• Written by filcat 31 Jan 2011, 23:51
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I have been with my gf for a year now.. personal trainer.. ballet dancer in her spare time.. 23yrs of age.. legs to die for.. brown hair.. amazing body.. scene pictured people?.. I will begin..

We first met at a Wedding some two years ago now.. I was there with my mate and his wife.. playing billy.. when in she walked in a black number that shook me to my feet and got my cock snapping out of my suit trousers.. I managed to source her name and eventually we got speaking on FB.. and then a date happened.. still with me people.. cool.. anyways.. about a month into the casual dates I experienced her sucking my cock.. it was and still is the best technique of cock sucking by a girl I have experienced.. having had the pleasure of at least 20 different girls suck my cock over the years.. oh did I forget to mention that I am 35.. so even better to have a gf of 23! haha.. her head expertly motions around my cock.. her tongue is mind blowing and her sucking is sensational.. the feeling of her swallowing my hot cum is the best..

Now having sampled this amazing skill of hers.. I was yet to meet her mum.. having been always told by my dad.. always get a look at the mother! and thats how the daughter will turn out.. so with eager anticipation the night of meet the parents came round.. I wasnt to be disappointed! her mum is 50.. great legs too.. ample tits with nipples that still look to be in full working order.. and a cheeky sparkle in her eye.. now at first her mum was unsure of me.. come on.. 35yrd old with her 23yrd old daughter.. I was almost nearer to her age! time after time I would und pick the gf up.. have tea etc.. and I took these opportunities to sneak looks at her mums open blouses whilst she was cooking.. the breasts strained against the material of her blouse.. whenever I left I made it my goal to sneak her a goodnight kiss.. everytime working my way closer to her lips from her cheek.. a couple of months into the relationship and I got the gf to watch porn with me whilst we fucked.. and the talk would turn too fantasies.. I would cheekily mention her mum! she didnt react.. so I kept on dropping hints in when we did fuck.. I got the gf to think about another cock as I am only the 2nd guy she has fucked and sucked!

Then it happened.. we where out one night with friends.. all partnered up.. out for a meal.. the drinks flowed and we came back to my place.. one by one the couples left.. when there was my mate and his gf.. she was very posh.. but looked naughty.. anyway we got talking and the topic turned to sex.. and bjs! and I spluttered out that my gf gave the best ever blow job I had ever had.. not to be outdone my mate said the same about his gf! the challenge was set.. as we both said why dont we find out then and settle this! so without any hesitation my gf slipped off the couch and dropped to her knees and got my hard cock out and started to suck and flick my cock.. taking this as the green light.. somewhat at first sheepishly.. my mate got his gf onto her knees too.. nodding over at our direction to encourage her to follow suit.. which she did.. with the girls concentrating and wanting to outdo each other.. I turned to my mate and said this was a bias way of doing it! we must swap and then we could compare! so pulling our gfs mouths away from our cocks we swapped places.. and surprisingly they both started sucking our cocks! the atmosphere was electric by now.. my mate could not hold back and shot his hot cum all over my gfs breasts and mouth.. she won! 5mins later it was my turn.. and I told her I was coming.. she opened her mouth and then let me shoot load after load down her throat.. then she opened her mouth showed us and swallowed.. we all tidyed up and got ready.. made our gestures and they where off into the night.. in bed that same night my gf was so horny.. we fucked three times in the space of a hot sweaty couple of hours..

A week later I called round to hers.. her mum let me in.. a twinkle in her eye.. my cock stirred in my jeans.. she is upstairs in her room she said.. so up I went.. when I walked in I found her legs spread playing with herself.. I dropped to my knees and began eagerly feeding myself on her pussy and juices.. then the fateful movie moment happend.. her mum walked in on us! quickly jumping up to make excuses her mum had already turned and headed downstairs.. the sheer embarassment was overwhelming for my gf.. for me.. i was glad.. her mum had seen me in action.. little did I know what was in store the following day.. that evening sitting down to dinner in front of her mum and dad and two brothers was bearable.. only just.. I then shot home right after..

The following day I was working on my house.. when I heard a familar voice behind me calling my name as she walked down my drive.. I turned to see her mum striding towards me.. her face not happy.. this is it I thought.. I am going to be shouted at and told to leave her daughter.. but far from it.. her summer dress almost see through showed off her body to perfection.. I opened my door and showed her in.. offering her a cool drink from the kitchen.. I was just passing on my way home from work she said.. I knew this to be untrue as she worked in totally the other direction to my house.. and she wanted to reassure me that what she saw last night did not offend her.. phew I thought.. trying to make excuses that it was her daughter my gf who was the one who lured me in.. talking of the gf I said.. she is working all day.. does she know your popping in? no was the answer and she would prefer it if she didnt.. no more embarrassment.. fine with me..

Then out of the blue as I putting the drink back into the fridge I felt a hot breath on my neck.. turning round instantly I was met by her face.. and the kiss happened.. without a word being spoke our clothes where off and on the floor.. hands everywhere. my cock being gripped and my bum carressed.. whilst I dived my tongue into her mouth with one hand circling and teasing her nipple whist my other hand gently opened her lips and found her clit and I started teasing it.. i then took her hand and placed her own fingers in her own mouth then lead her hand to her own pussy and told her to do what her daughter was doing the night before.. her body was trembling.. I dropped to my knees and flicked my tongue over her fingers and swelling clit.. whilst I pulled my cock back and forth.. standing up as I sensed her about to come.. I took her hand away and pushed my cock into her hand.. taking this as a hint.. she guided my glistening cock into her wet tight pussy.. we built up a rhthym that lasted 15mins.. the sweat pouring off our bodies.. by this time I was fucking her on my kitchen worktop.. sensing she coming.. I picked up my tempo.. driving my cock even deeper down.. her breathing became shallow.. then bang.. she came.. flooding my cock and balls with her juices.. knowing i was soon to shoot too.. I pulled out.. standing up on the worktop I wanked my cock furiously.. as my balls tightened I looked down to see her playing with nipples and pussy.. this sent me over the edge and I let my come shoot out it streams all over her breasts.. mouth.. hair.. I had never come so much.. we collapsed together in a heap of sexual musk.. the guilt soon appeared.. so we showered seperately and changed.. we agreed so I thought not to speak of it again.. that night mt gf came round..

All horned up about earlier.. I ripped her clothes off.. and licked and fingered her pussy until she came 4 times in the space of half an hr.. what has got into you she enquired.. wouldnt u like to know I thought in my head.. I made my excuses over the next two weeks so I didnt have to und to hers.. the gf would drive to mine.. then... out of the blue.. it happened again.. my gf was working.. but this time.. there where two visitors to my house!.. i was in my shorts.. painting my extremely long and tedious secluded driveway fence.. hello there.. the familar voice instantly sending cocks blood flow into overdrive! turning to face her.. I was faced with her and her even hotter younger sister! my gfs hot aunty whom I regularly would wank over.. she was 6ft.. size 8.. breast implants to a 34c.. legs that went on.. long hair.. two kids in their teens.. and a hubby that worked in the far east for a petroleum company! my fantasy was about to come true with the mum and the aunty at the same time.. I knew they where close as sisters.. but not as close as I was to find out.. to follow.. sore wrist writing people!