Written by Anonymous

4 Dec 2003

True story - she was really up for it with her manager from work. She had wanted his cock for some time but didn't tell me about it. She had started wearing stockings and suspenders to work and I'm sure she let him know it.
She went to a works party wearing stockings and suspenders but no knickers - she knew he was going to fuck her that night. All she needs is a few drinks and she gets her tits out and shows her cunt off - sticking her fingers in it in the car and once even sticking a windsceen scraper up her cunt while men watched.
Anyway she left the party in our car and drove him to a dogging spot in Harrow - they started kissing, he squeeezed her tits and then he must have been surprised when he stuck his hand up her skirt and, instead of finding knickers to pull to one side, found a wet and open cunt. Meanwhile she had unzipped his flies and pulled his cock out - she said it was huge! Although she doesn't often suck cock she got down on it and sucked away Very soon he had her almost naked - clothes off except the stockings and suspenders, and bra under her tits. She said that he put his thumbs into her nipples and pushed hard. The seats were put into the lying (Ha!) position and she lowered her naked body and cunt onto his cock - he was still wearing everything. She said she was really excited at the moment his cock touched her cunt hole - then they fucked and she let him cum in her cunt - lots of spunk! She wanted more and got him on top and made him fuck her again - again he filled her with spunk.
When she told me I wanted to give her a slap but then I thought about it and it made me really horny - what a thought another mans cock in my wifes cunt - her hole filled with an enormous cock and gushing spunk. I would have loved to have seen it!
She has also shown her cunt to a group of men outside our bedroom window - why didn't they come in and give her a gangbang? Now I would love to see another man - or group of men - fucking her - I can't get it out of my mind. She fantaisises about having black cock. If only I could make it happen!