• Written by FRANK 20 Dec 2003, 21:36
  • Erotic

my son who is 19 had been going out with sarah who is also 19 for about 3 months.sarah had a bit of a reputation in our small town for her love of men.so naturally me and my wife tryed to discourage our son to stay clear,but to no avail.

we were due to go on holiday and they asked could they come with us.we stopped in a caravan in bognor and at every oppertunity sarah would walk around in just her skimpy knickers and very small tops,clearly knowing what a effect she was having on me.she seemed to love flirting and teasing me and would just laugh and smile if i said anything to her.
on the last night in the disco she asked me to dance with her because my son had gone to bed early and my wife said go on dont be boring the girl wants to dance.while we were dancing she rubbed up against me making me hard and saying to me that i was loving this and i bet i really wanted to fuck her!!!!!!! u bet i said......... well u cant so fuck off she wispered in my ear im going home to fuck your son make sure u listen through the wall........i was taken back by this but massivly turned on

true to her word the caraven started rocking furousily as soon as she went to bed.i just lay there pretending to be asleep but thinking of my son fucking sarah silly.

her manner with me continued when we retured home almost taunting me with the way she acted with my son when i was around,and at every oppertunity she got would continue to talk down to me asking me how much i wanted to fuck her,and did i wank thinking about her? she had me just wear she wanted me.
one night while we were all sitting watching tv she was flashing her knickers at me while no one could see.....then she went to the bathroom and came back and told me to go and have a look at the toilet she said it was leaking ,when i got there her soiled knickers were laying on the floor very wet!!!!! i just closed the door and put them to my nose and wanked furiously.when i got back downstairs she asked me was everything ok up there and i just said yes.........

over the following weeks she just got bolder and bolder she was in total control and i was loving it..........one saturday afternoon my son was in work and my wife out shopping.sarah called round.i told her my son was in work and she just pushed past me and said she knew that.

she said she had been shopping for a new pair of shoes but couldnt decide which to but so had bought two pairs the first pair were a pair of red high heels,do youlike these she asked?yes,yes i mumbled i cant hear you ,her voice raising sligtly,yes there very nice i said.how nice?she said take a closer look she said.as she put them on, come on take a closer look.........i meekly made my way over to her feet,touch them she said.........smell them go on smell them she demanded,my cock suddenly springing to life in my tracksuit bottoms,now taste them go on lick them,lick my shoes i instanly did as she demanded........now is that nice she asked?oh yes very nice was all i could muster. no yes miss she shouted.yes miss i replied
here was my 19 year old sons girlfriend making her future father in law lick her shoes and making me grovel at her feet.

she then told me to sit back down and proceeded to take out a black leather pair of spiky heeled knee length boots .if you liked those shoes you will fucking love these boots she shouted as she slide the boots over her legs........god i was nerly cuming in my pants.now get over here and show me how much you love them she demanded do it now!!!! yes miss i replied still thinking this was a dream as i started to lick her brand new boots........then i came in my pants my spunk seeping through my pants and trousers.....you fucking pathetic creature she shouted your just a worthless little fuck who dosent deserve treats from me!!!!!!!i then i heard myself begging sarah to give me another chance why should i? she shouted down at me u cum without even asking my permission .........she then made me take off my tracksuit bottoms and pants and lick them clean in front of her.

this continued for the next 12 months with sarah making me her slave un be known to my wife or my son.she even moved my son into the bedroom next to me and my wifes room and would scream his name as he fucked her.....making me squirm in bed as i listened to them.

i have many more stories like this one and may relay a few more to your good selves over a period of time