• Written by Jonny 24 Oct 2005, 09:15
  • Erotic

This story happened about two years ago in London. My wife and I had been married for three years and had a 2 year old child. I am 34, straight and average build. My wife Tina is 33 with a fantastic pair of 36DD tits and a beautiful face. She was also very bicurious. We had fantasized many times about swapping partners with various friends but had never actually gone through with it.

This particular evening started off no different from normal in that my wife's best friend Alice and her husband Paul asked whether we wanted to go out for dinner with them. We had been out as a foursome many times before, and although some flirting had gone on, nothing concrete had happened. Alice is a tall (6 foot) brunette with long legs and small tits with a very sexy face. Paul is 6 foot three and good looking (to Tina at least!)

We met up at a local bar that we knew well and started to tuck into the beer and wine with typical enthusiasm! Chatting away we didn't notice the time, but when 11 o'clock arrived, we didn’t want to stop partying, so Alice suggested we went back to their place in Clapham for more drinks. In the taxi, Tina sat in the front and Alice squeezed in between her husband and me. Perhaps I was imagining things, but Alice seemed to be paying me a lot of attention, including rubbing my thigh gently as we sat together on the short journey.

On arrival, Paul went into the kitchen to fix drinks whilst we made ourselves comfortable in the sitting room. I sat on the single chair, Tina sat near to me on the sofa alongside and Alice sat opposite me on another sofa. Paul brought the very strong drinks over - vodka as usual for us all, sat on the sofa next to Alice and we carried on chatting. Suddenly Alice stopped, looked over at Tina and me and said "shall we take out tops off?" Laughing Tina agreed and so both girls stood up and took their shirts off. Sitting there in bras, they were a fantastic sight and I could see that Paul's eyes were glued to Tina's fantastic tits. I looked Alice in the eye and smiled as she returned my look. Then, still looking at me, Alice added " Come on let's take them off properly". Tina looked over at me and smiled and tantalisingly peeled off her bra, leaving her sexy tits on display to everyone. She looked over at Paul, who could only stammer" Jesus what fantastic tits you've got.."

Meanwhile Alice had pulled her white bra to one side, showing me her small tits, all the while looking directly at me. I felt a tremor go through my body, and more importantly my cock, at the sight in front of me. Then Alice stood up and walked the few yards over to where Tina was sitting, and bending down, kissed here on the lips. I saw her tongue slip briefly into Tina's mouth and heard a slight moan come from one of them - it was hard to tell which one. To say I was shocked would be a big understatement! Even though I had fantasized for a long time for something like this to happen, I never truthfully believed it would really happen. Alice walked slowly back to here chair and we carried on talking, although if the truth be told Paul and I didn't contribute much to the conversation. We were both looking at each others wife far too intently.

As the drinks were nearly finished I asked if anyone would like another. We all wanted (or needed!) a large drink by this stage so I went into the kitchen to look for the bottle. As I was looking through the cupboards I heard a noise behind me. As I turned I found Alice, topless in front of me, looking very sexy indeed. Her miniskirt was not that big anyway and with her height it was as if she was almost naked. I couldn't take my eyes off her tits, which she seemed to find very amusing, as every time I looked at her my eyes would drift downwards, until remembering where I was, they would leap back into looking into her eyes.

"They're not as nice as Tina's are they?" she asked.

"They may not be as big but they certainly look tasty to me." I replied rather lamely.

"Tasty?" she questioned.

"Mmm" I replied while still staring at her firm body. We both rather clicked out of the trance we were in and she said

" Do you want a hand with the drinks?".

"That would be great - thanks" I replied.

"Only if you take some clothes off first! It's not fair that we are showing off and you two are fully clothed" she laughed.

As I moved to take my shirt off, she shook her head and said

"No - I want something interesting to look at".

So, still looking her in the eye/tits, I dropped my trousers, just leaving my bulging boxers on display, although they were slightly hidden by the shirt hanging down. My cock pressing outwards was making the hole in the boxers gape alarmingly and the side of my cock was on display for Alice to see.

"Much better" she smiled.

Then, as she leant over to the cupboard where the glasses were, she brushed her bare nipples against my arm. The shock was electric and my arm slipped naturally, it seemed, around here waist and pulled her close to me. Her face came close to mine and we melted into a long gentle kiss, with our tongues playing all over our mouths. I've never had such an erotic kiss. As I nibbled her bottom lip I felt her right hand wander down past my thigh and a finger gently rub against the bare flesh of my rock hard cock. At this touch I suddenly came to my senses, and pulled away from her sexy lips. Still holding her tits close to my chest I said that perhaps we should get back to the others before things got out of hand. Alice replied in a sexy low voice that she thought the others would be fine without us, as she had seen Paul's reaction to Tina's tits. I kissed her again and rolled her nipples gently in my hand, and said "Let's go and see".

As we walked down the corridor towards the living room, we needn't have worried. There was certainly no conversation going on, just gentle moaning and slurping sounds, unidentifiable as male or female. As I walked quietly into the room and turned the corner, I saw Tina, wearing just a pair of very small knickers, and Paul wearing just a shirt. Tina was kneeling over Paul's large cock and lovingly sucking and licking it's hard purple head. Paul's hands were all over Tina's large tits and her nipples were pointing out about an inch. Neither of them had noticed us walk in and as I watched I felt Alice's hand come round from behind me and gently continue her previous touching. I got harder and harder watching my wife sucking someone else’s cock as if she was born to do it while her sexy best friend wanked me off.

Alice then gently moved me aside as she bent over the back of the sofa and gave her very surprised husband a long deep kiss. Tina carried on sucking his cock and playing with his balls without missing a beat. Alice's position gave me a perfect view of her tight ass straining in the miniskirt, so without pausing I unhooked the skirt and let it drop to the floor, soon followed by the lacy white thong that barely covered her smooth lips. I adore a shaven pussy and this one looked perfect, especially bent over so appealingly. I knelt down and gently lapped at her swollen lips from the bottom right up to her small brown ring. Alice gasped as I let me tongue linger on the asshole, and then let out a loud groan as my tongue started working it's way around. I kept teasing her by moving my long tongue and fingers from deep inside her pussy up to her perfect hole and back again.

"Rim my ass, RIM IT! Stick your tongue right up it"
she shouted in that fantastic sexy voice of hers. Who was I to disagree, so I gave her one last lick from top to bottom then stood up so see the rest of the action.

It was quite a surprise as I saw Alice and Tina sharing Paul's long cock whilst also sharing their tongues with each other. Paul was in heaven! Alice motioned for me to come round and sit on the sofa next to Paul, and as soon as I had Alice had pulled my cock out of my boxers and stuffed it in her mouth. Now I am not enormous in length - just about 7", but have never felt so hard as I did then as this beautiful woman licked me like an ice-cream. Paul suddenly started swearing gently under his breath and tensed up. The sight of his wife sucking my cock so gleefully must have sent him over the edge. Tina held his pulsating cock inside her mouth and looked him straight in the eye as he pumped her mouth full of spunk. She has only once done this for me, but perhaps the sexiness of the occasion got to her as she swallowed it all down. She sucked and licked the tip of his cock until there seemed to be no more. Tina looked up and smiled at me, then let Paul's cock slip out of her mouth with a plop. She shuffled across next to Alice and started to lick my balls gently as Alice drew me into her mouth. Tina's hand was still playing with Paul, rubbing up and down, still semi hard.

Thank God, I had never lasted so long, but I couldn't keep that up for much longer. Seeing my sexy wife suck another man off in front of me, combined with a tremendously sexy woman sucking my cock tipped me over the edge. I tried to warn Alice, but she held me in place and ran her tongue all over the tip of my cock. At the same time, Tina pushed her index finger right underneath me and into my ass. The combination finished me completely and I shot my largest load ever into Alice's waiting throat. We all slumped into each others arms for a while and it took at least five minutes before anyone spoke.

I'm still not sure why but Tina suddenly seemed keen to leave. I was lying there looking at Alice’s juicy cunt and wanting a lot more of it, but Tina seemed to be uncomfortable and perhaps guilty, so decided that we should make tracks back to our own house. As it was by now very late a taxi wasn't long in appearing, so after some slightly awkward goodbyes, we made the short journey home.

But Tina wasn't finished there. As soon as we were home she seemed to lose all doubt that what we did was wrong and became as horny as before.

"God I am so wet" she whispered excitedly to me. “Paul’s cock tasted so good - I want it in me soon".

She suddenly stopped and looked at me curiously. “You are okay with this, aren't you?" I stood there with the pussy juice of her best friend drying around my mouth and nodded. "Good, because I want to fuck Alice as well" Tina gleefully added.

We dropped into bed and had perhaps the hottest sex since I'd known her. We spent the next hour sucking and fucking and talking about how we were going to fuck a few more of our friends from now on. I'll let you know how we got on.