• walter2000uk 2 Feb 2011, 02:01
  • BDSM

We had put an advertisement in a swinging magazine for a Dominant Man to use my wife saying
"Mature, petite slim submissive whore wife seeks Dominant Real Man to fully 'use' and really 'abuse' her while wimp hubby meekly watches and wanks. She has firm breasts , black hair, brown eyes, and always wears stockings and suspender belt and high heels and very red lipstick, even when being seduced in the marital bed while hubby watches quietly, no matter what is being done to the wife."
We had plenty of replies and enjoyed reading through them so as to decide who to meet first.
One guy loved to take photographs of my wife and show them to me ( and Lily) afterwards while he was tells me "What a Fucking Whore your wife is! Look at this pictuture of your wife sucking my cock before I fucked her, the Cocksucking Slut"
I had to thank him for fucking my wife, and later Lily INSISTED he destroy the photographs, which is a great pity.
He did not in fact ever want me present in the bedroom, so he could do whatever he wanted to my wife, Lily, although I would not have interefered, WHATEVER he did to my wife anyway.
I had already crept up the stairs quietly and listened from the adjoining bedroom as he gave orders to my wife , and I sensed the 'flash' of his camera by the way he ordered my wife to pose.
"Lift your skirt, Whore!"
"Lets see your stocking tops and pretty panties, NOW"
"Take your panties off, Slut"
"Pull you cunt lips open, Cunt"
"Kneel down and suck my cock, Cocksucker"
"Look at me, while you suck, Sucker"
"Take off your blouse and bra, You dirty fucker"
"Lay on the bed and pull your cunt lips open wide"
"You dirty fucking whore"
Then I heared the bed springs creaking when he leapt between her open legs, her still wearing her seemed stockings and high heels and suspender belt, and very red lipstick, and he started fucking my wife, which is when I creep out of the adjoing bedroom and look through the door crack of the master bedroom door which my wife deliberately left open, as Lily knows I like to watch as she is fucked by other men, as I am no longer allowed to fuck her myself nowadays. I particularly love hearing her moaning as she is fucked roughly and urgently.
My wife is older now, but still attracts LOTS of men, particularly really Dominant Men as she will let them do ANYTHING they want to her as a submissive whore,
I LOVE seeing her used roughly before being fucked HARD.......spanked and ass-fucked.......mouth fucked and made to swallow,,,,,,,caned sometimes and face smacked while being told what a whore she is, and she loves being used this way, while I am insulted by some of the men and told what a wimp I am letting my wife be used as fuckmeat.........some treat her very well, and most make her orgasm and she asks for "More, more, Please, Sir", The Whore.....
hubby Walter