• Written by Izzy 20 Oct 2005, 00:42
  • Erotic

My husband Paul is often away with the army. The last time he was away in Iraq, I often sent letters to him giving explicit details of what I had been up to behind his back. It turns him on incredibly, and when he finally gets home, we have the best sex ever, recalling what a dirty slut I have been.

He is currently away on another operational tour, so feeling a bit lonely, I decided it would be a good idea to arrange a night out in Birmingham with the girls. I am 42, and still in pretty good shape. I have dark hair and am quite petie with a good figure. I spent ages getting ready, trimming and shaving my pert little cunt and slipping into my sexiest undies.

I decided to go for a fairly slutty look - bright red lipstick, a low-cut white blouse with black bra, purple PVC mini skirt and black panties and stockings. Before I went out I laid on the bed and fingered my clitty until my hole was soaking.

We had a great time in Broad Street and a lot of fun, although nothing too serious - I snogged a couple of guys and had my tits felt up, and one young guy even slipped a couple of fingers into my hot little cunthole whilst we were queuing at the bar for more drinks. Things got a little out of hand and it all ended up in the toilet cubicle, where I deep throated him until he shot a big wad of cum from his big cock all over my tits. Some of the spunk dripped down onto my new PVC mini.

By the end of the evening I was quite pissed, said goodnight to the girls, and got into the taxi I had booked. The minicab was driven by a good-looking young Asian man. We chatted during the ride home and he was making some quite suggestive comments, especially about my PVC mini and the stains on it. After a while, he drove off the main road and onto a deserted industrial estate. I knew what he was after, but was too excited to be scared.

He stopped the car and pulled open my blouse, sucking and pinching on my hard nipples. I moaned with pleasure as I felt his fingers inside my panties, parting my cunt lips and slipping inside my juicy fanny.

I unfastened his trousers and released his hard cock - it was a monster, about ten inches and wide with a big fat head, and I knew I just had to get it in my mouth. I licked at his slit, which was oozing precum, and enveloped his big knob with my lips. I was able to take about three quarters of his shaft down my throat before I gagged, and he moaned with pleasure.

By now my cunt was soaking, and he pulled his fingers out of me and used the juice to lube up my tight arsehole. By now I was close to coming, and knew that I desperately wanted to feel that monster prick inside me.

We got into the back seat and I lay on my back, hitching up my skirt and puling my soaking panties to one side. He penetrated my cunt with one thrust and began pounding away for all he was worth. I could feel the walls of my cunt being stretched, and the throbbing of his massive cock told me that he too was close to coming.

I hadn't had my bumhole stretched since Paul had last been home on leave, and couldn't miss out on this opportunity as the taxi drivers cock was so much bigger than Paul's, but not the biggest one I had ever taken up there. I guided his prick out of my fanny and put my legs over his shoulders, my shiny black stilettoes crossed over his back. He fingered my now accessible bumhole and probed deep with three fingers, then four.

Finally, he pressed the tip of his cockhead against my puckered hole and slowly pushed forward until my anus gave way to the pressure. I gasped for breath as he pushed in, then enjoyed the ecstacy of every stroke as he buggered me on the back seat of the taxi. As I pushed down, I felt the head of his massive cock slip through my inner sphincter, and this was the signal for us both to begin to orgasm. He moaned loadly, and I felt my rectum swelling as he ejaculated what seemed like gallons of sticky cum deep into my unprotected hole.

My only regret was that Paul wasn't at home later on to see all that juicy spunk leaking out of my ravaged bum hole before adding his own load to it. I will be writing to him to tell him all the dirty details of what a bad little slut I have been, and will enclose the spunk-stained panties that I wore that night!