• Written by Andy 18 Feb 2011, 13:24
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Four years ago when I was 19, my parents split up and my dad moved away leaving my mum to try and pay for the house. She worked extra hours and I managed to find a job to help but things were still tight. In the end she decided to take in a lodger and Maggy, an older lady moved in. I guessed she was 50ish, had separated like my mum and had moved out of her home while it was sold and the financial side of her divorce were sorted out. She was quite attractive, the result of cosmetic surgery paid for by her ex, my mum said. Slim, with shoulder length, wavy blondish hair. She worked and wore smart suits, quite tight skirts or trousers moulded to a trim little bum and long legs, fitted blouses which showed off her large tits. Walking behind her you could easily think you were following a woman years younger. I was surprised when I saw her passport a few months later to discover she was sixty two.

Maggy and me were often left in the house at night together, my mum working night shifts, and we would watch TV and chat. She flirted outrageously, often bringing up the subject of sex, asking about my girlfriends. It could be quite distracting as she had a habit of showering early then, wearing a short kimono style gown, sitting with her legs tucked under her. She had slim shapely legs, better than some of the girls I've been out with, and the kimono left them mostly uncovered. If she moved I could often catch a glimpse of her panties stretched tight over her pussy. The top struggled to contain her tits, often falling open giving a side view of a large, firm, rounded breast, the hard little nipple pierced with a ring. I actually had a few wanks thinking about her. It transpired that her husband had left her after he discovered some bloke was shagging her, or to be more precise several blokes had been poking her. When my mum wasn't about Maggy had a habit of wondering from her room to the bathroom just wearing bra and panties her bra hardly able to contain her tits. Several times I passed her room and caught sight of her through the ajar door, sat topless in front of the dressing table, her incredible tits reflected in the mirror. Careless or deliberate I wondered. Deliberate I decided but not worth taking the risk to find out if she was a teaser or after some cock.

In the end she made her move. She'd been with us about a month and I was in the shower. I didn’t hear the door opening and the first I knew she was there, was the curtain being opened and her stepping in with me. I felt her body touching mine, her hard nipples brushing my back, then her awesome tits pressing against me, mouth near my ear “Don't say anything” she whispered, reaching round and taking the soap from my hand. I froze, as first she soaped my shoulders and back, down to my bum, her hand forcing my legs apart. My cock was standing rock hard as she soaped between my legs, a soapy finger probing my arse hole, as I relaxed letting her reach my bollocks. Still behind me, she moved her hand, doing my chest down over my stomach to my cock. She soaped my prick then dropped the bar, and slowly wanked my prick, pressing her tits hard into my back rubbing her slippery body against me. Her hand moved faster, tossing me off, whispering in my ear “Cum for me Andy. Spunk for Maggie” I didn't need any encouragement or manage to hold back, feeling my balls tighten as a stream of spunk erupted from my cock and disappeared down the drain hole. She squeezed the last dribbles of spunk from my cock, before washing the remaining soap off me and stepping out the shower and leaving the bathroom. I hadn't even had a chance to see her naked but her body had felt good pressed against mine.

To get to my room I had to pass her bedroom. From the bathroom door I could see her bedroom door was open, the light on. I headed along the landing, a towel around my waist. I could hear quiet moaning noises, I’d heard the noise before at night and not realised what it was until I looked in her room. Her bed was opposite the door, she was laid on it naked, head propped up on pillows looking directly at me. She had a hand cupping a firm tit (the result of a boob job which gave her a pair of 40dd tits), teasing the nipple. The other hand covering her pussy, finger tips playing with her clit. I stood watching her as she slowly spread her legs, moving her hand to reveal her smoothly shaven cunt. She had her eyes locked on mine, daring me to look away. I now had a clear view, her clit was pierced, a gold ring matching her nipple piercings, then her meaty pussy flaps also pierced, four rings hanging either side of her fuck hole. Her ex husbands money had been well spent, even if he didn't get the benefit of it, her body looked incredible, her tits defied gravity, firm round mounds on her chest, no sagging, only her hands were a bit of a give away. Even though she had just tossed me off, I could feel my cock stirring. It was much later, after I'd fucked her, that it occurred to me that she was about the same age as my Gran, albeit about 35kg lighter.

She beckoned me closer then asked me to open the bedside drawer and pass her the vibrator. A big black penis shaped monster, a good 12 inches long, thick as my wrist, and covered in bumps which she turned on holding the end against her clit. She pulled the towel from around my waist and handed me the vibrator. “Fuck me with this while I get you hard” I knelt beside her, my cock close to her face, switching the vibrator on to a higher speed, working it in to her sloppy cunt as she wanked and sucked my cock. Fuck knows how many hard cocks her 62 year old cunt had taken over the years, but it was pretty elastic easily stretching to accommodate the pulsating plastic cock I was ramming in and out of her hole. Her mouth was doing wonderful things to my cock and she had me fully erect in no time. “You can fuck me now” she told me, reaching down pulling the vibrator from her cunt and turning on to her knees, bum in the air, offering me her wet gaping cunt. I slid my cock up her sloppy hole, my prick is about 7 inches and quite thick but there was hardly any resistance, hardly surprising I suppose, considering the size of the vibe she'd just taken. I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit as I fucked her, her cunt slowly tightening on my prick the longer I shafted her. After about five minutes she started moaning, telling me to fuck her really hard and to poke a finger up her arse. I did as told, thrusting in to her experienced cunt until she came with a shudder. I carried on poking her until she moved forward and turned on her back, legs spread telling me to get on top and continue fucking her. Laid on top, with my cock pounding her pussy, her tits hardly squashed and when I took my weight on my arms, her big heavy tits just sort of jiggled a bit as I thrust into her. She began lifting her arse to meet me, grabbing my bum pulling me in to her pussy, holding me there when I came, grinding her cunt against me until she orgasmed. Even then she hadn't finished with me, telling me to lay on the bed and she squatted over my head and told me to lick her pussy and drink the spunk and cunt juices from her hole. I found it rather shocking that first time, but now it's something I love doing for a woman after fucking her.

Maggy simply adored sex and had since her first fuck in the 1960's. She taught me lots about what women like and how to satisfy them. She had a particular liking for being arse fucked while being cunt fucked simultaneously, preferably by younger men, to satisfy her insatiable lust for cock. On one memorable occasion she took on me and six of my mates, fucking us to a standstill and still demanding more and another time she took me and a mate dogging with her, which I will tell you about if you like. She no longer lodges with my mum but I still visit her once or twice a month, often with a friend to fuck her. She's sixty seven this year, still attractive and as horny as hell for young blokes to fuck with.