• Written by Slider1 26 Jan 2011, 08:01
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I've posted a couple of stories on this site of encounters me and my wife i've had, this is mainly an account of how i'd managed to turn a once prudish wife who'd never even kissed another man passionatly before she met me into a slut, i say slut but with regards to some stories of wife's i read on this site she isn't all the way there yet, but not far off.

A bit of background my wife Shamiya is Bangladeshi asian and a muslim aged 29, i'm 35 and white, after only being with Sham for a short period of time the culture basically meant we'd have to get married pretty sharpish if we were to stay together, in which we did, we've been married now for almost 10 years.

Around a year after we'd been married me and Sham were lie in bed naked talking both of us feeling horny when she asked me if i had any sexual fantasies, i'd considered briefly to tell a lie and come out with something tame as i was scared how she might react if i told her my true fantasy of having a mmf threesome and getting to watch her get well and truly fucked however i threw caution to the wind and said, "if i tell you try not to get to shocked", she said "ok" in nervous anticipation of what i was about to say, once id told her she was like "OK" in a kind of utter amazement, she made it clear however this would have to remain a fantasy as there is no way in the world she will have sex with another man, i was cool with that, as i thought now it's out in the open in time she may come round and it seems my thoughts at that time have come true. The only real question she had though was "why", i told her i love her and have 100% trust in her, so i guess i dont feel threatened in sharing her from time to time, and watching her from a third person perspective would really turn me on watching her get well and truly satisfied, she asked if i'd had done this or wanted to with previous girlfriends which i hadn't and mainly i think due to the fact i never ever hadfull trust in them, my fault not theirs.

This fantasy went on for years in my head and came up often during mine and Sham's love making, something Sham quite happily went along with, but outside of the bedroom the answer of would she do it for real was still a firm no. I could never really see a way round it, and never wanted to push to hard, i wanted her to do it and be happy with it not feel she was pushed into anything, so finding someone she may do it with was really a non starter.

This all changed though when i had a friend coming over from australia to stay at his aunties house for a couple of months, he spent quite alot of time with both me and Sham, and pretty much from the moment he arrived i'd thought he was the perfect person, he one with the ladies, seemed to take a liking to Sham, Sham seemed to like his company and he would be buggering off to Australia in a couple of months.

I wont go into this part of the story in detail as it's posted on here, and you can find it by searching my username, but basically a couple of nights before he was due to fly home he asked if it'd be ok to go out and get drunk, in which we did, he decided he'd stay at mine that night and i thought it was now or never, i'd engineered a bit of a plot which ended up with us carrying out my fantasy, watching her get fucked while she sucke my cock was a sight i'll never forget, and seeing another man was making her orgasm, and knowing Sham was enjoying every part of it was a great feeling, i was worried in the morning though wondering if she'll regret it, but i needn't have worried as Sham went for second helping in the morning and fucked him again before he left.

This was the start of our journey, it was almost a year later before she got to sample another cock, this time it was one of her friends who shed got to know over a couple of years, he'd flirted with her when she visited his shop but other than that, nothing had happned until he asked her back to his place one day, in the pretence that she could pick something up, Sham had an idea he had another motive but wasn't sure and even if he had, she was not sure if she could go through with it. Temptation gt the better of her though and before she knew it she was knelt down sucking his cock whilst cupping his balls with one hand, she fucked him hard and enjoyed every bit of it, even letting him empty his load into her juicy pussy because she wanted to bring home a surprise for me, and it was at that moment she'd realised she'd gone from a sweet, prudish, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth to a full blown slut, and as she says she's loves it, knowing if the situatin arises and she wants some cock, she can take it without the need to feel guilty afterwards. The site of seeing Sham walk through the door and then call me upstairs telling me she'd been a bad girl, was mind blowing, i was the most horniest i'd been in years, and something came over me, i'd never done it before or really even thought about it, but the first thing i did , was stick my tongue in her just fucked pussy wanting to clean it whilst she told me everything she'd done, before i finished of by shooting my spunk into her.

The 2nd and last episode was a couple of months ago, but now Sham is very much the slut wife, she still has certain resevations, she likes to feel some kind of connection and doesn't want anything really to pre-planned, but she's become everything i'd wanted and more.

I'm hoping the next encounter wont be too far off, and there is a possibilty of something on the horizon, Sham and a few friends are going staying the night at a health Spa in a few weeks time, they say they'll be spending the night on the town even though she doesn't drink, Sham is hoping to get lucky she even went out to buy some sexy lingerie, she says, "just incase" she got her self booked in at the beauticians before she goes to add the extra wow factor, i asked how her frinds will react if she finds someone, she says she'll tell them some story about us having problems, but if the worst comes to the worst and she meets someone and she cant do anything because of her friends she said i'll be taking there number for a later date. If something does happen i'll be sure to post the story on here.

So for all those men out there who are having trouble turning their Mrs into a slut, never give up hope. A bit of advice i would give is:

Never push to hard, tell her your fantasy is quite common amongst men so for her not to think your some kind of sick pervert, tell her because you love and trust her, that knowing that she feels sexy and wanted by other men is a turn on for you as well, and lastly that if you never got to carry out your fantasy you will still love her to bits, but if the situation arises and she meets someone she likes, then as long as she's upfront and honest you are ok with it. Thats more or less how i'd got there, and all the above i told Sham was true.

Thanks for reading and if you want a more in depth story of Sham's two encounters so far then the stories are posted on this website.