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  • Romance

John died. He had been ill for years and we, my wife and I had become his wife's lovers, just a bit of fun to ameliorate Sue's frustration at her lack of physical contact due to John's illness.
We were upset at John's death. He was a nice bloke and we had been friends for years.
I should have felt guilty that we were shagging his wife, but it felt kind of natural. I also felt a selfish thought come into my mind. " Now Sue was ours, without her tending to John's needs most of the time, when he wasn't in hospital.
Things didn't work out like you imagine them to though. We thought that she would automatically just move in with us. Sue however was devastated by John's death. We asked her to stay with us and put her into the spare room. She stayed there for three days, crying into her pillow. My wife went in and asked her if we could help, but she just sobbed. After the third day she came into the front room and announced that she was going away. She was going to stay with John's parents in Cornwall for a while.
It is difficult to explain what hit the wife and I, but we were devastated. She told us that she needed to grieve for John, but could not do it in the area where they had spent so much time together. She needed to get away.
It took us about an hour to realise what was happening as Sue packed her cases, then our hearts broke. I took her to the station because my wife could not face her leaving.
I stood on the station platform and watched the train pull out, Sue waving, her beautiful face sad. Tears ran down mine, so much that I could not see through the blur.
I arrived back home as my wife came out to meet me, still crying.
" She's gone, hasn't she? "We held each other, both crying until we realised. I looked in my wife's eyes. " I think I love her. "
"I love her too, said the wife, but now we've lost her. She'll meet someone and forget about us."
That night we went to bed to console ourselves of our loss. We fucked each other, kissed, moaned, and we both moaned the same thing as we came. " Sue, darling. It gave us comfort as I clung to my wife and she clung to me. I got hard again thinkng of Sue, seeing her buxom, rounded figure, her head tossed back laughing her musical voice tinkling like a warm bell. My wife she guided me back into her. She was crying again.
" She's gone, our darling has gone. Fuck me and call her name again, please darling.
I fucked her, thinking of both her and Sue at the same time.
My wfe and Sue had been friends since girlhood and I felt a slight feeling of jealousy that they had known each other before I came along. I wanted to know everyting about them and their friendship. Sh was reluctant at first, felling it was hers and Sue's history. She told me how they had met at Primary school, had done everythin together...then stopped. I was curious. I wanted o know everything...everything. " There was this time when we were studying A-Levels, biology it was in Sue's bedroom and we were talking about parts of the body, then we...
I knew what was coming, beside my cock, that is. She carried on. " We were studying the methods of reproduction and Sue... " I was hot a as hard as a chocolate frog. "Tell me"
"Sue put her hand up my gymslip and rubbed me between the legs, rubbed my fanny."
I was so excited I was throbbing. " Did she make you come?"
My wife looked at me. "No, her Mother came in, guessed what was going on and made us study downstairs in the lounge. There has always been a kind of sexual tension between us ever since, even at university. She used to come into my room in halls and tell me who she had fucked and in which position ad I would rub myself off under the bedclothes. She knew what I was doing, but never said anything. Fuckin' tease."
Three months Sue was away. The lump in my throat caused by my misery never moved.
Our business which we had enjoyed running became that, just a business.
Then it came, the phone call. It was her. " The voice was back. The light musical note was there. " Hello, sweetheart, I've decided to come home. Is my darling boy there?
'My darling boy 'was what Sue called my wife due to their different builds. Sue,large, dark curly hair,which she tossed around as she laughed, She was buxom, large beautiful buttocks. My wife, just as beautiful, blonde pixie like, but of slighter,boyish build, with beautiful rounded buttocks, but on a slightly smaller scale. I almost shouted.
" Darling, it's Sue. She's coming home!"
My wife ran into the room and grabbedthe phone. They gabbled for what seemed like ages but was probably only a couple of minutes, then she put the phone down.
" She's on the way, says his parents were geting on her nerves.
I couldn't wait. " When is she coming? My wife laughed. " a soon as you are up her fanny! Right you! Upstairs you and fuck me. Soon we'll be back with our darling "
She arived at the station, her bags trailing behind and a couple of young men vying to help. My jealously rose within my breast. " It's alright, mate, I've got it." Which made them retreat. I drove her home to our house. " We've made up the spare room for you so you can rest, take your tme. She nodded. " Thanks, darling. How has my darling boy been?
I admitted to her that we had missed her. I didn't tell her that her name was screamed by both of us as we climaxed.
We settled her into the spare room and we both kissed her on the cheek. Things may have changed. Her feelings may not be the same as ours, but at least she was with us again.
That night we went to bed, the wife and I ecstatic, and horny. We tried to fuck as quietly as possible so as not to disturb Sue. My cock wae inside and my wife wife was murmuring. " She's only next door, pretend she's in here with us. This did not help one jot as it only served to make me harder and pump my cock into the wife. Suddenly the bedroom door creaked open'
" What's this racket, can't a girl get some sleep." she stood there in the doorway, the light behind her shining through the nightdress. She was naked and her beautiful body was backlit by the hall light. What my wife calls Sue's beautiful child bearing hips
" Is there room in there for a little one."
We moved over to the edges of the bed one each side and let our darling into the middle.
We kissed her each one as greedy as the other to lay our lips on hers.
He musical tones voice then gave us the magis words. " Right then, my angels, who's first." Before you could blink an eye wife had disappeared under the bedclothes and I clamped my mouth onto Sue's. I new my wife had reached her destination when Sue gave a little squeak an I felt her hips lurch upward. My wife was down there between Sue's legs and she was slurping. Sue wanked me slowly then motioned me up the bed for a suck. "No coming,"she whispered before her hips made another lurch as she moaned. " No coming because our babies are in there." She lifted the bedclothes. " Come on my darling boy, I need you."
My wife came up from below the bedclothes, still between Sue's legs as they adjusted their labial lips so that their clitorises were in line. I was rock hard as I kissed Sue and my wife kissed Sue. " We love you, Sue",said the wife. " Then show me." I pulled the bedclothes back andwatched as my wife lifted and ground down between Sue's legs. " Oohh yes! OOhh Yes. Her hips lifted and my wife's undulated into her. They kissed and moaned.
Then I kissed them both and they moaned.
" Right, now, darling boy." she kissed my wife and gently moved her to between us.
" Right, darling she said, grabbing my cock. We want you to baby us."
I climbed between the wife's legs and Sue lifted them so that they were up in the air as Sue held them. " Go on, darling, bang her. Baby her, then baby me."
It was lovely, the sound of my balls slapping against my wifes arse as Sue held her legs up and watched. God did I come, virtually screaming in ecstasy. when I had rested my wife did the same to Sue lifting her legs as I entered her.
" Come on, darling, baby us. make us pregnant!" Again, the slapping sound as I drove into Sue with my wife holding one leg up and masturbating with the other.
Six months later after the pair of them kept dragging me to the bedroom every five minutes, making me feel like a cock sore bullock I came home to find them sitting at the kitchen table holding hands and smiling. "Sit down, we've got something to tell you..Daddy. " What both of you?" They smiled. "That's what happens. Nunneries, girls schools. Everybody menstruates together and we.." They looked at each other. " Fucked and procreated together."
As I finish this story there is the sound of laughter and childish squealing from outside in the garden. Two small girls are toddling around their mothers. One child round faced with dark curly hair, the other elfin faced with a blonde pageboy trim.
Their mothers sit together, their arms round each other and they look toward the french window where I am writing this and they both blow me a kiss.
We were deeply in love the wife and I, but Sue completed us like the jigsaw piece that we did not know was missing.
The Wife, Sue...and Me Too