• Written by lucky Guy 30 Dec 2005, 00:10
  • Erotic

We have recently got married and as the title suggests my new wife had a hen night to
remember. I love it when Sarah, my new wife, has sex with other men. Though I had
never seen her with another man. As I stay out of the way to let her get on with. For
her part Sarah is a bit shy and had only been off with five other men. Though these five
include a night-club bouncer and backstage with a male stripper at a stag and hen
Anyway back to the events of Sarahs hen night. As usual on the night I told Sarah that
she could do whatever she fancied. She dressed for the night in a strapless figure
hugging black dress. With no bra a little black thong and the obligatory hen night
I sat at home hoping that something naughty would happen especially with it being a
special night. Normally when Sarah comes back she is either too tired or not feeling
too well. Which means after waiting all night for her to come home we don not get to
have any fun. And the only naughty thing that Sarah says happens is her flashing her
boobs to the guys around town.
Tonight was going to be different at around 2:30 in the morning I thought I heard
Sarah come back home. But when I looked out the window it was Dave from across
the road. Earlier on in the year I had tried getting the two of them together. By telling
Dave that Sarah was hoping for a kiss on her birthday. As usual though nothing came
of this. Even though I know Sarah has always fancied having sex with Dave. When I
looked out again I saw him leaving his house and walk a girl home. Just after they had
left Sarah came back and sat in one of her friends car for a few minutes before coming
in. When she came in she told me that nothing had happened around town.
Just then I thought I heard something outside and looked out the window to see what
was going on. Again I saw Dave walking across the road to his house and put my hand
up to acknowledge him. I then suggested that Sarah could give Dave a blow job and
practically herded her out of our house. I heard Sarah shout Daves name then ran up
stairs to watch what would happen out of the bedroom window. With both the hall and
bedroom lights turned out. I got to the window just as Dave caught up with Sarah. He
said something to her then they walked towards his house holding hands. Sarah
stumbled a bit on Daves drive so he picked her up and carried her to his door. While
watching Daves house I could not help but wonder what was going on and stroked my
cock a little. After a while I saw Sarah pass by the little bedroom window in Daves
house. Then again as she went back down his stairs.
And after only ten minutes they both left his house and crossed the road towards ours.
They came in and Sarah called me down. She said that they had come back because it
was too cold at Daves. They sat down together on one chair with me in the one
opposite. Almost immediately Sarah told Dave that I had always wanted to watch her
with someone else. Dave said that he would not mind me watching and started to undo
his trousers. Sarah helped him with this before taking hold of his cock and lowering
her head. After first telling me that he had already had a taster. I could only see Sarahs
head bobbing up and down due to her long dark hair. Though Dave was clearly
enjoying the blow job as he had his head back. His eyes were closed and he was
moaning in appreciation. After a short while he attempted to remove Sarahs dress. She
stood up to remove it herself and her thong while Dave pulled his tee shirt off. Sarah
then faced Dave and sat astride him before lowering herself onto his cock. A minute or
so passed before I decided to join in. I got behind Sarah and massaged her back while
taking a look at Daves cock going in and out of my wife to be. I then removed my
clothes before standing next to Sarah and offering her my cock to suck. This was
Sarahs first ever spit roast though hopefully not her last. She then got off of Daves
cock and sat in front of him to give him another blow job. I squeezed underneath her
and started to give her oral while she did the same to Dave. Sarah then changed
positions again and got back on top of Dave facing me. With me again given her oral
while she was riding up and down on Dave.
Dave then suggested that Sarah have both cocks in her at the same time and much to
my surprise Sarah agreed. We clumsily tried a few positions none of which quite
worked. Until I suggested that Dave should lie on the floor with Sarah on top facing
him. Before I got behind and finally got just the end of my cock inside Sarah next to
Daves. After a while the rest of my cock entered Sarah. But it was all too much and I
came within a minute.
Dave was at that good drunk stage where he managed to keep on fucking without
cumming. This they did in various positions, the one I enjoyed best was Dave on top of
Sarah. With her knees up to her chest and her hands gripping Daves back tightly and
Dave gripping Sarahs arse as they both shared a passionate kiss.
Once Dave had left, though not before getting his cock out the front door, me
and Sarah had one last session before going to bed. While Sarah told me what had
happened at Daves house. When they meet in the road Dave asked Sarah in for a
coffee. Once inside his house he
asked Sarah for the belated birthday kiss. During which Sarah told Dave she was cold
and her put a jacket around her. Then rubbed Sarah to keep her warm including
rubbing her boobs. Dave did make Sarah a coffee while she sat down. When he
returned he started to undo his trousers and get his cock out. With it being Sarahs hen
night and Daves cock just in front of her Sarah gave him a blow job. They then went to
Daves bedroom and started to have sex before Sarah said that she was too cold.
Which is when they both came over to our house. Since this night sex between Sarah
and me has been fantastic. And Ive a feeling that this wont be the last threesome Sarah
has with me and Dave. She now has cock on tap with Dave living just across the road.
Sarah told me after that she had meet Dave around town while on her hen night. And
the noise I herd was Dave calling out to her. As he tried to catch up with Sarah when
she got out of her friends car.