• Written by Jnt3 17 Mar 2011, 17:55
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Only this last weekend Jane had her 1st Bi Experience, (see story posted on the 14th March) so we decided she needed curing of any Lesbian tendences and go out and find another cock. We went to a Pub with a well known chain of Hotels attached where we knew there would be lots of single business guys in the Pub next door, staying at the Hotel.

Jane was wearing a dark suite with black stockings and just a bra underneath her jacket which showed off her amazing clevage. We walked into the Bar and looked around, lots of groups of guys but not many single ones that took her fancy. She was getting plenty of looks though being dressed so sexy with her long dark hair and immaculate makeup. We got a drink and sat down, a few single guys came in and ordered food. But we decided to leave our seats and the Bar where we could survey them room better. Immediatley one guy sat eating a meal of pies starting making eye contact with Jane and she smiled back at him.

Another single guy came up to the bar and started chatting to us all the time sneaking a quick look at Janes breasts whilst doing so. But he only wanted to talk about his kids so we soon got bored and he wandered off. Jane then said she would go the toilets whilst I talked to the other guy that was making eye contact earlier. But how do you go up to a complete stranger and say, "Hi, my Wife would like to have a threesome with you, have you got a room in the hotel next door"? I am afraid I was still stood at the Bar when Jane came back and I explained my Dilema to her. She was now slightly drunk and very horny, so she told me to go to the Toilets and take my time, as I left her she called out loudly so the guy could hear, "See you later". Apparently I had hardly left the Bar and he was over to her like a shot. When I eventually came back to the Bar they had been chatting a while and he introduced himself as Mike.

We talked for a while and then I said I think I have had too much to drink to drive (I had not really) Jane said we had better get a room next door then and jokingly said to the Guy unless we can share yours, have a big bed? He laughed and said it was room 23 and we more than welcome to share it. I said well thats up to Jane, she smiled at him and said, why not.

Ten minutes later we were at his Hotel room door, he had gone ahead so it did not look like we were going into the Hotel together, he answered the door and let us in.

We explained the ground rules we have, no kissing and no penetration, but anything else was OK. Jane sat at the edge of his bed and took off her jacket revealing the fact she only a bra on underneath, her firm breasts looked wonderful and sexy, then she slipped off her skirt revealing her black stockings. Before he could gasp she was unzipping his jeans and pulling out his swollen cock. Quickly going down on it sucking and wanking it into her mouth. He started to fondle her breasts whilst I stroked her pussy, she then took off her bra and the guy gasped wow at the sight of her firm breasts and pert nipples. She spat on his cock to get it well lubricated and wanked it off some more, then off came her panties, then we both stripped off naked too, we got her on the middle of the bed and he went down on her pussy, licking and sucking her clit whilst she sucked me off. She came almost immediatley.

Then I went down on her whilst the guy knelt behind her head on the bed pushing his cock into her mouth from behind her with his balls on her face. She groaned and came again.

Then she wanted him to wank over her face, which he did, the Guy came all over her face and she greedily sucked the rest of his cum out of his cock, then laid there with his cock in her mouth whilst he wanked her clit with his hand, she came again, squirting all over his hand and his bed! I said, So do you like cock better than pussy? She said Yes, I love Cock more, I cannot get enough of it.

If you are reading this Mike, thanks for a great night and the use of your room and your cock.