• Written by Jacko 12 Feb 2011, 12:18
  • Swinging

We have just got back from our first holiday to Gran Canaria. We stayed in a nice hotel in Melanomas about a 20 minute walk from the Maspolomas Dunes. We have been on many beach holidays to Spain and the Caribbean and Trish, my wife has gone topless but never completely naked. Trish is 48, lovely round 42d breasts, smooth shaven pussy and dyed blond hair. She is still quite shapely after two kids. I am 52 and fairly fit with a 4 inch cock getting to 6 inches erect with a 7 inch girth. It keeps Trish happy. On our second day, after breakfast we got our beach towels, water and put our swimming gear on under our shorts and t shirts. We went for a walk along the Maspolomas Beach and came across the FKK nudist area. The sun was shining and even at 10.30 in the morning you could tell it was going to be a hot day with no clouds in the blue sky. Trish wanted to sit on the dunes just back from the sea and sunbathe. We plonked ourselves down on our towels. I decided to strip off, but Trish left her bikini bottom on. We lay in the sun for about an hour and went for a dip in the sea. Trish told me then she would go naked for me but not on the front as there were too many clothed people walking by just looking at the naked people. We left the sea and picked up our towels and walked into the dunes away from the sea. It felt great walking naked. Trish still had her bikini bottom on but her tits looked great swaying from left to right as we walked looking for somewhere to sit.
As we walked deeper into the dune area we passed plenty of naked couples. We walked past one area and saw a couple fucking in the open with about 4 guys standing around wanking as they watched the couple. As we carried on we saw more couples openly having sex. Women giving blow jobs and women being fucked. Trish was amazed and I was getting an erection. We saw the odd single male walking about and most had erections as they walked along. Trish commented on the size of some of the bloke’s pricks and how brazen they were walking past with them slapping their stomachs as they walked. We headed for a small mound that had a small clearing. We found a small area that we could lay down and catch the sun. We had a couple to our right just behind a bush who had a parasol up. We were about 8 foot from the path. I lay down on my towel and Trish removed her bikini bottom and stood in front of me as she applied some more sun tan oil. She rubbed the oil up and down her legs, around her pussy and on her bum cheeks. She had her back to the path and I looked over and saw a male standing to the left just behind a small bush. He was wanking his prick as he watched Trish apply the oil to her body. I told her she had an admirer. She looked over her shoulder and then poured oil onto her boobs and started to rub it all over them. I could tell she was getting sexually excited as her nipples were getting bigger. She just finished, when the bloke who was now wanking his prick faster, gave a groan. Trish looked at him as he came, spurting his come about 3 foot in front of him onto the sand. He nodded at Trish and walked away. She then sat beside me and told me she felt really turned on and really enjoyed this new experience of being naked and a man wanking while looking at her body. We both lay down on our backs on our towels to catch some sun.
After about 30 minutes I looked up and saw that Trish had spread her legs about a foot and a half exposing her shaved slit to all. I then saw a young Arab lad, sit by the small bush looking straight at us, especially at Trish. He fumbled with his shorts and exposed his flaccid penis. It looked about 6 inches long. He then started to rub it as I watched him. He was giving it look slow strokes and it became erect. It looked a good 9 inches, possibly 10. I told Trish she had another admirer, who wanted her to look at his erection. She opened her eyes and lifted her head. She then said “, that is some prick”. She raised herself up resting on her elbows as the young lad slowly wanked his prick. He stopped and removed his t shirt and shorts and edge a bit closer to us. He was now about 6 foot from us. He made a gesture to Trish with one hand as he wanked with the other. He wanted her to wank him. She politely waved her hand to say no. He then looked at me. I thought Trish excited the first bloke and told me she enjoyed it, so I beckoned him a bit closer and told Trish to spread her legs a bit more. He then moved to about 2 foot from Trish’s feet as she spread her legs. I saw her nipples get bigger again as she got excited. I told her to have a feel of his prick. She knelt up and asked if I mind her feeling him. I told her no. The lad then knelt in front of her with his prick sticking straight out about 2 inches from her body. Trish then run her right hand up and down his shaft, whilst cupping his ball bag in her left hand. He put his hands down by his side. Trish then started to give him a wank with slow strokes to his prick. She looked at me and said “I’m only going to wank him”.
As Trish wanked him the lad cupped her left tit and played with her nipple. I was slowly wanking my prick as I watched Trish play with some one else. The lad then moved his hand from her tit down to her pussy and played with her clit and the stuck a finger up her pussy and finger fucked her. He started to moan softly. I moved a bit so I could get a better view of her being played with. Trish then started to wank him a bit faster. He indicated to her he was about to come. Trish moved to the side and wanked him until he came in a big spurt, shooting his come in the air and landing on the sand beside Trish. Trish also came as he continued to finger her pussy. My prick was ready to explode. The lad thanked us, gathered up his clothes and left. I told Trish to quickly lie down. I got in between her legs and entered her moist pussy. I fucked her and after 5 minutes shot my load up her. We both lay in the sun and after about 15 minutes decided to walk back to the hotel. As we walked my spunk dribble down Trish’s leg, so we stopped at the sea, so she could flush it out. We chatted and both agreed that it was a great sexual feeling for both of us. Trish told me she enjoyed me fucking in the open. She told me she enjoyed wanking the young lad. I said” Perhaps next time you might fuck someone” She said” If it was as big as that one she might try it for the experience, if I did not mind, but if she did, they would have to use a condom” I said “I would be very happy to see her fuck some else if she wished” I will continue later with our sexual exploits in the dunes.