Finally my fantasy came true in dramatic fashion. My wife and I had been visiting a friend of mine at his flat he was a bit down on his luck and we were his shoulder to cry on, I made sure I was driving so my wife was drinking quite heavily, by the time we left she was well on her way. As I drove home I suggested we stop somewhere, we were very close to a well known dogging site, to start with she said no, but then after a few moments, she said "OK" I was so excited, my cock was so hard and she had her hand down her knickers. We stopped at some lights and a car pulled up next to us it was a young guy and my wife stared at him as she was fingering herself, he must of known, wow what a turn on.
When we got to the place it was empty, what a bummer after all these years of trying to get her here it was empty she seemed disappointed but by now was soaking wet and she just wanted to get her jeans off she already had them around her knees, she pulled them off and tilted her seat back and slipped her knickers off, her pussy was soaking wet, I stuck my fingers up and we kissed, she broke away and said "just fuck me" I was just sliding my boxers off when a car pulled in to the car park, it swung past our car and we could not see as the person in the car had his full beams on, he obviously wanted to have a good luck, we were a bit nervous and excited at the same time.
The car then parked up alongside and turned off his lights, I tried to figure out who was in the car, but could not make it out, he then flashed his internal lights, it was a black guy. I said to my wife do you want to go as I felt worried that she might now be uncomfortable, she said no lets wait, she then took hold of my hard cock and started wanking me whilst she was looking at his car.
His car door opened and he got out and walked over to my wifes side of the car. I said are you alright, she didn't answer bu was staring at him through the window, he had jogging bottoms on and he slid them down, revealing his massive almost inhuman cock, my wife let out a shocked gasp he didn't touch his cock it was just there right in front of my wifes eyes with only the glass between them.
He motioned for my wife to open the window, before I could even say anything she opened the window, she immediately stuck her hands out and grabbed his cock, she actually said "Oh my god it is huge" he didn't say a word, he did not get eye contact with me in fact he was almost rude I had been cut out of the whole scenario. He stuck his hand in the car, and touched my wifes tits, her nipples were rock hard, he then slid his other hand down to her pussy area and teased her, then he slid his fingers up her soaking pussy.
He then opened the door and positioned his cock in front of my wifes mouth and grabbed her head, quite roughly I thought. I asked if she was OK and he looked at me and put his finger to his lip.
He then slowly slid his cock into her mouth, I had my hand on her pussy and she was actually spurting juices, he then fucked her mouth with his huge cock.
He was fucking her mouth and then he stopped and pushed my wife back in the seat, he opened her legs and got in between them and his cock was resting on her pussy she said "please i want it" with this he slowly slid his cock up her wet pussy it was only halfway in and she was just being stretched she was shaking and making noises i had never heard her make before, he then continued to push until he had slid it all the way up, he then started to pound her and she was hust going crazy she was literally having multiple orgasms.
He then pulled his cock out and grabbed her head and mouht fucked her again, he pounded her and then let out a massive groan and came in her mouth.
What an experience.