• Written by maxi=m 17 Feb 2006, 15:01
  • Erotic

jane and i both enjoy dogging we are both 53 years old she has a great body size 14 huge tits and still has lovely legs.
we set off on our last dog trip during the recent mild spell,jane wearing heavy eye makeup red lipstick and the usual slut clothes half cup bra tight white blouse micro skirt bare legs and stilletoes with 5inch heels.
we arrived at a well known spot out of town ,jane would hate to see someone we know while dressed like a whore
this site is small with public toilets to the side ,there was one car parked but empty,we sat a while nothing doing she was wanking herself saying she wanted cock to suck, it was only 4pm the lone car could be a man or woman walking their dog,i decided to go for a piss i locked jane in the car and enterd the loos while having a piss looking around i noticed one of the two cubicle doors engaged,gently pushed the vacant door open and noticed under the dim bulkhead light there was a gloryhole in the wall.
i rushed out to jane and said come in the gents you are going to like this,her heels clatterd across the tiled floor leaving our freind in no doubt what was going to happen.
i got my now very hard cock out and made sure he could see it then jane started to suck me two seconds later appeared a rock hard uncut massive dick,jane wasted no time getting to work on it while i pulled up her skirt and played with her cunt and arsehole she was dripping from both.
she tugged my arm as if to get my attention the reason being whoever this man was his thick cocks in the process of gushing a serious amount of man milk into her mouth which he duely did,he then left she opened her mouth and showed me his semen then let it fall into the palm of her hand ive never seen so much.
she then like a true slut smeard his muck around and in her arsehole and told me to fuck her slut arse hard,which i do on a regular basis but with the smell and feel of another mans semen all the better,iwas hoping some more cock would come through the hole for her while i rammed her but it must have been a quiet day for action but we will return.