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Hi, I am Geoff, and I'm writing this story on this site as I'm thinking about asking my wife Jill to visit a swingers club – you'll see why after you've read our story. PS sorry if it's a bit long.

As a bit of background: Jill and I married and had our kids at a very young age, and we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary this summer. The lads have been left home for the last couple of years and although we are happy and have a good strong relationship, our sex life has gradually become boring and has dwindled to become almost non-existant – until recently !

Jill was made redundant from her office job almost a year ago and had been out of work for several months, so money was becoming a bit tight. Always on the lookout for job opportunities, we were fortunate to learn of a job as a barmaid had arisen at one of our local pubs that we frequent.

Knowing Jill had previously worked as a barmaid and as a waitress when she was younger, I suggested she try for the job. After talking to Mike, the manager, she got the job to work the pub's busiest nights, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

At 43 Jill is still an attractive woman; she looks after her appearance, stays fit and slim, and she still has great legs. She decided that she should glam up a bit for her new job as she knew that the punters would appreciate it. She wore strappy tops and a miniskirt. I didn't mind, I thought she looked fantastic.

Jill was enjoying the job, and after a few weeks she told me that Mike had asked her if she fancied working for longer on Fridays. Mike said that at the end of Friday night, after the customers had all left, he usually let about 3 of his mates stay behind to drink and play poker, and that Jill could earn some decent extra money if she would serve them their drinks and clear up after them – I later learned that that was not all he had told Jill. Jill seemed a bit unsure and undecided, but I said that it was alright by me and the extra money would come in very handy.

Jill had been working the extra shift for a few weeks, and I noticed that sometimes when she arrived home ( usually about 1am sat morning ) she was shattered and on other times, after showering, she was very passionate and our sex life was improving greatly.

Usually, I would go to the pub for a couple of drinks when she was working, then go home to watch the TV and have a couple more while waiting for her to get home. On one particular Friday this summer I was in the gents, in the cubicle as the urinals were all busy, when I heard a couple of guys talking. One asked the other if he was staying behind for the poker game that night. “ Wouldn't miss it for the world “ his mate replied, “ especially with Jill serving us. Her husband would choke on his beer if he knew what she got up to.” I was a bit stunned ( and curious ) to say the least. I waited a couple of minutes after they had left then returned to the bar. Finishing my drink I told Jill that i'd see her at home later and left.

I was already forming a plan in my mind to see for myself what was going on. In the pub there are two small narrow windows at the corners, and at the back away from the road the one there did not have a curtain and one could get a good view into the bar. I walked around the village for a short while until all the customers had left the pub then I returned to position myself to watch the evenings events unfold – being lit on the inside, and now dark on the outside, no one could see me.

Around a table and four chairs sat Mike and three other guys ( I assume 2 of them were the guys I heard talking in the toilets earlier ) setting up for their game of poker, then in walked Jill with a tray of drinks. I was gobsmacked. Jill was dressed in a very short skimpy maids' outfit which didn't even cover the tops of the hold-up stockings she had on and a pair of very high-heeled shoes. It was also very obvious that when she was bending over to put the drinks on the table she wasn't wearing any underwear. The guys were all getting a good look and, as the evening wore on, were getting a good feel too.

The men were laughing and joking, and playing some poker too, but whenever Jill came they would turn all their attention to her. I could see them running their hands up her legs, playing with her pussy, stroking her tits, and kissing her, and she was not only allowing them but looked to be enjoying it too, positively encouraging them on by constantly bending over them, smiling and pouting – pity I couldn't hear what was being said.

After about an hour of this it looked as though the poker game was being wound up. Jill came back, only this time the 4 men pushed their chairs away from the table, dropped their trousers and got their dicks out. Without pausing, Jill bent over to stroke and suck one cock whilst another guy got behind to lick her pussy and stroke her bum. After a short while Jill went to the next guy to do the same whilst the one who she'd just been sucking and was now hard started fucking her. This “ sex musical chairs “ continued until all the men had fucked Jill and shot their load inside her. Jill tidied herself up, and looking flushed with a big smile on her face walked away. As she walked past Mike he patted her bum and stuffed a wad of notes into her hand, then she disappeared. All the guys were laughing and looking very pleased and satisfied as they were preparing to leave.

I had been stood transfixed,mesmerised by what I was watching. There was my normally prim and proper wife dressed sexier than I had ever seen her before, looking gorgeous, and behaving like a complete slut for these other men. I was in shock, experiencing a mixture of emotions – angry and jealous that she could cheat on me and look and behave in a way that I wanted for me. I was stunned by her confidence and daring. I was also very aroused by what I had seen and had been wanking until I shot my load. It was all very exciting but confusing.

I returned home and lay on the sofa with the tv on, with a drink, and waited for Jill to arrive home. When she got in she kissed me, said hello, then went for a shower as usual ( I know why now ). I went to bed and when she joined me she was obviously feeling randy but I said we needed to talk.
I told her that I knew what she did on Friday nights and had been watching her earlier. She got very upset and tearful but I said that she must explain how this all happened. When eventually she calmed down she told me how after the first few weeks working at the pub, Mike had blatantly put the deal to her – what she was expected to wear and do etc. She said that at first she was shocked and disgusted and told him “ no way “ and that she'd quit, but that he replied that he thought she was the type of sexy woman who would go for it and that she would be back. She told me that she had been enjoying the attention and compliments she had been getting from the male customers, and that it had made her feel more attractive and sexy and the more she thought about what he'd asked her to do the more appealing and exciting it became until it was all she thought about. So in a moment of craziness she agreed to do it.

I told her to tell me all the details, which she did, even about the actual sex. I had already seen what she did, but she told me that some nights that was everything that happened and she didn't climax ( that's when she came home randy ), and on other nights she begged them to fuck her more until she came too.

I was just listening without saying a word, but eventually said “ so where do we go from here?”
Jill said that she was very very sorry, that she loved me more than anything, that she would quit the pub, do anything for me so that we could stay together and be happy. I talked about how I felt. How confused I was; jealous yet excited. How what she was doing actually had improved our own sex life and how she was a much more confident and sexy woman. Jill admitted that she enjoyed the attention of the men as much as all the sex.

We were both beginning to feel horny again as we were talking about it and ended up having some of the best sex ever. We continued to talk about it through the night and came to the conclusion that although we loved each very much, from a purely physical sex point of view Jill could continue working at the pub and keep doing the “extra” Friday night, and at the same time, because I could be watching but she couldn't see me, I would be getting a kick out of it too.

This went on for several more weeks, and we were both loving it, until about a couple of months ago when Jill said that she was quitting the job. She said that she was not enjoying it as much, as the men were beginning to take her for granted, disrespecting her and sometimes getting a bit rough and slagging her off, none of which she has ever liked.

We talked over our situation some more. Jill admitted that although she loved all the attention and sex she would never do anything like that again without my agreement, and I admitted that I did get a big kick out of seeing her behaving so slutty whilst knowing that it was me that she loved and me that she would always come home to. We both wanted Jill to occassionally let a small group of men fuck her, but Jill also said that she would never get into the same situation of having sex with other men on a regular basis, but that it would be better as a one-off situation, nor, to reassure me, would she ever let herself get emotionally involved into a relationship with another man. Nor would it happen anywhere local where we might be known or recognised – we don't go to that pub anymore either.

Up to present we have not really found a solution as to how to go about it – we've thought about a small stag group, or some businessmen at a hotel, or perhaps when we are on holiday. Hence my idea about a swingers club, or posting an ad on this site. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading our story, and perhaps you could help by posting any ideas you might have from your own experiences.