• Written by happy husband 17 Mar 2011, 14:04
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I am new to this site and love reading stories about men who watch their wives being fucked. Over the years I have been lucky enough to watch my wife being used by my best friend John.

We have known John for over twenty years and I knew from early on in our relationship that my wife, Jill, found him very attractive. I had always fantasised about my wife being used by another man whilst I watched and whenever I mentioned John using her during our lovemaking she would become very excited and come quickly.

The first time John fucked my wife was about fifteen years ago after the firm's xmas party. My wife wore a a revealing black dress with skimpy underwear and stockings. Because I was driving I did not drink but Jill enjoyed the free champagne and was thoroughly enjoying herself on the dance floor etc. During the evening John asked Jill to dance a number of times as he was there by himself. I watched them discreetly and became excited when I saw him kissing and stroking her.

The next time Jill went off to the loo, I told John my fantasy and asked if he would like to fuck her that night. He was surprised but readily agreed. When she returned from the toilet we left and walked to our car. Jill did not know what was about to happen but I told her John was staying with us that night as he could not get home. Jill got into the back seat and I told John to join her and enjoy himself.
As I drove I could see them kissing in the mirror and occasionally Jill would say "no". I told her I was happy and she should enjoy herself. The feelings I had over the next ten minutes were incredible as I heard Jill moaning loudly and breathing heavily as John fingered her. All feelings of jealousy I had were overwhelmed by an intense excitement as my lovely wife was fingered by another man until she came in the back seat of our car.

When we arrived at our home Jill asked if she could go to bed with John and I could join them later. I was so excited I agreed and she took him upstairs. I crept up the stairs a few minutes later and could see them on our bed reflected in the large wardrobe mirror. John was naked and Jill only had her stockings on. I watched them stroke each other for a short while and then John went down between her legs and licked her. She held his head and came again very quickly and then with him lying on his back she knelt by him and I saw her take his cock in her mouth. His cock was slightly longer than mine but a lot thicker.

I stood on the landing and wanked watching her suck his cock. She then climbed on top of him and placing his cock between her legs she gently rubbed him back and forth between her lips and with a groan she she pushed down and took his cock all the way into her. The memory of her sitting on him riding his cock will stay with me forever as it is the most exciting thing I have ever seen. After a few minutes of her riding him I stripped off and joined them on the bed. She knelt over and took my cock in her mouth and sucked gently. John then changed position and fucked her doggy fashion. He held her hips and pumped away at her until with a loud groan he emptied himself inside her. He groaned even louder when Jill put her hands between her legs and genly squeezed his balls.

We changed position again and I fucked her doggy fashion whilst she licked John's cock and balls. Even though she was stretched and soaked with come I only lasted a few seconds and came inside her. We then lay on the bed with Jill between us and we both stroked my wife.

A short while later I tried to finger my wife but she pushed my hand away. I indicated to John to try and she willingly accepted him and I watched as he fingered her and she wanked his cock. John then climbed on top of her and she spread her legs for him and I watched as his cock slid into her soaking wet cunt again. I held her hand and watched as he pumped away at my wife making her come again. She lost control of herself and I stood to watch and wank as she wrapped her arms and legs around him so he could penetrate her as deeply as possible. I could see the look of ecstasy on her face as she came a second time before he grunted and came inside her.

I joined them on the bed when he pulled out of her and we all fell asleep. I awoke in the morning to the sound of groaning as John fucked my wife for a third time. I lay next to them stroking her until he came.

Shortly after that he dressed and my wife asked me to stay in bed whilst she kissed him goodbye. This was the start of a wonderful relationship which continues to this day.