• Written by wetminky 27 May 2011, 20:30
  • Fiction

I woke early, and lay in my bed for a while thinking about what had happened on my journey to work the day before. I’d never done anything like that ever - I was really quite straight-laced when it came to sex - I enjoyed it but had never had a one-night stand, and so I was pretty shocked at myself for having let two strangers fuck me on a busy train!

I thought about how much I had encouraged it, with my clear state of arousal, and whether I had really ever had any intention of stopping it, from the first moment I felt the old man’s hand spread across my bum. I thought about how horny I’d been, how wet my pussy was, and how the rest of the day at work, I had had to keep disappearing off to the toilets to wank myself off just so I could think straight.

I reached under my bed and pulled out a dildo, and put it close up against my hole without penetrating it, and imagined it was his filthy cock straining against my soft young lips - I got on my knees and put it in me from behind, and I came sharply, then again by just circling my clit, imagining his spunk and his fingers all over me. I lay dazed for a moment, wondering what had become of me that I’d behaved like such a slut, then got up, showered and got ready for work.

The usual crowds thronged the station, but to my relief (or was it disappointment?) I didn’t see him anywhere. I wondered about the other guy that had fucked me, but as I never saw his face, I could have been stood next to him again for all I know - nothing happened at all on the train, apart from my pussy creaming up at the thought that it might!

I had an awful day at work, trying to keep my mind on the job rather than daydreaming about my recent experience. One of my clients was really perving over me at lunch, ogling my tits and stroking my thigh, and I almost felt like taking him into the mens room and letting him use me. But like I said, I’m really not like that, so of course I didn’t. After work, I didn’t feel like going straight home, so I asked a couple of the girls if they fancied a drink, and we ended up on a bit of a bender, drinking and dancing till about midnight. Like Cinderella, I always have to leave before the party finishes to catch the last train, so I said my goodbyes, and just made it as the train was about to pull out.

I settled into a seat, and closed my eyes to block out the general hectic drunkenness of the last train out of Waterloo. By Twickenham, fortunately, the carriage had emptied, and I let my mind wander again to the previous morning. I was drunk and tired, but not too tired to feel my pussy juicing up the memory, and I was only barely aware of hearing the little electronic buzz as the interconnecting door to the next carriage slid open.

At this point, my eyes were still closed, but I could just hear men’s voices above the rumble of the train, although I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Then I felt them moving close to me, and when I opened my eyes, there was the old man from yesterday, with his stick. He was sat on the seat opposite me, with another man who was a bit younger - mid fifties probably, fat, and dressed in a tracksuit. The second man was staring hard at my tits and I could see saliva gathering at the corner of his mouth, as the old man calmly said “Open your blouse.”
I froze. I didn’t know what to do or say. I couldn’t pretend this wasn’t happening like I had when he first touched me. I pulled my knees together and said “Leave me alone or I’ll call a guard.”

“I don’t think so, young lady. I think you’ll do whatever I say.” His tone was firm but not unpleasant. I said nothing. Then he said again, “Open your blouse and show us your tits, slut.”

As soon as I heard that word, its as though I lost control of myself. My head was spinning, half with the drink and half with sheer excitement. Trembling, I unbuttoned my silk blouse to reveal my full cleavage spilling out from my flimsy bra. My fingers brushed against my nipples as I did so, and they pointed out through the thin lace cups, clearly visible. I sat still as they looked, and tracksuit man started to rub the front of his trousers. His mouth was open and his tongue lolled in his mouth as his eyes crept across my creamy flesh. It revolted me but at the same time I was so turned on I knew I couldn’t stop.

“Fucking Hell, mate she IS a dirty bitch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a filthy-looking little cow!” He tore his eyes off me for a moment and looked at the old man, “Can I have a feel?”

The old man nodded, watching me closely. “Come and sit on Gary’s lap, slut.”

I didn’t move for a second, and he suddenly barked “Now! Or I’ll put you over my knee you dirty cow. DO IT!”

I jumped up and lowered myself into the welcoming arms of his friend, and shut my eyes as his hands crept across my bra, pulling each breast from its lacy cup. He licked his finger and traced his saliva around my puffy nipples, rolling and pinching them till they were swollen and red. I could feel his erection under me growing harder and harder, poking me right in the pussy through his tracksuit, and I ground my hips onto it. The old man had moved to the opposite seat, and was watching silently, although I could clearly see his dick straining against the front of his trousers.

He suddenly tutted loudly. I stopped gyrating for a moment and he said “Enough, you little slut. Get up.”

I stood up and he pulled me to the side. On the crotch of his friend’s tracksuit was a slimy mess of cunt-juices, where I’d been (not-so-)dry-humping him. “Look at the mess you’ve made, young lady.” He pulled me towards him and bent me across his legs. He spanked me quite hard a couple of times but my skirt stopped it from hurting too much, then moved me slightly so my bum was right below his face. He pulled my skirt over my hips and spread my legs, so my wet puffy lips were on full display between my cheeks. His hand came down again and again, slapping, rubbing, occasionally dipping into my dripping pussy and licking his fingers, while opposite his friend now had his ugly purple cock out and was wanking it close to my face, his spare hand reaching underneath me to get a feel of my tits.

Again I couldn’t help myself, and I started to grind my clitoris against his trousers. Immediately he pushed me off, “No,” he said “you slut. You’ll get yours after we’ve had enough!” and he motioned to Gary, who stood up, and wasted no time in bending me over and fucking me from behind like a man possessed. The old man undid his fly and positioned himself so his cock was right in my face, and rubbed his gnarly head against my mouth. I felt sick, but it was like a dream not reality, and so I sucked him deep down my throat. He jabbed his cock in and out of my mouth, grunting like an animal, while Gary had started to spank me while he thrust into me, muttering “filthy, dirty, fucking slag…”

All of a sudden, the old man pulled my head off his dick, and Gary sat back down with me on his lap, this time with his meat inside me, stretching my pussy as I rode his thick shaft. The old man wanked himself with one hand, and with the other he rubbed my juices around my clitoris, which was hard and swollen like a pea. His mouth was slack and he was licking his lips like the first time I saw him. Just as I was right on the edge of my orgasm, Gary pulled out of me and groaned, and I felt a warm spray of fluids trickle down my bum. Then after relaxing for a moment, he grabbed my arms and used his knees to spreadeagle me on his lap, my cunt pushed forward for his mate to play with.

The old man, still licking his lips and wanking his cock, got on his knees in front of me. I struggled but Gary had me in a tight grip: I couldn’t move. The old man moved his finger from my clitoris along my slit to the slippery opening, and then leaned forward and started to lick me, with his tongue flat against my button and in slow up and down movements. I couldn’t bear it, I almost screamed as I came harder than I ever have before, and he poked his finger into my hole, causing my pussy to squirt juices over his hand. He didn’t stop - he just kept on licking and fingering me till I’d come about five times, and I was begging him to get off. Then he stood up and stuck his cock up my sloppy wet cunt, almost immediately shuddering to a climax, a stream of dirty old man cum now mingling with my own.

He and his friend buttoned up and walked up to the next carriage, and I tried to collect myself before I had to get off the train. As I was sorting myself out, I noticed a mobile phone on the seat, and I picked it up. As I did so, a text arrived on it from an unknown number, and I opened it. It said “KEEP THIS WITH YOU SLUT”. I put it in my bag, and went home to bed.