soaking wet knickers. When he felt how wet they were he didn't hesitate. He pulled them aside and immediately shoved two fingers inside her cunt and started to jerk her off very fast. She started to wriggle around and was letting out snorts all over the place. Very soon she was having an orgasm like made and wirggling everywhere and screeching too. He immediately ripped his jeans and pants down to his knees, shoved her onto her back, pulled her shapely legs wide apart and pulled them up to his soulders. Then he just slumped down onto top of her, found her wet pussy and slowly pushed his stiff thick cock inside her soaking cunt. Bit by bit it went in further and further with her just staring at him and he at her. More and more of his cock went inside her and she just stared at him with a slight smile on her face and did nothing to stop him. When he could go in no further, he started to go in and out of her cunt fucking her and fucking her until he started to feel she was ready to have another orgasm so he started to really tear into her ramming his cock in and out of her as fast as he could and with her being shoved back and forth as he fucked her until she let out a yell as she had an orgasm yet again.

This obviously had got him to a near climax too and soon he was slamming into her like mad banging his balls against her cheeks and so hard she said to him "Not so hard, your'e hurting me" But he took no notice and continued to slam his cock inside her cunt as hard and as fast as he could until finally just as he was about to cum he gave one almighty slam which made he cry in pain. "Stop it, stop it, you're hurting me"she said, but it was too late. He was shooting huge volumes of spunk deep inside her cunt. He kept on shooting into her hurting her at the same time. But he could not control himself on this beautiful creature and he just filled her cunt with so much spunk that it started to pour out of her while he was pumping more it into her.

Eventually he could get no more out and he just slumped down on top of her completely exhausted. They both lay like that for some time, him with his cock still inside her body and she just lying there reflecting upon what she had just done. After they had recovered he got up and they both got properly dressed. She felt like shit at what she had done, but he wanted more. Much more. He really fancied her and so when she said to him "Now youv'e got what you wanted, will you forget everything you are supposed to say about my husband?" "I'll tell you what" he said "I'll say nothing at the moment. I'll just say I wasn't able to gain access to the house and so I would have to come back another time. I could get away with that for ages if I wanted to. But to be honest Michelle, I want to fuck you again and again. I have to tell you I fancy you something rotten and I just want to fuck you and fuck you and fuck you. I know you don't want to but I think you are the best fuck I have ever, ever had and I want more and more and more. So the answer is that I will say nothing if you fuck. Deal?" She seemed devastated by this, but with loads of spunk from another, quite fanciable man, running down her legs she just said to him "Yes, I have no choice".

When I got home she told me the whole of the story and I just said to her "Look, I can't say what you should or should not do. If you feel it is right to sleep with this bloke I won't stop you. It's up to you." We have never talked about it again, but as I haven't heard from Inland Revenue for some time I guess she is being poked senseless on a regular basis.