• Written by discretebi50 22 Dec 2005, 16:47
  • Erotic

Arlene is a teacher and had a meeting to attend at school around 7pm. I was home alone watch tv when she finally came home around 11pm. She poured herself a glass of wine and came over to my chair and began telling me about another teacher she had met who had just broken up with his wife. She placed her foot on the arm of my chair as she spoke and I could see her panties as her skirt came up. She smiled at me and continued her story about Maxwell. He had given his car to his wife during the breakup and so had no way home and my wife offered to take him home. That is when it happened she told me. He reached out and touched her breast. She turned to him and embrased him and they kissed and then he began to get into her underpants.

I was starting to get hard by now and when I went to ask her something she reached down and pressed my head into her crotch! She held me there and I inhaled the aroma of her sex.
It was wonderful. It was hot. It was WET. My nose was against her panties and the material was saturated. I tentatively licked the fabric. After a moment there was a burning sensation in my mouth. I licked again....she sighed and spread her legs wider as I slid off the chair and onto my knees on the floor; she slipped easily onto the chair where I was sitting and spread even wider her legs apart for me to have easy access to her just fucked cunt. Yes, my wife had fucked him in the car...just 20 minutes ago...and his semen was flowing out of her and onto her panties. I licked and cleaned her crotch, first with the panties, and then she reached down and pulled her panties aside and I dove into her fucked vagina. His semen flowed to the back of my throat...it was sweet and salty and tingled...I loved the flavour of her cunt juice and his semen mixed together and my cock was dripping with precum and throbbing hard as a rock as I ate his semen from my wife. She held my head with both of her hands and began to face fuck me...I licked and lapped and sucked for at least 45 minutes; giving her orgasam after orgasam. I masturbated myself as I brought her off. I also removed her panties and slipped them into my pocket for later enjoyment. Finally she asked for me to fuck her...my 7.5 did not fill her like his 9 inches had. But I loved the silky sensation of his semen in my wife.
I came within 5 strokes it was so fuck her still filled with another mans semen.

She has told me it was a very enjoyable evening for her and she wants to do it again. I love to be cuckold and service my wife this way. It is my pleasure.