• Written by john and jane 12 Dec 2003, 14:41
  • Erotic

It was about this time last year when jane arranged for us to go to the local cinema, we had just had a digital camera as an early xmas present so i suggested she wore some sexy clothes so we could take some photos.

When jane walked into the living room i was taken by suprise.....she had a low cut top on revealing her 36c cleavage, a short skirt and knee lenght leather boots. I said to her in jest "hope youve got knickers on", and she replied "yes, for the time being anyway!".Already i could feel a twitch in my trousers.

We got to the cinema and started to watch the film but all i could think about is jane. I whispered into her ear to go and remove her knickers, and without hesitation off she went to the toilet. She came back moments later with a cheeky grin on her face and as she squeezed past me quickly raised her skirt and it was clear to me, and anyone else who was watching she had removed them. During the remainder of the film all icould think about is janes shave fanny, and that maybe someone else had seen it too!

As soon as the film finished we were heading straight back to the car as i couldnt wait to take photos as i had to fuck her. As we neared the car some stranger who had just walked out of a pub walked bye. Clearly he was worse for wear and jeered at jane "Hey love show us your knickers", Jane looked at me and smiled then turned to him, opened her hand bag pulled out her knickers and threw them to him and said "i'm not wearing any!" his jaw must have hit the floor and he was lost for words!

Jane turned to me and said "shall i", i knew what she meant as often when having sex we would fantasies about a total stranger walking in and what jane would do to him but never carried it through.Jane asked the stranger now that he had seen her knickers is there anything else he would like to see. He stuttered " yes all of you". Jane moved back and took a seat on the 2 foot wall behind her.With her legs together and knees raised she slowly opened her legs to reveal her fanny in all its glory.By this time my cock was throbbing and i couldnt help but play with it under my trousers. She called the stranger closer and when he got there she slowly undone his zip and pulled out his rock hard cock. She started to massage it slowly whislt cupping his balls, slowly began to lick it all over then took as much of his shaft in her mouth as possible. All the time jane was doing thisshe looked at me to see if i was enjoying as much as her......and yes i was!!

Jane pulled his cock from her mouth, stood up and turned around. She raised her skirt and bent over as far as she could and told him to fuck her.As he entered her jane let out a gasp,and as he fucked her you could hear how wet she was. At this point i couldnt wait any longer and pulled my cock out and stuck it to janes mouth, she sucked it frantically like never before. At this point the stranger removed his cock and shot spunk all over her arse and her back. This was just to mutch for me and i shot my load all over her face and mouth. She stood up and smiled at me and i smiled back.

As we walked back to the car we noticed the window of the pub was full of blokes, did they see? I hope so!