• Written by wantcock25 5 Jun 2011, 20:58
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as the title says, this was my first experience, iam 25 and always gone for girls but have found couple of guys attractive and assumed i was bi but never took it any further. even though i have signed up to this site i have never had the courage to meet anyone.

I signed up to the gym recently and had a personal instructer showing round the machines and how to work them. Then we sat down and sorted a plan on how to start off slow and build up to the heavy stuff. while he was talking to me all i could notice was his blue eyes were gorgeous, he was typical gym instructer well build short back and sides hair and really good looking.

to cut a long story short i started going to he gym after work about six and stayed till it closed at 8, on this night he was watching me on the machines to make sure i was using them right and soon 8 oclock was approaching. i mentioned i wanted to try out the sauna before going. he said he was on lock up and didnt mind me staying as long as i wanted because he uses the sauna when everyone had gone.

it was 8 oclock and the last couple of guys were going so as he was locking the door i changed into my shorts and went in the sauna. i then saw him come into the changing room through the sauna window, watching him take off his clothes and admireing his toned body. he came into the sauna with a towel wrapped around him, walked beside me took off his towel and layed it on the bench leaving him naked.

i could'nt stop staring at his body, very muscular chest and six pack with fine hair covering his chest with a landing strip going all the way down to his smooth 7-8 inch semi hard cock. he then sat beside me with his arms spread out with one behind me, his legs wide open and his perfect cock laid out on show, i could feel myself staring and getting hard. he then recommended that i take off my shorts as it feels better naked in the steam room.politely replying iam fine thanks scared that he saw my hard cock he assured me that he'd seen it all before.

something inside of me thought stuff it and off they came! he looked and complimented me moved over on the towel to make room for me and tapped the bench for me to sit next to him. as soon as i sat down he leaned over to me and kissed me passionatly on the lips sliding his tounge into my mouth needles to say my cock was rock hard and was throbbing.

sat there kissing him i felt his hand slide onto my cock and it twitched with excitement, slowly stroking my shaft with a gently grip i returned the favour and grabbed hold of his, ill never forget the feeling of his hard yet soft cock in my hand. minutes of wanking eachother off he pushed me back on the bench and put his warm wet mouth around my cock, sucking and moving up and down slowly i felt like i was going to cum there and then. as i felt myself building up to cum i stopped him moved my shorts on the floor and kneeled in front on him opened his legs and grabbed his massive cock. kind of not knowing how to suck a cock i slowly licked up his shaft and popped the end into my mouth straight away tasteing his slightly salty precum and started moving my mouth up and down. i got that he was enjoying it from the groans and with his hand on the back of my head showing me how fast he wanted me to go.

I could feel his cock jerking in my mouth and his groans getting louder he stopped me pulled me up to him and kissed me again. he then said to go to the showers, we both walked out of the sauna into the showers naked with our hard cocks on show. i then turned on the shower and he spun me around to face him and kissed me hard, i could feel his cock rubbing against my body and started to wank him off again. he asked me if i anted to go further and i was more than happy to. with that he turned me around and bent me over so i was pressed against the wall, he went on his knees and sarted to lick my hole and it felt great he then started to slide in his finger using the water running down my body to open me up.

feeling soo horny and ready i said for him to fuck me, with that he stood up and guided his bareback cock with his hand. i could feel his end there pressing against me and suddenly he sliped in a little bit, i groaned saying more. i felt him slide in more and the better it felt. he then started to thrust deep inside of me i could feel his balls slaming on me both of us groaning in extacy he then let out a loud oh yes! with that i felt he cum deep inside me. he then stood still in me holdin me kissing my neck and wanking me off, again could feel myself building up to cum and as my cock tensed so did my holeand the feel on it tightening around his coock made my cock explode to the best orgasm i have ever had.

we stood under the water kissing and rubbing each other down before getting dressed and going home. thinking about what happend still gets me hard and look forward to going to the gym more than i ever have